I made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research and Ive listed them based on quality, durability, price and more Ive included options for every type of consumer. So if youre looking for an entry level option or the best product money can buy, we all have the product for you. If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned be sure to check the links in the description down below okay, so lets get started with the video starting at number 10. We have the chargepoint home Wi Fi enabled charger. This is a hardwired level. 2 EV charger designed to suit a wide range of EV models. The charger is 18 feet long and charges up to six times faster than the standard wall outlet. The 240 volts and 32 amp rating works well with a number of cars such as BMW, Jaguar, Toyota, Hyundai, Chrysler Ford, Honda, Nissan Tesla, Etc. It can also be connected with your phone for easy control and monitoring with a Star Energy certification. This charger comes in a Nema 6 to 50 outlet and can be installed either indoors or Outdoors. The charge Point charger also works with Alexa and you can comfortably add the voice control, since this charger is hardwired, the installation process can be a bit hectic, especially for those not familiar with DIY services. Its a good pick for someone looking for a high end, hardwired EV charger. Moving on at number nine, we have the flow home X5 carbon, the flow home X5.

Carbon is a high performance CSA, certified level 2 smart charging system that charges five times faster than the standard models. This product features sturdy and high quality construction and is compatible with all the EV models. The 240 volts 30 amp rating and a 25 feet. Power cable ensures the best of efficiency and versatility with every car design. Real time. Support available with this charger enables you to access the charging schedule, track energy consumption and easy control of power usage during the peak periods. The automatic software updates allow the company to monitor the charging system and offer technical support where necessary. This product may be a bit pricey compared to the other level 2 products, but its heavy and rugged design, plus the five year warranty could be worth the extra dollars. Good for car owners, who prefer the versatility of both the hardwired and plug in Chargers at number. Eight, we have the juice box Pro 40 Lite. This is one of the high power EV Chargers you can find on the market. It comes in a 40a 10 kilowatts rating supplied by a 24 feet, cable and is suitable both for indoor and outdoor installation. The juice box Pro is compatible with all the EV models, since it automatically adjusts its power output, depending on the car power rating up to 40 amps. The rugged exterior design comes in a black powder coated, brushed aluminum, thats fireproof, waterproof and durable to ensure versatility. Both the hardwired and plug designs are available.

The 14 to 50 Outlet allows for easy installation and charging, while the hardwired option is best used Outdoors where portability isnt an issue. This product allows for easy monitoring via the smartphone app and Wi Fi connectivity. While this product is cost effective, the cost of installation can be somewhat a concern, its a perfect pick for someone who values a rugged and all weather car charger. At number. Seven we have the jacala portable EV charger. This is a 9.6 kilowatts, 40a rated charger, thats compatible with all the EV models. It comes in a simple and minimalist design for easy storage and portability. The jacala level 2 charges 2.5 times faster than an ordinary 16a charger and is 25 feet long for convenient charging space. With the 1450r socket you can comfortably plug in the Quick Charge. This product is easy and cheaper to install compared to the hardwired models. Its cost effective and comes with a one year warranty, while this product is a great value for money, the overall design can be a concern, especially when exposed to adverse weather conditions such as heavy downpour or water leakage into your garage it a top pick if youre On a budget and looking for a functional plug in EV charger Music at number six, we have the juice box Pro 40 smart EV charging station. This is a newer model of the Juicebox Pro 40 Lite and comes with nearly all the same features, except for the reduced pricing and the difference in exterior design the Juicebox Pro 40 smart charger can be used with any power source, regular wall outlet or the plugs Into the dryer, its also a high power charger that charges up to eight times faster than the level 1 EV Chargers, its suitable, both for indoor and outdoor applications.

