The first thing comes to your mind when we say tada, reliability, best cost customer Centric and many more thoughts. We think mutual and thats. Why we have got you all the latest updated and a detailed review of the all newaltrazy bee. The all new Ultra ZB is derived from the ultras hatchback, the first product built on the futuristic and versatile agile, like flexible, Advanced Alfa architecture and brings to life Tata Motors. Radical new approach to design the ultra ZB is a premium urban car which is configured to meet the constantly evolving aspirations of customers. The ultra zbs Advanced concept is based on the ultras premium urban car, which Builds on the lightweight modular and flexible characteristics of the Alfa architecture, which has the ability to evolve into a range of modern, youthful and agile vehicles in a short development cycle. Building on the successful 45x concept of Auto Expo 2018, the ultra ZB is a dynamic vehicle that reinvents the city, car and resets. The rules for the industry catering to the maturing customer customer, with greater emphasis on bringing connectivity and everyday Mobility together. The ultra ZB is an amalgamation of futuristic design. Advanced technology, intuitive connectivity and great performance will get a new grill modified air dam. New teal, blue color, electric blue, highlights all around and no exhaust pipe in the back. It gets a new set of alloy wheels and a revised front end due to the lack of a transmission tunnel on the inside.

The electric hatchback will get a floating dashboard. The ultra ZB will be identical to the normal Ultras in terms of room and comfort. A semi digital instrument, cluster automatic air conditioning and linked Car Technology are planned to be included in the ultra ZB dual front: airbags, ABS, with EBD Corner stability, control, front seat belt, reminder, reverse parking, camera high speed, alert system, rear parking, sensors and other safety features will Be included in the ultra ZB tadas ziptron powertrain, which includes a permanent magnet AC motor driving the front wheels through a single speed. Transmission will be used in the ultra zv. The ultra ZB is expected to have a sub 10 second zero to 100 kilometers per hour. Dash the ultras lithium ion battery pack has a target range of 250 to 300 kilometers and can be charged to 80 in 60 minutes. Using DC fast charging according to Tata will feature a seating capacity of five passengers. It will have a 345 liter boot capacity, Global accelenciator launches the new round of hashtag safer cars for India crash test results. Today, with the welcome support of the FIA foundation and Bloomberg philanthropies, the recently launched Tata Ultras reaches a strong five stars for adult and three stars for trial occupant protection, David Ward, CEO and president of global ncab said said. The latest result in our hashtag safercars for India crash tests shows a strong signal that Tata is moving its Fleet to five star levels of safety performance.

We would like to encourage all other car manufacturers in India to follow tatas example and bring affordable five star cars to Indian consumers. The Indian governments minimum crash test standards are clearly helping to eliminate any new zero star cars from the market and we will continue to work with them. To ensure the push of regulatory requirements is complemented by the pull of consumer awareness, encouraging the demand forever higher levels of safety. The ultra has achieved a solid five stars for adult occupant protection in three stars for child occupant protection. The outros offers two frontal airbags and Stanford its structure and its footwell area were rated as stable, head and neck. Protection for adult occupants was good. Protection for both adults was adequate. Child lock, hip and protection showed good protection for the 18 month old dummy with the CRS installed rearward facing and using the standard isofix anchorages. The three year old CRS was installed forward facing the backrest of the seat unlatched during the crash due to the load of the top tether, which was a reason for a score reduction. The head contact of the three years old dummy with the interior of the car, the lack of three point belts in all seating positions and the lack of possibility of disconnecting the passenger airbag when a rearward facing CRS is installed in the passenger seat. Explain the three star rating for child lockup and protection latest updates. The ultra ZB has been spy testing in India.

It was first unveiled at the auto Expo back in 2020 and is expected to be launched by January 15. 2023.. It is likely to feature tadas ziptron Tech as seen on the next and Evie and the tiger EV, and could utilize the same setup as the next neb, which gets a 129 PS electric motor paired to a 30.2 kilowatt hour battery pack. The system has a right cleaned range of 312 kilometers on a single charge. The price of the Tata Ultra ZB hatchback is expected to be RS. 14.00 lakh tell us in the comments section. What do you think about the ultra zv and if you wish to book the all new Ultra ZB, please visit the site for more details in the description below. Finally, we thank you for watching the video please dont forget to subscribe. Our Channel and press the Bell icon for all upcoming video notifications, tickle the like button and share the video with your friends in order to make YouTube mama happy.