I hope you all are having a great and a wonderful time with your loved ones. So today we are going to be presenting a video about the 2023 Ford F, 150 Evie. So lets get started after making its debut as an all new vehicle. Last year, the 2023 Ford, F, 150 Evie will be arriving with the minor changes. The largest charge change in the pricing for the new model air as a 2023 EV, is up by twelve thousand dollars for the bass trim at the high end of the trim ranges. Pricing for the lightning has gone up by the six thousand dollars. The Ford claims that the price changes are due to the supplier constraints and the rising cost of the materials are. The minor changes for the 2023 includes a 240 mile ranges for the standard range of the battery pack and the addition of the pro trailer hitch assist. As an option to make the hitching trailer easier, father first, the F 150 EV info trims – that is the pro XLT Lariat and the Platinum pricing for the 2023 lightning ranges from the 53 769 to 98 669 dollars as before. The EV is eligible for a 7500 tax credit as well as applicable to the state plug in rebates. There is the two available electric partrings for the 2023 F 150 electric. The electric truck comes with the two electric motors one on each exile for the standard all wheel drive the base 98 kilowatt per hour.

Standard battery pack is good for the 426 horsepower and 775 pound feet of torque for the 2023. The electric pickup truck is now rated at 240 miles of range with a standard range of the battery pack. The pickup truck is available with an extended range of the battery pack that boosts power to 563 HP, with the 131 kilowatt per hour. Extended range of the battery, the F 150 Lightning can travel up to 320 of the miles. The pro trim is that only that its available with an extended range of the battery pack, the extended range battery pack costs almost 21 500 on the XLT trim after including the necessary packages and eleven thousand five hundred dollars on the lariat. The Platinum trim comes with the larger battery pack as a standard when properly equipped with extended range of the battery pack. The F 150 electric can get up to 78 MPGs in the city and 63 MPGs on the highway and 70 MPG combined. The 2023 F 150 EV is only available in the Super Crew body style, with the four full doors and a five foot, five inches of the bed. The configuration results in a spacious amount of entire space for the adults and both rows. Unlike the gas powered F. 150, the electrical model has a 14.1 cubic feet of cargo space in the front trunk. The front trunk can also hold up to 400 pounds with a standard range of the battery pack.

The F 150 can two up to 7700 pounds and haul up to 2000 pounds. The extended range battery pack brings a towing capacity of 10 000 pounds and can haul up to 1800 of the ponds towing with an electric truck and severely affect the vehicles range. Thank you for listening.