So what youre looking at there is actually the very first pass through that youre going to find in the front of any electric pickup truck. It allows the Ram 1500 Revolution concept to be able to put items up to 18 feet long with the bed closed, which well talk about later when we get to the rear of the vehicle, but because I have the front open here. I want to show you guys just how much space it actually has. It looks like it has parallel outlets in there, and it also has a really nice LED lighting accent to really again show you, the modern feel of the front and just how much space it has and while were underneath here. This is where Id like to start talking about. The powertrain specs, however, Ram wasnt quite ready to actually talk about how much range this vehicle has or what the horsepower and torque is going to be. But because this is built off of the 800 volt architecture, they did claim that it is going to be able to accept a maximum of 350 kilowatts on a DC fast charger. That should basically allow you up to add up to 100 miles of range. In just 10 minutes – and they also said that all the Ram 1500 models will come with dual electric motors as standard technically, because this is a concept car. It doesnt really have a model year just yet, but they did promise that a production version of this truck is coming later this year and you can expect to be able to purchase one sometime in 2024.

Ram also mentioned that you can, or they left a lot of space within the structure, to be able to fit larger Motors whenever they decide to do a performance variant so thats, something that for those of you who have like a ram TRX, for example, you might Be wanting to keep your eye on something like that, but lets go ahead and take a look at the styling, because this is supposed to showcase the future of Ram trucks, and it has a lot of new details here that really make this thing stand out. I mean when youre late to the party, you really want to make a big splash and I think Ram did an excellent job. You have you can see here this new animated Ram badge where it lights up. It really again gives this truck a big presence, and then you also have this kind of new headlight design ram calls it a tuning fork headlight, and these are again animated headlights. It has the signature, 3 accented Amber lights to Showcase just how wide the truck is again. I dont technically have final power or final specs on the dimensions of the truck, but but it is built on their new stla frame body on frame chassis. So its a bespoke platform thats designed to accommodate an electric only vehicle, so thats, something to keep in mind when you guys are looking at the specs of this vehicle, but lets go ahead and hop around the side.

Because, looking at the styling from this angle, you can see the Ram 1500 Revolution, Bev concept really has an amazing presence to it. Now I want to keep remind you guys. This is still a concept vehicle, so features like, for example, the 24 inch wheels on this particular model here, probably wont make it to production, but you can see here with these tires, really gives this truck an amazing stance. I also noticed a couple of things here: the ram badge also lights up on the side again, giving it a really interesting, modern, feel, and then these side mirrors here integrate a camera to show whats. In your actual view, that is technically still not street legal here. In the US, so I suspect, were going to have a standard side mirror whenever this vehicle decides to come out with the full production version and then the charge port door you can see is also located right here remember. This can accept up to 350 KW Watts, which again would put it in the same league as the GM trucks which also run on the 800 volt architecture, thats, something that the F 150 still lacks, because it runs on the older 400 volt system now. Youre. Also, probably noticing a couple of elements here. This is a frameless door here which theres no B pillar here, which allows the doors to open like a grand Saloon style. It really adds to an open and Airy cabin design.

Then you can see here, theres also a big panoramic glass roof, which I suspect of some version of it should make it to production, but again, thats all speculation. This is still a very early concept, car and then theres also an interesting feature in here. That goes back to the front that actually opens theres a power mid gate in the back here. That again allows you to kind of put items through the cabin into the front which, again, when you have the tailgate closed, it allows you to fit up to fit items up to 18 feet long. With that tailgate closed now, looking at the rear, you can see the design kind of carries over from the front where you have that new Ram badge here, thats active in terms of the lighting theres. This kind of interesting LED light signature, which really reminds me me again of no other Ram vehicle enough. It kind of to me has some styling cues taken from perhaps rivien, with the rear, its a really interesting design. You can see the tail light. Tailgate also has kind of a split design as well. Theres going to be power lights in there and RAM is basically going to be targeting uh Best in Class range Best in Class charging and Best in Class towing capability. Whenever the production version decides to come out. So heres what it looks like with the tailgate down, as you can see, there is a ton of spacing here but Ill sort of remind you guys.

