This is the production, ready version and is the first in a line of electric vehicles that Mahindra will launch over the course of few years. Those electric vehicles were showcased in the UK last year and will arrive in production guys around 20, 24 and 2025.. Now, while that may be in the future at present, this car has an important task for Mahindra, which is to challenge the increasingly popular Tata. Nexon EV range thats been on sale in India since 2020 and is actually the first vehicle to enter the passenger space. In terms of electric vehicles, does this card have what it takes were going to tell you that by telling you five things, you should know about the Mahindra xuv400 Music. Are you enjoying the content on our Channel then do hit those like share and subscribe buttons and also hit that Bell icon to be notified? The instant we put out a new video Music Music Applause Mahindra claims, an area certified range of 456 kilometers, Which is marginally higher than that of the Tata Nexon EV Max that stands at 437k. Now 19 km may not seem like a huge amount than the larger scheme of things, but can mean the difference between making it the last few kilometers to a charging station versus having to push the car. This is, of course, a range that has been certified in test conditions and real world figures are expected to be lesser for both vehicles for the Mahindra xuv400.

Once we put it through the gamut of kavalis real world range test, the Mahindra xuv400 is being offered with a ‘.4 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack. This battery pack can be charged from 0 to 80 via a 50 kilowatt DC fast charger in just 50 minutes. While with a 7.2 kilowatt hour charger, it takes 6 hours, 30 minutes for a zero to 100 charge and the same is achieved in 13 hours, while using a standard, 3.3 kilowatt hour, domestic socket with a 50 kilowatt hour DC fast charger, the Tata Nexon EV Max Goes from 0 to 80 percent in 56 minutes, while the 7.2 kilowatt hour AC fast charger takes it to a full charge in 6.5 hours. Finally, when plugged into a 15 ampere domestic wall socket, the car will be fully charged in 15 hours in terms of outright performance figures. The xuv400 electric motors produce 150 BHP and 310 NM of torque and has a 0 100 kmph time of 8.3 seconds, with a top speed of 150 kmph for the Tata Nexon EV Max its 141 BHP and 250 NM. Both cars are front: wheel, drive foreign Music. The cabin of the xuv400, more specifically, were in the first row and its a very familiar looking space and thats, of course, because its based on the xuv300 highlights here include this all black design as compared to the Beijing black design of the xuv300. These copper inserts around the gear lever, the radio control volume, knob, the AC Vents and, of course, the copper Twin Peaks logo and the steering the seats themselves seem quite comfortable on initial Impressions, but they dont have ventilation, which has become a very common thing in this Part of the market nowadays now this interior upon initial impression, feels a little bit lower down as compared to the Tata Nexon, EB in terms of touch and feel but thats.

Something well be able to tell you in depth when we get both the cars together and put them to carwales, uh interior and exterior comparison test, foreign. The second row of the Mahindra xuv400 and its actually not a bad place to be in you, get the same amount of space as youd get in the xuv300. Simply because this has the same wheelbase. The added length has been translated into additional space in the boot. Highlights here include this Center armrest with two cup holders. One liter bottle holders in both the doors these string, like attachments to keep items in between its actually missing one or two features, one of which is, of course, the central AC Vents and the other being a proper seat back pocket or even a space to store. Your phone safely, the xuv300 and the xuv400 both have the same wheelbase of 2600 mm, but the latter, by virtue of the added length, gets a larger boot at 368 liters compared to the formers 257 liters. The Tata Nexon EV Max, on the other hand, is a sub 4 meter SUV and thus sits slightly behind the xuv400 in terms of outside space. It is a 3.9 meter, long car, with a wheelbase of 2498 mm. However, its not too far behind with the XUV in terms of boot space as that stands at 350 liters foreign Music is fully loaded and gets features like a touchscreen infotainment system instrument, cluster with black and white, mid blue sense, mobile app driver assessment and vehicle information.

In the infotainment system, steering mounted controls and an electric sunroof, the car that has been unveiled is expected to be a top spec version, with six airbags, all four disc brakes. Iso, fixed child seat mounting points and abs with EBT on the features front. Tata, has added ventilated seats, wireless charging, electric sunroof and an illuminated gear, selector dial with separate buttons for various Drive modes. Other features include a touchscreen infotainment system with Apple carplay and Android, auto climate control, air purifier, cool glove box, Auto dimming, irvm, cruise control, rear AC Vents and a tire pressure monitoring system in terms of safety. Even the highest versions of the Nexon EV Max gets the basics like Hill descent and Ascent control, traction control system, rear discs, ABS, with EBD and reverse camera with Dynamic guidelines. However, despite being a top spec exit plus Lux model, you only get dual front airbags. Foreign Music of the Mahindra xuv400 will look familiar with just one lance and thats, because its essentially the sangyong devoli in full size, which is what the xuv300 is based on now, because this is an electric vehicle, you dont get a grill here and instead you get Like this flat piece of plastic here, covering where the grill would be, this is the first car in India to debut mahindras, new copper, Twin Peaks logo. Other highlights of the face include the rectangular headlamps projectors. These copper elements here, where the fog lamps are on the standard, IC engine car, these copper elements here and, of course, this large chunky, bumper that adds well to the face.

You also get these like slight bulges on the Bonnet to give that sort of muscular appearance. When you look at the xuv400 profile, you cannotice the extra length that it has over the xuv300. That is most evident here in the C pillar. Now other highlights here include these machined alloy wheels, the large or VMS, with the integrated indicators. This contrast, colored, copper roof, which is actually an optional extra color, also visible at the bottom of the dose. Is this cladding, which has this black plastic on top and, of course, the copper color at the bottom? Now, at the rear of the xuv400, there are quite a few elements to catch your attention. These include these tail lamps with this rather intricate pattern, and this is an update of what is offered on the xuv300 and theres a possibility we may see it there. Other highlights here include, of course, the Twin Peaks, copper logo and this roof spoiler with. If you notice up close, there are actually air vents here to improve efficiency. Music. Now that weve told you everything about the Mahindra xuv400, the exterior, the interior and the feature list, you can go and check them out on our website What Mahindra needs to do to make this car a complete success is to price it aggressively, and we believe that aggressive price will be in the range of rupees 17 lakh to rupees 22 drag putting it on par with the Nexon EV Max the Mahindra XUV 400 Is also a rival for the likes of the mgzsev in its lower spec excite variant, thats expected to arrive later this year, price announcement will take place in January.

We believe around the date of the Auto Expo for all the details on the Mahindra XUV 400. Do visit our website Thank you. So much for watching take care.