It is only going to come back to America as an all electric vehicle. Thats right. There will be no gas variant of this all new version of the 500, so I thought Id start off this video by showing you guys whats, underneath the hood Now with an electric car. A lot of you are probably wondering: does it have a front and, as you can see, this is a European spec model, so you can see clearly it does not have a frunk. All 500es in Europe are powered by a single motor powering the front axle that delivers 117 horsepower. Now that power figure could change for the US market uh, it is assisted, of course, or it gets its power from a 32 kilowatt hour. Lithium ion battery pack and this vehicle, according to the wltp scale, can do around 199 miles on a full charge and I suspect, in the U.S, when the EPA eventually retests this vehicle, itll, probably drop down to around 150 miles. Remember the wltp rating scale has a lot more optimistic versus the US scale. It all goes out through a one speed direction: Gear transmission. We expect it to do 0, 60 in around the 8 second Mark, which is pretty similar to the gas powered previous generation. However, Fiat did introduce an embarth version of this car in Europe, but we havent got confirmation yet that that will be coming for the US market, but lets go ahead and close up the hood, because I want to talk about the styling of the 500e.

You can see this is my first time kind of seeing this car in person in the flesh. This is the European spec model and this rose gold color. I have to say it really stands out in a very cutesy way, a very modern way as well. I love what Fiat has done here. Youve got the massive 500 batch here front and center theres no more Grille because remember this is all electric. You have this kind of interesting Grille down here, where its kind of painted youve got these full LED headlights. You can see with the signature kind of circular shape, with the LED daytime running lights, which also include LED turn signals LED low and high beams. There are some functional vents over here and honestly. I think Kia did a wonderful job with the front end styling. So let me know what you guys think in the comment section below now. Looking around the rest of the profile you can see, this is a small car and the one thing that youre probably noticing the free to move badges on this model Im here at the Consumer Electronics Show – and this is a car sharing service that is currently right. Now in Washington DC, they tell me that this will eventually make its way into the fleet across the rest of the U.S markets, but again its a small Urban two seater electric car thatll do really well in those kind of environments. Now I dont have any kind of specs in terms of how big the car is, but you can see Im five foot seven, so I kind of make the car look almost like its a little bit on the larger end, because Im not very tall, but this Is still a very, very small City car, you can see the wheels on this particular model here they have multiple spokes with a black finish.

I believe this is actually a 16 inch wheel. Im, sorry, its a 17 inch wheel, wrapped in 205, 45 R17 inch tires. You can see the wheels and tires, I think they do a really good job of filling out the wheel wells. You can see theres some interesting styling details here with the Chrome this one here being a European model is technically called A La Prima trim level. I dont suspect this will come to the US. Well, probably have a standard pop trim along with a up level, sport Fort trim. You can see theres, also a panoramic glass roof that will open up. Fiat should also offer a convertible version. Eventually they have it in Europe, but they dont technically have it here. They havent announced that for the states, just yet the charge port door you can see is back here. Uh, like I said earlier, this is a European spec model, but it does come with DC fast charging. I suspect this car can most likely accept up to um 50 kilowatts, if Im not mistaken Ill, have to double check that thats, the European specs that Im checking out. I also want to point out one cool thing: the European spec model that Im showing you here has this kind of half door right here in the back. So for those of you who need a little bit of help getting into the back seat, you can open up this half door its only on the passenger side kind of similar to the way the Hyundai Veloster was, and it gives you a little bit more access.

You can see the back seat is pretty small Ill. Show you guys that later on, looking at the rear of the vehicle, you can see very familiar shape to the previous generation. I think Fiat did a really great job of just keeping the Heritage and the familiarity. You have the same kind of LEDs style tail light now with a similar shape, theres the new 500e badge over here and then, of course, down here, youre, going to find your reverse lights. No exhaust tips remember this car is only going to be electric now in terms of the cargo space you can see. I wouldnt call it huge, but remember this is a small car, but it is still relatively practical, considering uh the footprint of this vehicle, and you can also still do things like fold down the seats which will also expand the cargo capacity and then down underneath here. You can see charge port cable, no spare tire, at least on this European spec model, but again its a small car on the outside. But surprisingly practical once you start folding down those seats. So lets go ahead and talk about the inside of the new 500e and I have to say getting inside shutting the door. These Doors by the way are very long and heavy. The door has a relatively solid sounding thunk. This interior reminds me a lot of the previous generation, but I like what fiata has done here just like with the exterior they kind of went with an evolutionary, more modern, take youre, going to notice, of course, the new infotainment system um.

