This is the new generation of Toyota battery electric vehicles and the first one to arrive in Singapore. Is the Toyota bZ4X Now lets take a look. If you are thinking about buying a new car like this Toyota, bZ4X and thinking about trading in your car, Try selling it with Quotz. Instead, Quotz uses its network of dealers to get you the best price possible, In fact theyre so confident on getting you the best price. If you sell your car for a higher price, they will give you 100 Dont just take our word for it. Look at the hundreds of raving reviews on their service To find out more visit, Thats Q. U O T Back to the car. We are in a different location because it started to rain very heavily, like you can see from the water on the hood and we are very dedicated in making videos for you guys. This is a full battery electric vehicle, so its going to be very sleek very clean Across the front. It kind of in fact looks like a low poly Toyota Harrier model. You are going to get the full LED treatment, very sleek lines across No grilles in front, because there is no engine to keep cool, but there are functional, aeros and a splitter down here. You are also going to find a camera housing up here. For the 360 view that we will find out about later Onto the side Over by the side, you are going to get 20 inch large rims on this car and also because its a BEV.

This is your charging port with Type 2 and CCS. So you get 7 kW, AC charging and 150 kW DC fast charging. Speaking about charging. You are also going to get a fully functional solar panel roof like the Hyundai IONIQ5, which Toyota says, gives you up to 1650 km of extra range per year from the sun. So thats pretty neat Lets check out the rear Over by the rear. You are going to get a huge spoiler Look at that and it gives it a very sporty look, Also a shark fin antenna. It looks good and this smoked out rear windscreen, which looks incognito Further, a little mini spoiler here and a single line tail light like the Toyota Yaris Cross and the Toyota Harrier Over here is the bZ4X moniker open up the power, tailgate … Open up the power Tailgate … Open up the power tailgate there we go 452 litres worth of hauling capacity. You can see that the boot bumper is rather large, but it will eat up the Auntie Trolley Length Test by a hair. It is also going to eat up the luggage. No problem with a parcel shelf and a dual level boot cover. So if you want more space but a deeper boot lip, you can and also a tyre repair kit on the inside From here. You can access the knockdown rear seats At a bit of a stretch. So someone that is 1.75m is just nice. One thing I dont get is why the doors have to be this large Check out the difference between the door itself and the rest of the sheet metal.

It is such a huge thing and another thing: the doors dont open the widest so entry, While it is a rather large aperture, its not the super most convenient On the rear of the bZ4X. It is rather tall because it is a battery electric vehicle battery is underneath, but for someone 1.75m tall there is still a good enough head space. I have a lot of leg space. It is lengthwise quite long, No space to tuck my feet underneath the driver. If I want more space, so the furthest I can slump down is like this On the sides you are going to get a nice gloss, black trim here and cup holders bottle holders here, but other than that it is rather spartan Over by the middle two. Usb C charging ports and a standard aircon vent with a really functional dial. Nothing fancy like a touchscreen ISOFIX points are here here here and here, but if you dont have three rear passengers, You can pull down the middle for this nice armrest with two cup holders and a slot for your phone and your wallet Onto the front. One thing I forgot to mention is nobody likes a loud window, but nobody likes a slow window either. What the bZ4X does is. It goes up quickly and then slows down for a softer closing Inside this Toyota bZ4X cockpit. This is different from any other Toyota that you have seen before, except for this logo, For instance, the instrument cluster is up here in this totally new design that looks out of this world from other Toyotas Down here on.

The steering stack is the drivers attention monitor. If you take your eyes off the road for too long, it will issue you a warning to tell you Hey, better, keep your eyes on the road Over by the middle. You have a center oriented multimedia display system. It takes wired, Android, Auto, but wireless Apple CarPlay. You can monitor how well your solar panel is charging in terms of energy stored or distance stored. So you can see how much distance, For example, today weve charged up 1.1km from the solar panels alone Going down here. You have ventilated seats and the climate control in a very nice design with physical buttons, so thank god, and a very nice Lexus styled gear shift. I have to say Over here: you have the 360 camera view, as well as automated parking and the traction control Electronic parking brake regenerative. Braking with one single setting and brake auto hold Underneath the gear shift. You are going to get a hideaway wireless charger with a USB, A port for Android, Auto Further down two cup holders and a cubby space with a deeper compartment, if you so need to, Underneath, is a larger cubby space with USB C and 12V charging. If you need more chargers Over by the dashboard, you are going to have this really nice finish This fabric, which I think is better than always either leather or plastic. This is a very nice cosy finish along with the JBL sound system around the car, To the very weird thing about this car.

