The Audi e tron is a capable SUV in the luxury EV space and, if youre planning to buy the electric SUV from the four ring car maker, then here are some pros and cons that you should know about. The Audi e tron was the first electric vehicle to be launched by the ingolstad base luxury car maker. It was also the first TV to be introduced by Audi in India and its certainly a very capable product. In fact, within a month of its launch Audi, India had nearly sold out the first batch of the e tron SUV. The Audi e tron is the closest rival to the Mercedes Benz eqc and, if youre planning to buy the electric SUV from the foreign car maker, then here are some pros and cons that you should know about the pros number one engine power. The e tron is a compact or mid size, SUV, depending on how you size them, but its engine is rated for 355 horsepower thats quite a lot for a vehicle of this size, and it makes for a real kick giving you plenty of power on tap youll Easily manage Hills and high speed merges and overtakes, and it makes the SUV that much more fun to drive when you can feel the motor pushing its still quite like other vehicles too. Even when you start to push the drivetrain to the Limit number two handling. The e tron doesnt exactly feel sporty, but it does have a composed ride between the steering and the brakes that gives it a distinct identity on the road when paired with a drivetrain, the e tron always feels under control and you get an enjoyable and comfortable drive.

Thats sure, to make a good impression that feeling of control stays no matter the speed, so, whether its hurrying down the highway or squirming through City traffic, the e tron stays relaxed. That translates to good feelings, both for the driver and the passengers. Number three smartphone connectivity, while it is becoming more popular software to connect the cars interface to smartphones, is still not present in every vehicle. The e tron comes with the three biggest and most popular choices: Apple, carplay, Android, auto and Amazon Alexa between the three of those you can connect just about any smartphone and take full advantage of the music navigation and other features. This is also available on all trims of the e tron, so there is no need to upgrade your use to smartphone features and you can do it all seamlessly with USB or Bluetooth number four Tech features in addition to smartphone connectivity. The e tron has plenty of other appealing Tech features as well. It comes with an infotainment system called MMI that uses dual touch screens to control navigation, audio climate control, satellite radio and more optional. Add ons like wireless charging are available, but the base rims contain just about everything that you would want its an impressive set of features from an SUV and on top of that, the layout and the interface that are extremely well designed its not hard to find the Controls in the tools for whatever you need at the moment, number five, seating and comfort.

There are several reasons to like the interior of the e tron in the seeing is one of the big ones. Every trim level of the e tron comes with leather upholstery. The front row is very roomy and comes with power and heating for both seats and options include ventilation and a massage feature. The rear row has optional Heating and also has plenty of space. The seats themselves are supportive and relaxing making long drives comfortable for the drivers. As well as for the passengers, its a pleasant and comfortable riding experience, number six driver assistance, driver Assistance or automated safety features have emerged as one of the most important new types of features among all vehicle types, especially family SUVs. The e tron comes with a generous Suite compared to other rivals in this class from forward Collision warning and automated emergency braking to rear cross traffic, alert blind spot monitoring and more. There are also optional features like Lane, keep assist and adaptive cruise control. The features provide Great Value and help to the e trons proposition to be a high end, all purpose: electric SUV for families number seven interior quality. The inside of the e tron is a study in Polish from the materials to the vision angles.