So this is what came with the vehicle. It comes with, like all Chrysler product, uh, EVs and hybrids, plug in hybrids the same one that uh Pacifica uses, and this is from bougie RV. I think, but you can find these on Amazon under different names. I think its like goes under electron or something too on their website, but these are hard to get a hold of, and usually theyre delayed and all that good stuff, but finally got today were gon na test it out. So you need one of these in your garage, its a 240 volt, 14 50 Nema, and this goes into your breaker there, and this is, it does have its own circuit too. So lets do the first one see what we get so, as you can tell, has the 110 volt plugs into your regular socket. So I got one of those over here. You just do this plugin in all right and theres a little test until hes ready to go so were going to be charging up in the Jeep. We should open this take out the plug and its ready to go. Oh yeah, all right, so this little guy goes in there hard to see there. We go forms a little test and itll start charging up there and lets see how long it takes to charge right now. So if you were to charge this using the 110 bolt, itll take 13 hours almost 14 hours to charge now that sucks so thats, why you want a level two charger, so if you get electric or a hybrid plug in make sure you get the 240 volt Installed my local electrician did this for like 350.

installed and you get 30 rebate on your taxes too. All right so go ahead. This engage this one then were gon na. Do the level two. So this is level two charger looks pretty scary. Its like the same thing here, dryer something like that. So dont touch the prongs and try not to burn down anything. So you get in there. You get a nice push damn this bad boy starts working and looks like its ready to go. So this comes with. Like uh looks like a little upgraded head, part of it has a plug, so you just take the plug off the same connector type and Im just going to roll in you can see the the wire is a lot bigger on the 221. All right lets plug this guy in all right. Its connected self test is charging on the Jeep. So if you look at this charger, 40 volts get a little stuff on there. Its a running 32 amps now lets see the Jeep, oh so that 14 hour is down to two hours and 20 minutes, so thats quite quite noticeable difference, so so definitely recommend getting your 240 volt lets. Call your electrician and theyll give you a quote and theyll plug it in then. All you have to do is buy a mobile charger or you can get like a you know like Tesla models for your wall mounted, but I got this because quick easy and if I remove, I can still use it somewhere else, so definitely cool, definitely worth it All right, so this is working good, and this is user manual.

When I said RV but youll see a lot of different these, this blue, with no name on it but its like uh. I guess different people use it so youre just using that. You just store this into your. You know the bumper, your trunk and just leave it there in case you go somewhere and want to charge it or something but saying goodbye, bye to this level, one charger and plug that bag away. Pack, it up say bye, but if youve got any questions, just let me know, but definitely upgrade to a level 2 charger because its way worth it, I had the vehicles now and I want to spend 24 hours charging both of them. So it takes about two hours and definitely worth it, so I plan on getting a like a amount, so I tell the wires and the plug on it, so that should be coming to mail too, but Ill put a link for the Amazon for one of these. So if you want to try it go ahead, but its so much big difference between like the one that comes with the vehicle. So do yourself favor get a plug installed and get you a level 2 charger.