Are you ready for the future of electric cars In this video? Well be showcasing 10 of the most anticipated electric cars coming in 2023. From sleek sports cars to practical family vehicles, theres something for everyone in this lineup., But dont just take our word, for it check out the details for yourself and see which one catches your eye.. These electric cars are not only environmentally friendly, but they also have impressive performance and design features that make them stand out from the competition. Stay tuned to see, which one will be. Your next dream: ride., 10. 2023 Fisker Ocean With new models hitting the market. The industry is shifting in favor of electric cars and Fisker hopes to take advantage of this trend with its Ocean SUV.. The most entry level variant has a starting price of 40000 and a 250 mile projected range. All other Oceans are all wheel, drive dual motor vehicles with a minimum of 540 horsepower and taking 4.0 seconds from 0 to 60 mph.. The long range model is anticipated to go more than 350 miles on a single charge.. The 2023 Fisker Ocean is not only a stylish SUV in the mold of the Range Rover Evoque, but it also has several unique optional features.. This car may impress Tesla obsessed fans since it packs a lot of tech., 9. 2023. Bmw i5. The BMW i5 is an all electric vehicle coming in 2023, with a 373 mile range on a single charge.

, Its projected to have a peak speed of 130 mph and seating for up to five passengers., Both rear wheel, drive and all wheel drive variants of the i5. Will be available., The i5 features lane keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking.. If you are willing to go deeper into your pocket, you will get a panoramic sunroof heated front and rear seats and wireless phone charging as extras.. Although the price of the 2023 BMW i5 is not yet known, it is anticipated to start at roughly 70000. 7. 2023 Toyota bZ4X From Germany lets see what Japan has to offer with the 2023 Toyota bZ4X.. It will be the first vehicle to utilize the companys innovative e TNGA platform on which it is built., Both rear, wheel, drive and all wheel, drive versions of the bZ4X will be available.. It should offer a range of more than 402 km 250 miles on a single charge.. The EV offers wireless charging LED lighting and a computerized instrument panel as standard equipment.. Additionally, it will include add on technologies like adaptive, cruise control and lane keeping assistance. Its anticipated. That in late 2022, Toyota bZ4X production will commence.. The bZ4X has two trims: the XLE and Limited trim levels.. Both trims may be obtained with either a single motor and front wheel, drive or two motors and all wheel drive. For any model. Adding two motors and all wheel drive costs 2080. A heated steering, wheel, heated and ventilated front seats, a multi view.

Camera 20 inch wheels and Softex faux leather upholstery are among the extra amenities of the Limited. Which of these two are you going to pick 8. 2023 Lexus RZ 450e Still in Japan. Lets now turn to the luxury subsidiary of Toyota Lexus.. The RZ450e, which shares a base with the Toyota bZ4X and the Subaru Solterra is Lexus entry into the EV market. Being a Lexus. It has a more luxurious interior to match its more upmarket external style.. Although the Lexus and the bZ4X share the same 65.6 kWh battery pack, Lexuss engine is a more potent dual motor arrangement with a higher output of 308 horsepower.. This all wheel drive engine known as Direct4 by the premium brand comes standard.. The RZ has a slick external design with a floating roof, a ducktail, spoiler and aggressive headlights.. The appearance of the inside is more understated, and the majority of the controls are located on a large 14.0 inch touchscreen infotainment display.. This car is expected to have two trims. The RZ450e and RZ450e F Sport, which are expected to start from 55000 and 60000 respectively. 6. 2023 Polestar 3, When a star is seen directly at our planets axis. It is referred to as a pole star because it remains in the center of the circular ring and seems static with no perceptible movement throughout the night sky.. The Polestar 3 is scheduled to be on sale in 2023., The Polestar 3, a four door car will have a single charge range of 600 kilometers 372 miles.

