Crossovers is a Bonafide performance variant until now, this is the Kia ev6 GT, which packages a more powerful two roader powertrain, underneath its attractive styling, as well as some genuine performance upgrades to help it keep all of that power under control. The GT starts at about 62 000, which does make it the most expensive variant in the ev6 lineup, but does that added cost yield? Some genuine performance out on the real world lets find out the Kia ev6 GTs exterior, is only slightly revised compared to the less powerful GT line. Headlining. The changes are an attractive set of 21 inch alloy wheels as well as acid green accents on the brake calipers and the rear fascia has been slightly revised compared to its lesser siblings. The ev6 GT also has a Unique Interior with the same acid, green, accents appearing on the seats and the dashboard, as well as a unique striated applique on the dash and then theres. This fantastic racing bucket setup up front that looks like it may have been borrowed from the Hyundai Veloster n, its supportive and stylish, and definitely fits the ev6 GTs Mission. Now those subtle cosmetic alterations aside, the ev6 GT, is kind of a wholesale upgrade over the GT line. For example, it has larger front and rear electric motors for a total of 576 horsepower, and it also has a trim, specific GT driving mode which uncorks all of that power all the time, its not like a boost mode like youd find on the gv60 that expires After 10 seconds Kia says that they did this so that you have kind of a consistent Driving Experience when you are in that GT mode, and the net result is some pretty incredible straight line speed.

They claim a 0 60 time of 3.4 seconds Id, be surprised if it isnt a little bit faster than that and for contact. That number is actually faster than a Porsche tycon GTS, which costs double the price, so youre, definitely getting a hell of a lot of straight line. Speed from your 62 000 roughly that youre going to be spending on an ev6 GT. Now it has to be said that, while this is a pretty fast car in a straight line, if you enter a corner at a speed, thats appropriate for a more typical, sporty car, you kind of drift to the outside of the corner just a bit, and you Have to dial in a little bit more steering lock to bring things under control. It never feels particularly unstable or dangerous, but you do kind of just have to realign your expectations when youre driving this thing and it is still pretty fun to push through corners. After all, GT does stand for Grand Touring, quite frankly, thats, where this car shines the most. If youre on a long drive that includes a scenic route, the GT is good fun, its not really well suited to really tight maximum attack, Canyon or track driving. In spite of that drift mode, posturing, but its still a whole lot of fun to drive when you kind of just want to hustle down a road at a Brisk Pace, its also pretty decently comfortable, with one big exception.

These sport seats are very well bolstered and most people in the industry really love them, but Im actually not a huge fan, because I feel like theres not enough. Shoulder support. Theres kind of this like lever, thats running right across the middle of my back, that doesnt really feel super comfy when Im in the seat for more than two or three hours, thats kind of a bummer, but its really the only drawback for an otherwise nicely equipped. Cabin thats perfect for a 206 mile Cruise. Yes, you do pay a fair amount of money for the Kia ev6 GT, but I still think its a pretty good value, offering some incredible blistering straight line, speed and decent cornering performance as well. That strikes it right at the heart of the Ford, Mustang Mach e GT and Tesla Model y performance. You also get a really nice interior with excellent materials that feel very appropriate to this class of car, and it looks really nice as well, depending on your opinion of The Styling. I personally think its very attractive, especially with these little winglets on the rear spoiler. Ultimately, you do have to make a couple of sacrifices with the ev6 GT. First of all, the body control isnt phenomenal when youre really pushing it hard, and then you do have to sacrifice some range 206 miles for this vehicle versus more than 250 for every other version of the ev6 GT. But if you can live with those drawbacks, the ev6 GT is a really fun to drive electric vehicle.

That proves that we dont have to give up driving enjoyment in exchange for zero emissions thanks for watching Music.