Well, now its back with the new design inside and out, perhaps the upgrades been enough to maintain its popularity before we fill you in with all the details, though, please dont forget to like comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel if youre familiar with the original mg5 Youll notice that the front has been completely redesigned, it has a new LED, headlight design with daylight running the charging port on mg logo have also been redesigned. The rear bumper has been redesigned as well theres, also a new LED tail light. There are also some new wheel designs, including these 17 inch ones, which are available with the top trim. The top trim now also offers privacy glass as well. Mg has also adjusted the trim levels available, the excite becomes the SE and the exclusive becomes the trophy. Both trim levels have extra features over their predecessors, but they also cost a bit more money. Overall, though, the design of this car is very similar to the original version, but also the drivetrain is exactly the same as the previous long range version. The design is more of an evolution than a revolution, but its definitely a step in the right direction and modernizes. The look considerably there are six color choices, some of which are new and most of which are sober. This one is called hamsters gray, which is uh, replaces the original Camden gray so obviously gone a bit up in the market in terms of London boroughs.

So this car does have remote, locking but theres no kind of funky sensor. When you get close to it, you have to press this button or use the key to unlock, and then you can get inside lets. Take a look. The interior uses similar materials to the previous version, but the infotainment has been completely redesigned. Theyve also cleaned up the look of a lot of the switch gear. The drivers seat has Lumber support even from the base version, but you will need the trophy trim to get the electronic adjustment. The passenger seat is mechanically adjusted, whichever trim version you go for so its a fairly comfortable cockpit. Headroom is okay. If youre around six foot, probably if youre like six foot four theres, not so much Headroom in this car, but these seats are pretty comfortable. This Central console has been neatened up since the previous version. You get a couple of cup holders here, theres a little cubby back here, and this switch gear is approximately the same, but looks generally nicer. Well, talk about the functions of that in a second, this glove box, maybe doesnt open far enough, but the size and capacity is reasonably decent. So, underneath that Central console is a space to put your phone and a couple of USB ports plus the typical 12 volt car adapter. However, this is not a wireless phone charging pad rear space, isnt bad, decent amount of knee room, decent amount of Headroom, maybe not SUV levels, but certainly good enough for adults, not just children.

Visibility is a little bit lumpy. I probably wouldnt want to be sitting here as an adult for a long journey, but for a short Journey, probably adequate and for a kid, also probably adequate. However, if you dont have a middle seat passenger, you can pull this down. Get a nice armrest with a couple of cup holders rear seat. Passengers also benefit from some functions in this Central console. Theres a little cubby here for them to put their packet of cigarettes theres. Also, a couple of USB ports an A and A C type there and events. So your uh, your feet will be nicely ventilated, if not the rest of your body and of course, you get these pockets in the backs of the front seats for your kids. To put their copies of Confucius or whatever, it is kids read these days notice that around the car youve got this uh blue, stitching electric blue stitching, which is a little bit reminiscent of BMW. The trim is perhaps a little bit plasticky, but not terrible, so nothing portioned like a kick boot release. This is all entirely mechanical, but its a nice size in here you see Ive got a nice mg bag and umbrella. This is 578 liters from floor to ceiling and underneath here you get a space where you can put your lovely branded mg charging cable bag, theres a couple of things for sorting out a puncture with an inflator and some some Tire, a fixer there and a tow Bar all very nice, you can actually drop this down a bit further, but one thing youll notice is: there is a lip on the boot which some people have criticized the mg5 for so you have this blind, which you have to actually take out before you can.

If its slot – and then you pull these things either you can remove its not too difficult, not super gallon, but perfectly adequate, and these seats go forward in a typical 60. 40 Arrangement. Youll notice that this boot also isnt completely flat but its a decent size, its one, three, six, seven liters, so you can get quite a bit in here, so that is about 200 liters more than your average hatchback, and about on par with your average mid size. Small size estate car, but nowhere near as much as an SUV like I dont, know the skoda enyak IV, one last thing in the boot youve got your granny charger and a nice little container, tucked here in the corner. As of the previous long range version of this car, these rails will now support 75 kilograms of cargo on the top. This car is also rated to tow 500 Kilograms. So all these cars are long range cars. That means they have a 61.1 kilowatt hour battery. Now that enables a range of up to 250 miles, but if you go for the top trophy model that drops to 235 miles, so the charging port cover has been redesigned but its in the same place. So you get um AC charging at seven kilowatts DC charging goes up to 87 kilowatts, which means that you can charge the car in 35 minutes from 10 to 80, which is okay for a long journey. So charging the car from zero to 100 will take about nine hours on a seven kilowatt home charger.

What are the standard feature with all cars, including the blower level? Se trim is that these cars support vehicle to low, which means you can actually output power from this port here with an adapter and charge external devices, maybe even charge another car. This steering wheel, hasnt changed at all since the previous version, so youve got media controls on the left and youve got menu and voice command controls on the right. So you get the typical light stalk on the left and on the right. Youve got windscreen wipers. There are rain sensing wipers on this car. There is a third stalk here sitting on the left and there is for the adaptive cruise, which is a standard feature on all cars. So this is all pretty standard mg. Youve got a rotary thing for selecting reverse driver neutral with Park in the middle now, unlike the mg4, which went really minimal on the control front, you still get these two buttons theres one on the left here for the mode and theres one on the right here, Which is still labeled curves, but this is not a race car, but that does change the aggressiveness of the regenerative. Braking and down here youve got a electronic parking, brake and auto hold, which will bring the car to a stop automatically without you needing to press the brake all the time. Turning the system off and on doesnt have any keyless action you have to use. This start.