This charger is all listed with an energy star certification. The web based and full app control features allow for easy monitoring, energy metering and convenience scheduling, even with the downgraded exterior design. This charger is still worth the cost, keeping in mind that all the features remain similar to that of the Juicebox Pro 40 Lite. If you want a Juicebox Pro 40 with a discounted price, this is your best EV charger. At number five, we have the morick level 2 32 AEV charger designed to offer the best of security and safety. The morick level, 2 charger comes in a high strength. Abs plastic material – it has also been equipped with Under and Over voltage Regulators. Besides the overheating protection with a Nema 14 to 50 plug this charger guarantees six times faster charging experience compared to an ordinary level, 1 charger. The power cable is 24 feet long and is waterproof to ensure safe use both indoors and Outdoors. This product is compatible with all the EV cars on the market, its a great value for money. Since it comes with a three year, warranty plus a one year package return and exchange service, while this product is comparatively cheap compared to the other level, 2 models care should be taken when handling it. If the plastic breaks, the charger is no longer waterproof. Its a top pick for someone who wants to use an EV charger in a harsh environmental setting without incurring the extra cost at number four.

We have the Bosch 18 feet, EV charger. This is when the well designed EV Chargers that are quite affordable. It comes in a sleek and comfortable design that allows for easy installation, storage and transportation. Bosch charger is all listed and can either be hardwired or plug in, depending on your taste and preference. This level 2 charger is rated 40 amps and is compatible with most car models manufactured in North America. The on and off switch provides a zero energy consumption, while the leads indicate power and charging status. Bosch is a second generation EV charger that has been crafted to meet and even exceed the market standards. It comes in a Nema 6 to 50 plug, which includes a thermal sensor for heat protection. While this is an added Advantage, most people would prefer the 14 to 50 plug, since it allows for further upgrades and versatility if youre looking for a result, oriented EV charger that will always work the magic without the bells and whistles. This product will do at number. Three: we have the evocharge evil: navate 32 amp EV charger, the Evo charge, evil navate model as a wall mount and portable level, 2 EV charger that guarantees faster charging speed up to eight times the ordinary level 1 charger. The adjustable current output setting makes it a compatible charger with all the EV models. This product is outdoor rated and comes in a robust and rugged design that can withstand the adverse of weather conditions.

Engineered for easy installation. The Nema 6 to 50, plug plus the universal mounting bracket, makes it convenient for use on any surface. This product is lightweight with a wattage rating of 7.68 kilowatts. The Evo charge company is a reputed california, based developer of electric vehicle accessories, and its reasonable pricing is one of the top perks. The compact design covers the entire product, but the latch can be a bit fragile and needs Keen handling it. The best choice for someone looking for an affordable charger, thats portable with easy installation at number two. We have the car Rover level, 2 EV charger with a default 16a rating. This CV charger can be adjusted along the 10A 13A and 20a ratings. It uses the Nema 6 to 20p outlet and charges six times faster than a level 1 charger. The Sleek design makes this charger compatible with many electric vehicles, including the Ford, Fusion, Energy and Nissan Leaf. A high strength, ABS, plastic material has been used in the design alongside over voltage and heat protection. With a 12 month warranty, you can buy this product with confidence that it will serve you a lifetime, while this product may not come with the sophisticated features found with the high end products, its a great value for money. This charger is best for those looking for a functional level: 2 charger thats as cost effective and reliable without the makeup features and finally, at number one. We have the Duos Ida level, 2 EV charger.

If youre skeptical about spending your hard earned cash on some highly rated EV Chargers on the market, this cost effective product should be your perfect pick. The 240 volts 16h charger guarantees a faster charging experience thats three times the ordinary level, one charger its compatible with all the plug in EV models and is quite versatile and portable. The 28 feet long charge cord gives you all the freedom you want. The unit is all listed and has been made for safety and durability. This product is one third, the prices of other EV Chargers in the list. If you want to switch from a level 1 charger to a level 2 charger. This should be your first priority. The overall design may not be quite appealing, but its functional and consistent thanks you for watching guys. I hope you liked this video. If this video is helpful to you, please make sure like comment and subscribe. If you have any question related to this product, you can leave a comment down below.