This steering wheel is smaller than the usual, but it is loaded with all the controls, the media controls and advanced driver aids, but this is a format that I have never seen before. So it takes some time to get used to especially the overall small steering wheel. It kind of feels like it belongs on a truck instead, While some parts of this car is rather elegantly finished, like this gear shift, which I really like Some parts of this, like these buttons feel really plasticky and kind of feel like they. Dont belong in this car for the future. Does this car drive as good as it looks One way to find out Driving the new Toyota bZ4X? How does it feel Well, its almost like a Lexus in how refined and quiet it is, but stats? First of all, single motor, They have a dual motor variant, but we dont know yet, if its coming to Singapore, Its generating some 201 bhp 266 Nm of torque 0 to 100 kmh in 7.5 seconds. So it is no slouch, but also at the same time, its not super quick right, Especially in an EV where you usually expect instant torque, but with this not so much, I guess they have opted for a more refined and comfortable drive Check it out. In fact, there is only one drive mode Apart from Eco and Snow, which I feel dont really count. I am thinking about Sport or Sport like if I put my foot down, there is a little bit of that EV instant torque, but it really doesnt feel as raw as something you will find in a Tesla or an MG.

So it is refined. It is quiet. It is not super quiet, but it does mute out. The noises really well and I have to say this is kind of like the new Toyota Sienta Hybrid, where they finished the interior with this kind of cloth texture. So it looks and feels really cosy. It doesnt have to be leather everything In terms of handling its going to be rather quiet but also very planted, while it is a crossover SUV, it is an electric crossover SUV, the first Toyota dedicated BEV, so its chassis is not compromised by engine placements. It is dedicated, so you have a lot of space and the battery is right down below, so it feels really stable, even if you shift it around a little bit, it feels like it is stuck onto the road 100 Suspension is very comfortable, its not bumpy. It doesnt roll too much Its just really present. Overall In terms of safety systems, it comes with a full suite of Toyota systems. In fact, it comes with one of the most, if not the most intricate proximity sensors that I have ever seen in terms of how specific the sensors are. I think the ones that I have seen on this feels more specific than any other car, and it is rather advanced so, along with this up here, this driver instrument cluster being up high. Everything is very easy to see. You are also going to get the 360 cameras which are rather commonplace nowadays, but one cool feature that I like is when you are reversing the 360 camera turns on and actually makes the bZ4X invisible on screen.

So you can see whats under you and where the parking lines are, which is a really useful feature. You are also going to get smart cruise control lane keeping assist so lets see. If I can yeah there, we go adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist is on so now we are on the highway and it is set at 90 kmh following the car in front, and you got to keep your hands on the wheel Coming up to a Gentle curve lets see if it follows and yeah its following the lines. This is going to be very relaxing and you might think its a gimmick. I can assure you that once you get used to it its going to be its a quality of life, upgrade After that, when you drive a car without these systems, its going to feel like Wait, a minute, somethings, missing and thats exactly what a good feature does For you, One thing that I have noticed about driving this and weve only had it for less than a day is that the driver attention alert is quite prominent. In fact, it is rather easy to trigger it, which is a good thing just for demonstrations sake. I am looking straight, but I am not going to look like. I am not looking straight and to make things extra safe. I am going to turn on the smart cruise control and lane keeping assist, so we dont get into any trouble Right now.

There is this camera here that is looking into my eyes and I am going to look like I am looking away There. You go. You hear that That is the alert telling you Hey, keep your eyes on the road, you lazy, and that is the front collision avoidance, even though its kind of far away, but it is good to know that its working and, of course, this is still with the Smart cruise control on so I feel extremely safe and it is a Toyota, so you know its reliable. The Toyota bZ4X is it a Will, Buy Wont, Buy or Go Try. Well, if you ask me this car is a Go. Try because, even though it is a fantastic looking car, it feels fantastic. It is rather in a sort of weird head space with the other cars. If you are looking at a this sized SUV, thats electric – you are probably looking at the EQB or the Tesla Model Y, but I will grant you the Tesla Model Y will feel nothing as comfortable in the interior. It wont feel as familiar instrument. Cluster buttons feels like a car car, but then, if you are going to go with the EQB its going to be way more expensive and it will feel like Mercedes but its not going to feel as cosy as this, I reckon It is going to be a Different kind of space, something more luxurious Now, if you are looking at it from a utility perspective, but you still want an EV, then I am going to be thinking of the MG 5 EV, so thats an electric vehicle station wagon and it is going to be Less than 200000, This is projected to be some 250000 to 260000, so thats, quite a stark contrast.

Granted the MG 5 EV wont be as quick, but it will feel quick because the power delivery is in a more raw form and then theres also going to be the BYD Atto 3, which is kind of smaller. But it is also a lot cheaper and roughly the same range, roughly the same speed and thats. Why this car for is a Go, Try So thats our review of the all new Toyota bZ4X beyond Zero 4X? What did you think? Do you agree with us? Do you disagree with us? Let us know in the comments below as well as any other car you would like to see us. Try out do leave it down below, so we can read every single one of these comments and also, if you made it this far, please also consider subscribing to us and hitting that bell notifications, so you dont miss any of our future uploads. We can see that some 80 of you arent subscribed at the moment and, lastly, follow us on TikTok. We are at sgcarmart Thanks for watching.