The new Yang Wang u8 combines rugged, looks with four motor deployment and sophisticated technology that helps with off road capabilities. The silhouette of the new u8 looks heavily inspired by the Land Rover Defender, although The Styling is typical of the Yang Wang brand notable features include LED headlights paired with an illuminated Grille, boxy, fenders and square shaped. Will arches over 20 inch alloy wheels smooth door handles hexagonal spare will cover on the tailgate and futuristic split LED tail lights. Unfortunately, there are no shots of the Interior, but a peek through the windows of camouflaged prototypes during testing in China revealed a large digital instrument. Cluster and a large infotainment touch screen based on a ladder frame architecture. The new electric SUV is 5 300 millimeters 208.7 n long and has a 3050 millimeters 120.1 in wheelbase figures comparable to a single Defender, 130. Yang. Wang u8 is powered by byd blade battery, but we have yet to learn its capacity and estimated range figures. The u8 also uses the in house developed yishfang technology for the four motor powertrain, which will be standard equipment for all models of the yangwang brand. In the u8, each engine produces 295 to 322 horsepower 220 to 240 kilowatts 299 to 326, PS and 320 to 420 newton meters, 236 to 310 pounds to foot of torque, resulting in a combined output of more than 1 100 horsepower. 820 kilowatts product is obtained 1115 PS. The formidable combined power output enables the large and heavy SUV to accelerate, from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour zero to 62 miles per hour in three seconds.

It also brings Advanced torque vectoring functions to an electronically controlled. Four wheel. Drive system that is said to be 100 times faster than a conventional system. In addition, the company says the u8 is capable of 360 degree tank rotation and has a crab mode floating water mode made possible by its waterproof and sealed housing plus special riding modes for different off road scenarios off road capabilities. The company also says that the SUV will be able to continue driving at 120 kilometers per hour 75 miles per hour, even in the event of a flat tire, byd has announced that Yang Wang models will be priced between 800 000 Yen and one million five hundred Thousand yen, 116, 272, 218 Thousand Eleven dollars. The company has not disclosed the price of the u8, but Chinese media reports that it will cost around 1 million yen 145 340 thats. Almost half the price of the ice powered Mercedes G Class, which starts at 1892 000 Yen 274 984 in China. Apart from the u8 Yang Wang surprised, every byd May overtake Tesla in Total Electric sales by q1 2023 with two new brands. Byd had a very good year and could continue its success until 2023, eventually surpassing Tesla in overall F sales, the Chinese automaker shipped at least 217 518 Neves and EVS to China through October. Thanks to the affordability of many of its models, it is now turning its attention to the premium end of the market, where it will compete with Tesla and try to increase its profits even further.

The two new brands will further Elevate byd in the market. The first of these new brands, Yang Wang, is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2023 and will Target affluent professionals byds second new brand will be based on highly professional and personalized identities. The company said to meet the Diversified demands of customers. Although little is known about the brand Bridget McCarthy head of operations at U.S hedge fund, snowball Capital expects byd to launch a luxury, SUV and sports car soon. The two segments that byd is not exposed to are the luxury SUV and sports car markets, where we expect byd to expand in 2023 McCarthy told Bloomberg. These are the two most profitable, Auto segments, so earnings growth in 2023 will excite investors after discontinuing sales of clean burning models. Earlier this year, byd now exclusively offers hybrid and pure electric vehicles. November production and deliveries hit new highs of more than 230 000 Vehicles. An impressive increase from the less than 100 000 Vehicles, the automaker produced and delivered in November 2021.. Bloomberg notes that while sales of byds Hybrid models have slightly outpaced its electric offerings, the automaker has a chance to surpass Tesla in pure EV vehicle sales by the first quarter of next year. It can close the gap with more premium cars. Byd has now established itself as the unequivocal market leader in the electrification race and I believe it will turn that into a multi brand strategy said Bill Russo, founder and CEO of shanghai based consulting firm automobility Bloomberg.

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