Tata had showcased the h5x concept, A large SUV, which eventually went on to become the Harrier now, just five years later after multiple refreshes, and even Reviving The Safari Monica to make a three row version of The Harrier Tata has brought the Hario name into a new age. Yes, it will showcase the Tata Harrier EB at the 2023 Auto Expo the car has been revealed, and here is everything that you need to know about: the concept vehicle Music. One look at the Harrier EV. It looks familiar and new at the same time, thats quite an achievement by Tata, familiar because Tata has managed to retain the silhouette and some of the elements that make the Harrier the Harrier yet has managed to make it look new by adding a whole bunch of Ev specific elements, the face which is easily the most recognizable thing, gets a big Tata, electric specific grill right in the middle, with the T logo standing proudly there, the headlamps are low set while theres a full LED light bar running above the grill theres. Also, a nice thick bumper element in front in a contrast, color that gives it a nice muscular shape. Now the harrierness of the Tata Harrier EV is most visible in its silhouette. You can see the familiar roof line, the flared v latches, even the size of the weeds, even though this is a concept. Car are all a very evident that this is a Tata Harrier.

Yet it has some EV like elements, one of course being the flush door handles that we first saw on the curve concept, the other being that theres like a little EV badge just near the front fender on both the sides. Now a one piece light bars have become a recurring theme at the 2023 Auto Expo and Tata joins a growing list of Manufacturers showcasing their rear, section lighting package. In this panel, you get a one piece: light bar on the back of the Harrier EV, with the lights sitting on the edge they actually curve around the edge, and you get the Tata logo in the middle. Now uh, you also get the black app leak. Thats very common with the Harrier and the Safari, and this is an element that we think Tata will carry on as its one of the signature. Suv elements thats visible, not just in the Harry on Safari, but also in the Nexon and the punch. Two other major highlights of the rear section: are air intakes near the rear, wheels theyre large and have like a little honeycomb pattern inside and the other one being a contrast, colored chunky, bumper element that really gives the car the SUV stance that it requires much like Many of the other Concepts showcased at the auto Expo the Tata Harrier Interiors have been locked out to the public and we can expect to see a production version of it as we get closer to its launch date sometime in 2025.

But to give you an idea of what its like, we can take some of the Interior elements from the curve concept that was showcased last year as these two cars are in a sort of similarly Place price bracket and will be close to each other in the Tata hierarchy, very, very common elements across both cars are expected to be the Dual digital displays. The steering with haptic touch controls the center console as well as the way the seats are designed. The power seat, functions and even the way the rear is designed are all expected to be shared between the curve in the electric guys and the starter Harrier EV. Whenever it is launched now, Tata has not revealed any kind of Powertrain which meaning battery or electric motor figures, because this is just a concept TV, but they have been very, very vocal and very clear that this car will come with all wheel drive now to achieve All wheel drive in an SUV like this Tata is expected to have two Motors one mounted on the front axle one mounted on the rear. Axle and theyll have a control unit, giving you all wheel drive as you would get in a car where youd have a transmission tunnel in the middle. This dual motor setup is expected to benefit the car, not just in all wheel drive, but also the fact that you will get a flat floor, thereby eliminating some of the flaws that come from having to adopt an ice platform for an electric vehicle Music.

Foreign version of the Tata Harrier is expected to debut in 2025, once Tata has launched the electric version of the curve SUV. Now this Hario EVS existence is very important to the overall Tata picture. Simply for two reasons: one is that it shows us the direction. The Tata is taking with its Flagship offerings. Yes, we know what the Curve will look like. We know the electric Nexon will look like, but this is their Flagship SUV. The thing that defines them, the other is that you know having a familiar shape. Having a familiar brand name will allow you to bring your existing customer base into the world of EVS as you make progress going from IC to EV manufacturer. The last also, of course, is that what we see in this Harrier EV is also expected to spawn a three row version that will be called the Safari EV foreign.