Thank you steering wheel with the Flappy to take a bit of getting used to, but it just it it. I I just driving here just feels a bit a bit off, but itll take a bit bit of getting used to that, but uh Pinnacle there for the driver, uh all the information you need on it. The uh I havent played around with this too much the, but it does seem to be a lot better than more responsive than is is certainly with the mg5 um, which they said they yeah. You know its yeah. It seems a lot more responsive, uh, Im, not sure if thats wireless charging uh this does fail. The the the the gear knob for me is just its just that little bit too far away just for Comfort, niggly little thing, but uh, not that youre going to be changing it much being an automatic but uh, probably just an inch. An inch back will be perfect. You know, uh multi function steering wheel uh with the console at low down here. It just gives so much a feeling of so much space here at the front, um really for the size of the car. When you look at it from the outside, you know compared to the mg5 its a lot shorter, but um its certainly not lacking space inside we Ill just have a quick look, oh Jesus. What am I going to do Im hitting buttons here by mistake? The rear of the car, as you can see quite spacious as well, I have the front seat, said from yourself: Im: six foot and uh plenty of any room.

My face can go underneath the drivers seats um the seats in this seem to be. They feel a little bit higher. I mean it it. This was kind of an issue with saloon car EVS, because the battery is in the floor. Um when you sit on the seat. You know your legs dont arent, hitting the seat, but they are a bit more with this. It is slightly higher up, so adults on Long Journeys certainly would be more more comfortable but um Music yeah its plenty of space. In here the feel of the materials uh were going on about the scratchy plastic on the mg5. This is a lot more smoother, better quality feel the false ladder with the material that they use. Um again feels better quality than the the mg5 um Im impressed Im very, very impressed. I know I will be looking at the reviews. All the reviews of this car have been you know, calling it a game, changer and everything else, its uh for the money, small hatchback, with good range for the money, theres. Only one problem with this car theyre not going to be able to make enough of them fast enough. Um already just have to decide right there. He said hes huge orders for it for this year, as you can see the showrooms full of them um theres. What five or six of them in there three of them out here, open the service department, which is up the road if two of them up there and beautiful beautiful car? This is Car of the Year 2023.

I think so well have a look at the boat. How many suitcases we could get in this? So here we are. This is the sales reps car, hence its Gym gear um the uh the floor in it is flat and in another car I was just looking at underneath theres no room for a spare wheel. So its just the the foam, but this um this floor here could drop another two inches, maybe which you you would need to have a board in over the the puncture repair kit stuff but um I dont know if the lights is catching. If you can really see the build is small, I would say: youd be lucky to squeeze tree, carry on suitcases, three four carry on suitcases or you might get three small suitcases. Underside going across uh, not a huge build, but yeah you could get away with us. You cant get away with us. How often do you get the fair with where youre filling the boot with suitcases? Not that often you would have to torn down one or two fairs, Maybe with the sports um. Could it be a taxi, yeah yeah? It certainly could the Reynolds, Oh, we can be a taxi yourself and that that has a handbag for a boot, so fabulous car Im impressed very, very impressed with this car and I have to say, um well done mg. Well done. I think youve made a winner here, uh just just talking to the sales rep there hes saying to have their just four new models coming out uh over the next two years.

Uh, one of them will be a Cabriolet, a convertible uh, the little sports car they had to make that didnt. They they had to you know they they really had to, but uh impressed with the mg4 very impressed with it.