You can uh remotely lock the way so remote, expensive, um, foreign, Music Music. So why only 60.! But the reason s Music and when it comes to um foreign Music, Music, Music in the bathroom, so it will be around some 15 to 20 km. Okay and uh. I can say this is one of the safest batteries in the area, because maybe youll see 21 780 miles using as well as it is uh AIS, 156 certified foreign, Music Music, so its a three layered casing and the battery comes with 20 plus features 20 plus Safety features, so this is a battery and we have a cooling fan here where it will cool the battery, while youre riding local temperature on a coin: foreign, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music. Sure cheesy. Can we detached oh and the metal body in my hip Network. So this is a major advantage and coming to the background of the company, because so because RR cables in a company, so we are back with electronics and electricals. So my background is so that Q is an advantage that gives an advantage to us Music. So they are into automobile manufacturing and motors from 1986 meru. We can say proud that yeah, because foreign also this enjoy Ed. So we do our own so because in the last 11 months, Music, so and uh, three years or 36 000 kilometers, whichever comes first and um Music, we have two plans in extended warranty.

Okay, one is silver other one is whole silver and 23 normal. Three years, warranty, kilometer extension will be restricted to fifty thousand and coming to the vehicle, which is three years Music.