Stop button so, aside from the way this car looks, the other really big upgrade is in this infotainment system, which is brought bang up today with the latest amg4 gone. Are those dialed the analog, displays you get digital speed on the left and a digital power meter on the right, Adas controls or you can change the functionality of the central section as well. This is an entire seven inch display, whereas before it used to be a really tiny one with these analog dials either side. So these air conditioning vents in the HVAC system is primarily controlled via this LCD panel. You press this button on the left here. Two two and then youve got all the controls on here, so not quite as bad as having an entirely LCD panel based system like a Tesla. Youve also got controls here for front and a rear window de misting, and you can turn it off and on here. As well so this 10.25 inch panel is the really big news with this car. You can see all the air conditioning controls. You can change, change the fan using touch screen. You can change the temperature, you can turn it off. You can turn it on. You can change the direction of the fans, turn it on eco mode, auto mode. All of that is available here, maybe not quite as intuitive and easy to use as actual buttons, but at least youve got the basic ability to enable it with this button here.

So if you want to actually look up the other functions of the screen hit the home button here and you can see you get all these widgets on screen and you can see this one is you can change between different things, change stations that way youve got Carplay and Android auto charging information here. If you click on that, you actually see the the charging information. This display is a little bit sluggish still, but its much faster than the original one. So you can see charging and discharging they have to go back to the home screen you can. You can also see it on here: thats, the radio navigation window. Quite a decent, Sat, Nav connected so another big aspect of this car is: it now incorporates the full gamut of mgs Ismart connected application. So you get much more app control over car functions, so you can enter the address. Youve got favorites youve got, you can go for Ev Chargers and parking points of interest there as well, and, of course, parking camera is available and on the trophy mode you can see its a 360 camera. So you get a lovely top down view here on the left. The 360 view is created using cameras here here, plus one on the other side, and here tucked onto your badge, if you swipe along you, get further functions, you uh, you can hook up your phone, so you can see heres some assisting settings overall, general settings here Of the display you can attach user users, USB storage uh bind your vehicle, which is nothing to do with bondage, hopefully, so the bit that hasnt really changed at all in this car is the way it drives.

It still has the same 115 kilowatt, which is um 154 horsepower electric motor. That will take it to 60 miles per hour in about 7.3 seconds, which is pretty sprightly for a Family Estate car. So this car sits a little bit High, almost crossover level and, as you go around corners, there is a certain amount of body roll. I wouldnt therefore say its a particularly great drivers, car, not like the mg4, but you know with that extra EV speed. It feels pretty fast so that high stance and slightly rolly feel means that, if youre driving in a high wind, which I was earlier today, it maybe doesnt feel quite as planted as some cars but under normal conditions. Its excellent on a Motorway steering is light. So youre going to be able to navigate around a city pretty easily. There are three driving modes: Eco comfort and Sport. Comfort is fast enough. You might not want to drive in any other mode, because the cars controls are incredibly conventional, its very intuitive if youve driven any other car everythings in pretty much the places where youd expect it theres. Not a lot to say about this car in terms of safety features, because that bit hasnt really changed very much. It still revolves around mg pilot and well detail exactly what you get with that in the written review. Of course, one thing that is new is that Park is made easier with this 360 camera, which is only available in the trophy and there it is you see it was a little bit slow to come up, but its pretty useful.

Now its there nice top down View and a fisheye view of whats behind you. As we said at the beginning of this video, the price has gone up a little bit over the original long range version. The entry level SE Edition is 31 000 pounds of Fiverr. Underneath that that is 1300 pounds more than the uh entry level version, excite version that it replaces the top trophy version is 33 and a half thousand pounds, which is also a little bit more expensive than the exclusive model of the long range was before. But although those prices are more than they were before, this car still represents excellent value because youre getting a lot more equipment level. You know the infotainment is a considerable improvement over what it was before, and this car just has a general sense of feeling a lot more modern. Its also Worth to say that this car was phenomenal value when it first came out and the only thing that stops IT being at absolute value winner now is the fact that mgs brought out the mg4, which takes the value to yet another level. Of course, that value is assisted by the fact that this car has an excellent warranty of seven years or 80 000 miles. Mg also claims that this car has similar residual values to other vehicles in its class, which means that the leasing prices will be pretty spot on as well so thats. The mg5 in some ways not a huge upgrade over the original version, but in other ways upgraded in just the places where it really needed it.

This was already an incredibly practical car with decent range and a practical boot space and a decent amount of space for passengers as well. Now its also got a much better infotainment, and it looks better too. Mg tells us that theyve already got nearly a thousand orders for this car and nobody in the UK has even driven one yet before us. So thats pretty impressive, its not a hugely exciting vehicle, its a Family Estate. But we think its going to sell like hot cakes thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this video.