Oh my goodness, Music. Can I please can I drive nope? Please, Music planet Earth is in trouble and we need to transition to sustainable transport faster. So today, myself, Rick polymer and leading battery electrochemist, Dr eunuch Turk, are checking out the all electric vivaro e Music 35 790 pounds in the UK, excluding v80 or 41 495 Euros in Ireland. Note that in Ireland theres the sea I grant thats applicable to some qualifying businesses towards the cost of this vehicle battery 50 or 75 kilowatt hour variants available. That will get you 110 to 150 miles per charge. 176 to 240 kilometers performance of 100 kilowatt motor with 260 newton meters of torque gets this van from not to 60 miles an hour in between 13.1 and 14.3 seconds. Payload 1226 kilos for the 50 kilowatt hour battery 1002 kilos for the 75 kilowatt battery between 5.3 and 6.6 cubic meters of storage space, and it can tour a ton charging. A 7.4 kilowatt onboard charger is standard within a living kilowatt, optional, upgrade and 100 kilowatt CCS. Rapid charging – oh theres, a 12 volt socket there thats quite handy okay. We cant do a van review without Paul vanmann, the van man, its, not your full full title. Is it Paul, but thanks for joining us? How are you Im very well thanks, Rick and uh. Are you in great to see you both great to see you inside a van wow, its nice, its very spacious? It has a mirror uh right here, Im, not sure why, because straight onto the belt here, one because you do know an awful lot about Vans.

I know youre about to do the EV Cafe shortly, but tell us a little bit your thoughts about the uh e vivaro. Well, the even bar is a cracking vehicle, its really the first vehicle that came to Market that really got Mass acceptance, and so you know big companies like BT, British gas, centrico theyre, actually looking here at the AFP Commerce right now about this uh deployment of evaro. Its its got a lot of acceptance, mainly because its got a decent range good size battery, which is reasonably efficient, so it seems, but also charging the ability to charge at quite high speeds up to 100 kilowatts on that vehicle um. It means that its good for the day to day operation, it gives you a good boost in the daytime right Ewan, welcome to the what van small van or medium medium van of the innovative. It still uses one of these, our novel yeah back in there put it into drive foot on the brake so its on the brake. Oh, no, you need to do the ignition. Just like an old car. You can do it twice into D for Drive. Lets go! Oh nice, its a bit heavier than the cars weve been driving of late from Passenger perspective, its nippier than I thought. It would be its a very confident machine to drive around here and out on the motorway from the loops in it. So far, and that is a good point when youre driving and if youve driven a Transit van before and youre, going through the gears and youre driving around town, youre, stopping and starting.

But at the end of the day you Knack it and I think you know the same with all electric vehicles. This is just easy to drive. Oh, it really is yeah. I mean youve got your gear, selector kind of flicky switch down in the center console and and thats it and then, as you say, just point and squirt, you know theres just yeah pretty much one for driving. If you want – and you know, okay, this is the entry level trim. This is the dynamic trim, so it does have some useful features like the reversing sensors you discovered earlier, but um it doesnt have a reversing camera and reversing cameras are pretty cheap these days. For the manufacturer to put in so I do feel a bit shortchanged by that, but the elite spec does have. That does have a Sat Nav which this doesnt you know this is. This is very basic trim by Ed standards these days, but then again sometimes you just want a box on wheels. That does what you need it to, and this is it, and this will last probably hundreds of thousands of miles, but very little youve also got payload options of a thousand kilos or 1200 kilos. If you go for the 1200 kilos, you have to go for a smaller battery, which is the trade off right. You get range uh, but less payloads and payload, but less range. So this is the trade off that weve got with electric bands and, if thats not enough, I believe it can tour as well about a ton.

Is it it can do. The reality is, the towing is a token gesture really towards tone, because typically vans in this sector can tow around two tons and that is broadly whats needed. But you know if youre towing small amounts of weight like uh, you know a generator or a small trailer with some light weight on the back its its better than nothing and a lot of the manufacturers actually just say nothing. You know so its um its the best way to to go Yeah. You mentioned a couple of things that you dont like about it like the the point that weve got a rear view, mirror here and nothing to look through. I couldnt find any cup holders earlier. I was like wheres the cup holders. You know youre in a van youre, going to have at least 20 to 25 cups at any one time uh during a during a project. But I found it its down the front here, but I still like a few more cup holders. Door bins are good massive door bins, oh yeah, huge, definitely and loads of room in the back. Well, I mean this has got 5.3 cubic meters of storage space, which is the its the L1 trim, which is the the smaller size of Van, which is still pretty big. You know kind of transit esque in size theres the L2, which is a longer wheelbase that gives you 6.6 cubic meters of storage space.

And if you get the elite trim, which has the Flex car door of flex cargo, I should say bulkhead which allows you to flip down a flat and then poop like big planks or whatever construction materials you have through it. You can get about 3.6 meters of uh off the top of my head anyway, of of length of material in the back of that van slash, where my head is right now so yeah really versatile van for sure I mean diesel costs a fortune these days. A fifth of the UKs diesel comes from Russia as well, so a reason not to get it um and on top of that theres just about. Obviously, the pollution as well, because youve got the nanoparticulates that come off of exhausts at child height and it concentrates at that kind of low level in Europe in an urban environment, a quick one before we let you go and uh get ready for the EV Cafe, Show um: why is it important that we have Electric commercial vehicles like this? Well, the reality is a trick um that weve got uh. The towns and cities of our nation are illegal levels of pollution all over the country. Um and you know, whilst the bands are 16 of the traffic, they are 32 of the emissions in the towns and City, so air quality is at the heart of why we should do this. Of course. Of course, weve got the climate emergency, but that feels a little bit more oil in the back grounds that actually peoples lives being affected genuinely by the quality of air, and we can do something today about that with deploying electric vans and trucks actually going up into The heavier sectors, but those are really important because theres, a lot of numbers and also it really um, spreads the message across companies that electric vehicles really are absolutely brilliant to drive, especially in comparison to their ice counterparts, their internal combustion engine counterparts so thats.

The primary reason um and its better for drivers drivers have a much easier life driving an electric van than they do a diesel van. So for those two reasons, air quality and Driver friendliness – I would say nice so out of 10. What would you give it? I would say us, you know, for the want of that: uh reversing camera nine thats about the only thing that I can see wrong with it: thats high, oh yeah, absolutely I mean Ive seen vanity. It is, and I mean Ive seen the Nissan env200. That was basically the go to electric van until this came along and it wasnt as well designed, but it was still incredibly reliable. Incredibly, robust British gas ran the EnV 200 for seven years and they had basically no mechanical faults to report, which is definitely not the case for the diesel equivalents that they ran as well, and its quite telling that theyve been ordering this van by the thousands thats Thats telling yep well there we go so if youre looking to get into an electric van uh. We hope this has been useful and its giving you a bit of a an overview of how and why you should get a an electric van and uh thanks for watching the faster project stay tuned for more electric Adventures. Oh Music.