The all electric subcompact SUV also has a snazzier interior that includes distinctive styling and digitized instruments. Kia touts the extensive use of recycled materials inside too the new Nero EV features a 201 horsepower electric motor feeding the front wheels. Although thats a higher horsepower number than the Nero Hybrid models. The ebbs acceleration feels far milder a 64.8 kilowatt hours. Battery offers up to 253 miles of range and Kia claims it can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in about 45 minutes when connected to a DC fast charger for 2023 Kia has introduced the second generation of its diverse, Nero family, which again includes the Nero Ev all electric model, as with its hybrid and plug in hybrid counterparts, the Nero EV receives a new look inside and out. Plus the wind comes standard with plenty of niceties, including a large 10.3 inch. Infotainment display with navigation, heated, front seats, ambient interior lighting, Dual Zone, automatic climate control, a host of driver assistance features and a Wireless smartphone charging pad like the previous generation. The Nero is part of a three pronged lineup. That also includes the Nero hybrid and Nero phev. All three maintain the tall wagon shape of the first generation Nero, but with much Bolder styling, where the previous Nero was a wishy washy mix of car and SUV styling elements. The 2023 Nero is the result of the same Fearless design Department that produced the ev6 and the 2023 Kia Sportage. The traditional Automotive face was rearranged with a visor like element, protruding Grille and hexagonal lighting elements, contrasting trim panels break up the profile view and conceal air blade elements around the tail lights that KIA claims reduce aerodynamic, drag a single electric motor feeding the front wheels will Be the neroevs lone powertrain Kia says this setup generates 201 horsepower, which makes it more powerful than the 1′ horsepower hybrid and 180 horsepower plug in hybrid models.

Despite the extra power, the Nero EV feels more tepid than we expected and needed 6.7 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour floor. The accelerator and eco mode in the Nero EV veritably crawls, which is probably good for saving range but is far from satisfying the normal and Sport driving modes, make the Nero EV feel more alive and in our testing the Nero EV edged out the Chevy bolt euv. Slightly at the quarter mile drag strip. Luckily, the Nero EV steering feels natural, but the cornering grip is measurably lower than some rivals. The Nero EV has an estimated range of 253 miles per charge, which is 14 miles more than its predecessors 2′ mile range. The Nero EV can DC fast charge, but only at 85 kilowatts. That means it takes an estimated 45 minutes to go from a 10 to an 80 charge which isnt great, considering that many EVS can do the same in around 20 minutes. The Nero EV charges at 11, kilowatts from a level 2 AC Source requiring 7 hours. For a full recharge, thats, closer to average, at least in the Nero EV, can also power. Your devices, thanks to built in vehicle to load capability, which draws power from the battery pack Kia, also got creative with the interior design. Opting for lots of curved surfaces that blend together to create a nice visual flow between the dashboard and door panels. The dashboard screens are also well integrated, so it doesnt look like designers simply nailed some iPads to the dash, as in some other cars Kia also claims.

The interior is 100 vegan and uses sustainable materials like recycled wallpaper and eucalyptus leaves to further decrease the Nero evs environmental impact inside the 2023. Nero EV looks completely different than its predecessor. Kias designers have Incorporated angled surfaces into the door panels in the top of the dashboard. The digital instrument panel and infotainment display highlight the cabins technical Vibe. The steering wheel has a distinctive two spoke design in the center console hosts a rotary shifter along with other miscellaneous controls. Kia says the interior contains recycled materials and elements from eucalyptus leaves were used to make the seats. Small item storage appears to be plentiful, with what looks to be large door pockets and useful cubbies in the center console a 10.3 inch touchscreen acts as the central Hub of the Nero Ebbs infotainment system, while Wireless Apple, carplay and Android auto are standard wireless charging and A Harman, Kardon, stereo or extra cost options with the new digital key 2.0 Kia says users can remotely access vehicle functions via their smartphone.