Star brand changes are coming for the 2022 model year and the debut 2021 model made a splash as a formidable new rival to the Tesla Model. 3., a less expensive single motor model with more ranges included in the pole, star II and the trim structure of the dual motor model has been rearranged to allow for more customization foreign star too Music for a completely electric vehicle. It has a lot of personality and is fun to drive another bright spot. Is the android based infotainment system, no matter how many Motors it has the pole star 2 drives well. For the most part, the pole, star, 2, shines in other places, Music, although its steering isnt quite as Snappy as the Teslas. It is confidently maneuverable around turns Music. The pole star is a smooth car to drive when you just want to cruise giving you the smooth and quiet acceleration weve come to expect from an electric vehicle Music. The pole, star 2, is simple to drive with just one pedal and emergency braking is trouble free over short distances. Music long drives can be made more comfortable with enough cushioning and support in the front seats. Dual Zone automatic climate control is standard on all pole. Star 2 models and our test vehicle had heated front and rear seats Music, despite the fact that the controls are entirely reliant on the touchscreen, the climate control system operates quickly, find deals on the two available in your area.

The majority of the other controls are straight from Volvos sister company and requires some time to get used to. Although the pole, star 2 isnt a big car, it has enough room for front and rear seat passengers. Despite the fact that the cars small size makes it relatively simple to enter and exit constrained parking spaces, we would prefer the doors to open a little wider for easier entry and exit Music. However, because the rear window is so small, the standard surround view. Camera system is a blessing to us. There are many benefits with this android based touchscreen, for example, over the air updates and Google guides based route. It only has the ability to add apps from the Google Play Store at this time, so there isnt much to it. Music apple carplay is the standard for smartphone integration that projects your phones, apps onto the touchscreen, given that Android auto is based on Google. Its lack of availability seems odd. The Harman Kardon audio system upgrade was installed in our test vehicle. There are a lot of features that come standard like collision avoidance and Lane departure warning. However, some more advanced systems like adaptive cruise control are only available with specific packages. The pole, star II has both a small front trunk and a hatch. The 60 40th split folding seats further expand the space and the hatchback style opening makes loading cargo relatively simple. Although the pole, star 2, has a factory tow rating of 2 000 pounds which isnt a lot of weight, some of its competitors, arent designed to tow anything, although installing a rear facing seat, will limit how far back you can scoot the front seats.

Most child safety seats should fit fine. The EPA estimates that the pole star II, long range single motor, which we tested, has a range of 270 miles. We conduct our own air range testing at and were pleasantly surprised when the pole, star II, single motor exceeded its EPA estimate driving 288 miles on a single charge in our real world. Ev range test: Music, thats on par with the base Tesla Model 3, but below what the EPA says you can get from the model: 3 long range or single motor versions of the inec, 5 and Maki in terms of efficiency. It is estimated that this pole, star uses 31 kilowatt hour of electricity for every 100 miles traveled. The pole star is less efficient than most of its competitors, but the difference wont be much in your monthly budget, because electricity costs less than gas. Does pole stars look and feel are very much influenced by Volvo, its sister company, the materials, including the plastic parts, appear and feel more expensive than in a Tesla. The pole, star II is one of the most expensive starting msrps in its class, and it doesnt come with as many features or as much range for the money. Although pole Stars four year, 50 000 mile basic warranty and eight year, 100 000 mile battery warranty are fairly standard for the class. The manufacturer offers free fast charging for two years at Electrify America. Pole star also includes 50 000 mile roadside assistance for four years.

The pole, star II, long range dual motor is a must have for maximum enjoyment. We think that the pole, star 2, is a little bit of a surprise stylistically. In spite of the badge it doesnt look much different from a Volvo sedan Music, see you in the next video.