This is a concept car now the mid gate. It is supposed to open this one here does not so I cant show you that guys that, but you can see theres a lot of tie downs, theres, also some power outlets here, and I suspect that uh, when this car does show the production version its going To offer one of the largest beds in the segment so before we move into the interior, I want to show you guys what I meant by Grand Saloon style, opening doors its almost like a suicide style door like on a Rolls Royce, because theres no B pillar Here it really creates that open and Airy feel and makes this interior feel a lot roomier. I mean it is a very roomy interior and, I have to say very futuristic which again this is going to be showcasing. The future of the Ram trucks brand and the stalantis is moved forward to the year 2030, where theyre going to be the leaders in electrification and mobility and this interior, even though its a concept car a lot of the. What youre seeing here is going to be making it to production, so looking at the dash design here, you can see it has that same kind of design from the headlights and the taillights. With this illuminated LED lighting, you have really beautiful stitched materials and then the center piece here is our two massive 14 inch touchscreens. Now these screens are adjustable in the sense that you can adjust the angle of the screens to kind of create one large 28 inch display this bottom screen.

You can also adjust it to where it slides up into the dash and lines up with the dash cut line over here to show smaller information, and this is also going to be showcasing their next Generation UI theyre, calling it Stella brain its going to be again An even more impressive system versus Uconnect, five and itll also offer some really cool artificial, intelligent features, including something that theyre calling Shadow mode, which means if youre standing outside the vehicle. You can actually talk to the Ram truck and it will actually follow you along the work along the job site, which is supposed to be useful if youre like collecting tools and the truck will just kind of follow you around, I havent seen it in person, but It is going to be a really interesting and Nifty system, of course, the rest of this interior. You can see this is a bespoke concept, so you have the this unique steering wheel with a flat bottom top and a flat bottom, a flat bottom design uh this car. This truck will also eventually offer level three hands free driving to where, apparently, when you have the system engaged, the steering wheel will actually fold out of the way and itll self drive itself hands free with the wheel. Not you know in its position, which again is kind of frightening for me to hear. But again, this is all kind of Next Generation technology stuff and then the interesting part, however, is going to happen when we go into the back seats, because the back seat of this truck is going to offer a first in this segment.

Third row jump C. Now, first of all, what youre seeing here are Captains chairs, uh RAM, tells me that this will actually make it to production at some point where youll probably have a center console here, along with these two jump. Are these two captains chairs, but the third row back here is going to be able to accommodate two more people so think up to seven passenger seating itll. Have this little jump seat that folds down that allows you again to put smaller passengers back here? In a pinch which weve never seen anything like this before so its really impressive to see Ram kind of utilizing the space here of their new stla platform above me, you can see here theres this really really intricate glass panel that has LED lighting. I suspect this is not going to make it to production, especially the fact that it connects to the actual windshield uh kind of like the Tesla Model X. But the fact that you know they were able to do something like this and take most of the design. Cues into the production truck really kind of shows me that Ram did their homework. They were looking very closely at what Ford and GM are doing with their electric trucks and they wanted to do something better, so Im very much looking forward to seeing when the final production truck is shown sometime later this year. So when youre late to the party, you have to make a big splash and after spending some time seeing the brand new Ram 1500 Revolution, I have to say the company has decided to do a huge cannonball into the deep end in the war on the market Of electric pickup trucks, these Ram 1500 has a design that really stands out.

Itll probably make Vehicles like the rivion r1t seem invisible. It has an interior thats full of Technology, thats, probably enough for three trucks, which is a good thing, because it is again showcasing the future of the Ram brand, and once the company is ready to share final figures for range and power, I suspect its going to Be near the top of the class, I love the fact that it is running on the 800 volt architecture, because it will give us that ability to DC fast charge, which I suspect this truck – will have a massive battery pack. Now, if you guys, are looking to get your hands on the Ram 1500 Revolution, this is still a concept, but Ram has assured me that they will be showing showcasing a production version of the truck sometime later this year with a delivery is going to be starting Sometime in 2024, they havent specified when, but the timing of the truck is going to obviously be important. I suspect for those of you who are interested in a new electric pickup truck. This should easily make it to the very top of your list, but with all that said, hope you guys have enjoyed my full overview on the 20 on the Ram 1500 Revolution. Bev concept, if youre also looking to see the latest cars Im testing, be sure to follow me on Instagram at Redline underscore reviews like us on Facebook and, as always guys, please be sure, to keep subscribing to the red line.

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