So lets start here without taking any moment the plug in electric Nissan Leaf. Has now been on sale for more than 10 years over the two generation, the first model started with a minimal range of 73 miles, but the leaf has continuously updated and can now go more than 200 miles on a charge with a 60 kilowatt. Our battery in the upgraded 2023 Nissan Leaf, SV Plus, like the Chevrolet bolt its now effortlessly, solves the Eevee needs of most the Americans. If they dont have a big family or lots of cargo, it is fun to drive and surprisingly capable of slippery pavement. For the 2023 Nissan revised the front end of the leaf with the new grill shape and bumper, it also had new headlights, new wind, deflectors and new batches. The base Leaf comes with a 40 kilowatt hour battery and 149 miles of range. The top SV plus trim of the leaf, in addition to the added range, comes with a glass black finishes inside the standard navigation and the wired Apple carplay, an Android auto, an 8 inches screen is standard across the model range. As in the e pedal, which lets the driver to start accelerate decelerate and come to full stop and holes, using only the accelerator pedal, even in the higher trims the leaf came in is basic Transportation. The seats are cloth but comfortable. Most of the switch gear is plastic and even though the touchscreen is eight inches its small compared to some of its competitors like the Chevrolet bolt, however, the screen worked crisply and connected to a phone easily, either on the Bluetooth or the wired Apple carplay.

The screen also has a physical mode volume and tuning controls, as well as the buttons for the climate control, all of which are easier to use while the driving these are the storage spaces for a Charged phone and the water bottles in the center area, and both The doors the gear selector takes some getting used to, but the two tires of the USB ports, that is the A and C, are appreciated. Overall, the cabin feels bigger than the vehicles size with lit on the trunk is deep without 23 cubic feet of space and large system for the child seats and easy to use. In the outward seats with two forward facing child seats, the space is livable rear facing seats would make for the tight fit on the road. The leaf SB plus trim, delivers 214 horsepower and 250 pound feet of torque, making the deceptively quick acceleration theres less pull with the expressway speeds, but most buyers, but the four cylinder engine will be impressed with the output. The front wheel, drive leaf EV plus rides comfortably with 17 inches wheel.