This is this right: here is their Uconnect 5 infotainment system, which means it has over there updates it has Wireless car plane Android auto, and this is a 10.3 inch display. It looks huge in this little tiny interior, which I think uh Fiat did a really good job with the overall design. You also have a smaller, I believe, eight inch screen here in the instrument panel, which again gives you all your useful information. This one here is showing at 98 state of charge for the battery pack the steering wheel. I also really like its got a flat bottom design. I love the two tone: look with all of the typical buttons and controls this car also has a lot of the stalantiss latest driver assistance, Tech and then, in terms of the interior materials. This is supposed to be a more affordable car, so Im not expecting luxury car Interiors. This is a European spec. You can see hard touch plastic on the door panel here hard touch over here. This is kind of interesting, almost like basket. Weave carbon fiber look texture on the dash with some silver painted plastic theres, a wireless phone charging pad over here, along with singles on automatic climate control. You have your one speed reduction Gear transmission here, where its a push button style and then on this European spec model. You can see the wheel itself has a tilt and telescoping Arrangement and then the window controls they feel a little bit chitzy.

To be honest, so Im wondering if theyre going to make any adjustments to that for the US market. One thing: thats, no thats, interesting Im noticing the door handles outside are electronic, which means to get out. You just push this button over here. That actually will open up the door on both sides of the door, which is nice. Above me, you can see theres a plenty of Headroom, especially for somebody thats a little bit taller, Im five foot seven and I feel like the interior – is super cavernous theres. Also, this kind of sun shade here that you can close and attract there also is a convertible version in Europe, but we havent got confirmation in the US over here on the center stack you can see, there is a somewhat small center console area. Obviously I wasnt expecting it to be too large, but theres a little bit more storage over here you have two USB charging ports. There I see and an a theres, a cup holder there and then you can see here drive mode. Selector is here, along with a volume switch along with your electronic parking brake and then theres this cool little pass through here um, for you know, if you want to put like your purse there or some other items, and then over here you can see the floor. Is not completely flat but theres a good amount of floor space here, along with a pretty big size, glove box.

Actually, Im really surprised to see so much storage in this vehicle, which is pretty cool and then over here you can see fold that down theres another cup holder. That reveals that, in addition to one here so theres, two cup holders, along with some door Pockets but lets go ahead and hop into the back seat because the back seat you can access via just pulling this and thatll move the seat forward. Now, Im going to get back there and show you guys what the space is like now over here on the drivers side, you can see you can get back here as well, but I dont have any final specs yet, but lets go ahead and show you guys What that space is like now, okay, so sitting back here, you can see my hair is just barely grazing the roof, but surprisingly its actually not as hateful as I thought it was going to be its surprisingly uh decent in terms of room uh. You can only fit two people back here because remember this is not designed to seat five people theres no kind of amenities back here; no vents, no power, ports, tall, hard touch plastic and such, but what I do like about this European small and I hope that Fiat brings us to the US: is this little half door that you can open up, because when you want to get out it makes getting in and out of this vehicle a lot easier.

So one thing I forgot to mention this La Prima trim level. Has these really interesting material for these seats? You can see its kind of like a faux leather material, but if you look closely in the actual seat pocket or in the seat, leather material, it actually says Fiat in the seat, thats embossed into the seat. I think its a really nice detail, along with the 500 badge, it really again adds a more premium feel which is good, because the rest of the cabin doesnt really have that premium materials. Remember this kind of is going to sit at the low end of the totem pole in terms of a price category now speaking, which I dont have any pricing yet available in the US. The previous generation was starting at under 20 000. Obviously we havent seen the 500 in the US since 2019 and this being the electric version Im going to suspect its probably going to come in under 30 000. We also dont know where it will be produced. Im gon na assume itll be Italy, so its probably not going to qualify for the 7500 federal tax score.