The pro level is in the low Music, so Im finishing up my week in the 2022, Ford, F, 150, Lightning, all electric pickup truck. This is the XLT version, and I put a lot of miles on it. Its really been a good week to be driving an electric vehicle. The Ford F Series has been the number one selling vehicle of any kind car truck or SUV for the past 40 years and the industrys top selling truck for 45 years. So its no wonder that when the company decided to go electric, it shows the F 150. As one of its first EV offerings replacing the internal combustion engine of the standard, F 150, the lightning features dual electric motors with single speed transmission that provides an available 580 horsepower and 775 pound foot of torque, which is the most torque of any F 150 ever Takeoff is quick with the lightning 0 60 time in the mid 4 second range, with the extended battery or 5 seconds, with the standard range battery Music Music foreign trip in the Ford F, 150 Lightning up here to Donner Lake Ive got Donner Lake right out Beyond Me here its a beautiful morning with the Mist sliding across the glassy Lake, as the sun is rising over the Sierra Mountain. So were up in the elevation Im watching my mileage and in fact I was hoping to have a hundred miles range left over to get home. In fact, Ive got about 79 miles range, so theoretically that would mean okay Im not going to make it all the way home Im going to have to stop and charge, which I may have to do.

However, Ive been driving up into the Sierra mountains were at 6 000 foot elevation. I think now from sea level to 6000 foot elevation up through the Sierra that takes a lot more energy, obviously so, Im hoping that when Im driving down, I gain range and in fact, that 70 some mile range, I have now may turn into 150 mile range And then Ill have plenty of range left to get home. I think thats actually whats going to happen thats. My guess. However, I have to be prepared. I may need to stop and refuel recharge the Ford F 150 uh, in which case Im, going to look for a place that has fast charging and maybe uh from what I understand you go from 20 to 80 percent in like 30 minutes so 30 minutes to Stop to recharge to make sure I get home and it doesnt even have to be that long, because Ill just need enough to get home and then Ill recharge in Sacramento. So anyway, thats the update as it turned out, while the battery did gain mileage range on the trip down from the mountains. It wasnt enough to make me feel comfortable that I could get all the way home Music. The navigation system directed me to some Electrify America Chargers in the back of a Motel 6 parking lot in Auburn California, and I was happy to see that they were available operational and they were fast. I plugged in enjoyed a quick, fast food dinner and was pleased to see that the F 150 Lightning charged from 21 to 80 percent in just 33 minutes.

I was back on the road in quick fashion, Music. The XLT version of Ford Lightning has 4×4 SuperCrew. Obviously, youve got room for five passengers. Youve got the dual motor extended battery in this model, thats a ten thousand dollar extra, but that takes you up to a 320 mile range extended battery. Normally youd have a 240 mile range with the standard lightning battery, so youre good for a long range driving. As long as you know where you can charge to get home, bye interior wise, its got a 12 inch touchscreen with a 360 degree camera. So you can see an overview of the truck as well as what it whats in front of you as youre pulling into these tight EV parking spaces and of course the rear camera keeps you safe backing out. The large trunk has the power Hood, really nice, opening and closing at a great place to store things. Its got the pro power on board, which means it has ability to charge other things external devices if youre tailgating. If you need to help charge another vehicle even or even charge your house, if your power is out, this is a roving battery that has power to spare and Power To Give theres. The lockable and removable tailgate comes right off. If you need more space in that truck bed and lots of tie downs in this truck bed really make it secure and stable just like a real truck its just like our F 150.

In fact, it is an F 150, but its all electric, no gas Music. I really enjoyed the adaptive cruise control and what I call a safety bubble around the whole vehicle. It keeps you in the lanes away from other vehicles that might be in Lanes next to you and also keeps you safe distance from the cars in front of you, and it will actually bring you to a stop. If the traffic in front of you comes to a stop just a nice safety feature that really makes it much easier and less stressful driving long distances on the freeway. If you know the truck is keeping you safe, foreign of the F 150 Lightning, you feel like youre sitting in a Ford, F, 150 standard vehicle, its got the full layout, the large screen and its got even the very cool Touch. Button shift drop feature so that you can then pull open the center console and have a full flat table for laptops for clipboards. Even for lunch. Nice very nice feature when youre ready to go flip. It back up push the button and youre ready to move on. How cool is that Music theres plenty of room in the back seat for three people side by side, my grandchildrens hat back there and its almost like a limousine. They had so much room in this 4×4 SuperCrew Ford, F, 150, foreign and the price. In fact, for the lowest level of the Ford F, 150 Lightning, the pro level is in the low 40s.

This is a new price update in the time since we filmed our initial review of the lightning Ford has increased the base price not once but twice the new price of the F 150 Lightning Pro and entry level model meant for commercial and business customers will be 55 974 up nearly eight percent or four thousand dollars from the previous pricing and a 40 percent increase from the original pricing that was announced in May of 2021.. Electric vehicles are here to stay, theres more and more coming out in 2022 and 2023, but this is the top of the line electric truck. This is the Ford F, 150 Lightning XLT version and its all electric, with the extended battery Im, getting up to 340 miles range on a full charge without the extended battery, its 230 miles range either way, thats a good amount of range to experience, a full size. Pickup truck with all the attributes youre going to want for a pickup truck. This is made for working people who need trucks. Youve got space in the truck bed, youve got towing capacity, youve got payload capacity and youve got the front trunk the front to store whatever you need to hide from prying eyes. Otherwise, youre driving a full size, pickup truck with power, lots of get up and go and quiet ride, so nice, so safe feeling so comfortable to drive this Ford F, 150. Lightning.