. It will have two electric motors for each set of wheelsfront and back. Its expected that the Polestar 3 will take less than five seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers.. Its design is stylish and modern packing a lot of tech with prices starting at 85000., 5. 2023 Hummer, EV SUV. The renowned American SUV brand Hummer is back in the game with the Hummer EV SUV.. It is built on GMCs brand new Ultium platform and offers a single charge, a range of up to 300 miles., With dimensions of more than 86.7 inches in width and about 196.8 inches in length. The Hummer EV SUV is a huge beast of an SUV.. It has a low center of gravity and excellent off road capabilities because to the battery packs installation beneath the floor., The Hummer EV SUV has many features, such as air suspension, four wheel drive and enormous 33 inch tires.. Additionally, it includes an extract mode that you may use to lower the car by two feet to assist you to get over obstructions.. The Hummer EV SUV has a starting price of 80000. 4. 2023 Genesis GV60 With its gratifying and charming 2023 GV60 crossover. The aspirational Genesis luxury brand is taking on the premium EV market.. The GV60 borrows aesthetic cues from previous Genesis cars, but does not have the companys signature, big trapezoidal grille that extends between the dual element headlights.. Instead, the front bumper is covered by a smaller lower grille.. A massive monolithic display panel that serves as the entertainment system and gauge cluster and an innovative crystal spherical shifter that rotates to expose itself when the SUV is fired up, make the inside of the GV60 seem quite upscale.

. The 314 hp, Advanced or 429 hp Performance trims are available at launch, and the projected driving range ranges from 235 to 248 miles per charge.. Similar prestige and range are offered by rival luxury SUVs like the Audi Q4 e tron, Volvo, XC40 Recharge and coupe like C40 Recharge, but the GV60s, meticulous design and quirky embellishments make it an appealing and unique option. Before we get to our top three cars. If you enjoy the video hit the thumbs up, button. 3. 2023 Mercedes Benz EQE, If you are looking for tech, luxury and performance in one package, consider the all electric Mercedes, Benz EQE sedan, similar to the Mercedes Benz EQS.. In essence, both cars are electric versions of the brands, traditional E class and S class cars.. The EQEs, smooth, exterior and roomy interior share aesthetic characteristics with the bigger EQS and it is available with amenities that are just as spectacular, such as a screen known as the Hyperscreen that spans the whole width of the instrument. Panel., The Tesla EQE bridges. The gap between the mid size Model S and the little Model 3., The electric Mercedes – should have a driving range of more than 300 miles and be able to charge its battery from 10 to 80 percent in around 30 minutes, thanks to fast charging technology. 2. 2023. Toyota Prius Prime, The 2023 Toyota Prius Prime plug in hybrid ditches, its previous ugly duckling, look and transforms into a metaphorical swan much like its gasoline electric hybrid sibling.

. The most recent Prius Prime is shorter, broader and longer than the previous model bordering on a sporty appearance.. It has an enhanced motor that produces a total of 220 horsepowernearly 100 more than its predecessorcomplements. Its new sheetmetal., Even better Toyota claims that the most recent plug in Prius should outperform the preceding Primes EPA, rated 25 mile driving range by more than 12 miles.. This new Prime is a beast and a beauty compared to other Prius models., Because the vehicle is a plug in hybrid. Its batteries may be charged by plugging it into an electrical socket.. It has a range of around 25 miles on a full charge and once the batteries run out, the gas engine takes over all this is rated at a starting price of around 30000. 2023 Tesla Cybertruck. This one has been waiting for a long time and it might finally be ready in 2023, since 2019 was announced., The Cybertruck is intended to be substantially more energy efficient than a typical truck, while simultaneously being stronger and more powerful. On a single charge. It should be able to go more than 500 miles and pull up to 14000 pounds.. Initial versions of the Cybertruck will be offered in three distinct configurations: Single Motor RWD, Dual Motor AWD and Tri Motor AWD. Price ranges for the Single Motor RWD variant are anticipated. To start at ‘900 and go as high as 69900., The Cybertruck will go into production in late 2022. According to Tesla.

, It qualifies as the greatest electric SUV of 2023., Which 2023 EV. Would you consider Please? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. That concludes this video Thats. All we had in store for you. Thanks a lot for watching the video. Until the next one peace.