I appreciate you all so the Nero EV its available in two different model configurations, the wind that you see here or the waves and you can get them either ‘, 5 or 44.5. So lets walk. All the way around this one get a first look and then well look inside as a first look then were gon na go Section by section because Im sure youve got questions about whats the power. How long does it take to charge this? What are the benefits of buying one hows that passenger in cargo space Best in Class cargo volume Ill? Give you a little sneak peek. This is an interesting looking vehicle and, as we look inside for our first look, you can see its a combination of syntax and cloth seats. Of course, you can upgrade more options when you get the wave trim level, but for right now were going to look at this as an electric vehicle option, with good range, pretty Zippy power actually and then well get a look from the back. So you can see the dash well talk about buttons controls dials. There are several different features that make this one of a kind, very unique. I like to Jump Right In with performance fast. Facts were not going to see an engine under here because its an electric vehicle, but we will see oh some storage space underneath here with a little net thats right. This could be a multi purpose area here, its not huge, but with that net you can hold things in place, so they wont roll around lets.

Take a look here. Remember, anytime, you see a hybrid or electric vehicle when you see orange thats high voltage so stay away, but its kind of nice just to look inside here now. What kind of power can this vehicle deliver and by the way, when we do this notice that its got the lifts as opposed to a prop Rod? Its got a hood blanket here: hey look Kia, Eco technology. This uses a lithium ion polymer Drive battery. You can get 0 to 60 in 7.1 seconds and 201 horsepower 188 pound feet of torque as far as acceleration, its not the fastest, its, not a drag car. No but itll swiftly get you up to speed and it does it probably a little faster than you might expect its EV electric. After all, this is a front wheel, drive vehicle, its got McPherson struts in the front independent multi link suspension in the back should be relatively smooth, tightens up on Corners, smooth sailing, straightaways and then its got four wheel disc brakes since theres no gasoline. Where do you charge it this side? No, I definitely cant find a charge port on the passenger side. Well, clearly, it must be in the front and it is – and that makes sense, because when you pull up to a charger, you can just boom hook it right up. Theres an embossed triangle right here, pop pop pop goes the weasel. The weasel Goes Pop pull this off.

Then we can charge it if youve got the included 120 volt charger AC power, its going to take a while two and a half days to fully charge it but DC fast charge. That may be the way to go, and I think it is because you can charge between 10 and 80 percent in 43. Minutes matter of fact need an extra splash of juice. Well, you can, in 30 minutes get an extra 100 miles out of that charge. The mpge thats MPG equivalent electrical electricity that can give you 113 mpge and it can go a range of 253 miles. This is a very complex, very modern, looking and really cool high tech front end. Look at this here, even the hood, its rounded its, not squared off at all and theres. Just a little bit of definition here, pretty cool stuff weve got the Kia logo here, along with this metallic accent piece here and it matches the one down below then weve got some gloss. Black weve got some silver metallic accents here, pretty neat, but again its very complex. Look at the interesting LED daytime running lights. Now. The one thing Im not too excited about is the fact that this is not the LED headlight. I would like to see that even on the well call it the entry level, look how the turn signal here kind of looks like youre scribbling in statistics class right its pretty wild, pretty funky fresh. If you ask me now, weve got LED turn signal in the side mirror here.

Also, the blind spot indicator is right. There in triangular form lets us know. The coast is clear or not clear, now look around here when we go to the back because got these really cool tail lights like a boomerang watch out by the way it makes me think I want to go to Outback Steakhouse. I dont know why. I said that keep watching all right, so look weve, got gloss black accent here and then look where the turn signal is. A lot of companies are going this way where they bring the turn signal down lower. I dont know how people feel about that. Its certainly interesting what a cool design, though I dont, have the best lighting to test this out, but were going to go forward and then backwards. So you can see what everything looks like all lit up. Hopefully, itll get a good indication of what were dealing with here, the flashers on. Maybe how do you like it there we go. This is a great view in the Sun, so you can see how that cityscape green pops. These are 17 inch wheels and theyre real unique. It almost looks like a. I dont want to call it a flower design, but maybe 17 inch alloy wheels. Two tone now look at the gloss black Fender treatments got cladding down there, a little bit thicker real interesting. Almost reminds me of Toyota Crown how it has that gloss black panel there and then look here: weve got gloss black roof rails, no sunroof got silver metallic accents around the windows, very cool.

Looking though its almost like the EV vehicles are competing, trying to one up each other on how unique how original they can make their styling now over here, weve got gloss black up into the a pillar, another call it a c or a boomerang and then like. I said weve got blind spot right. There heres an example of what the blind spot looks like in that reddish color, now, Im all for originality. So I like having the lights down here. I like the boomerang design here. Weve got backup camera here, Kia new logo, Nero very high tech, Fred Anderson rally, Kia of rally.com weve got parking sensors on the back along with this thick gloss, black and metallic accent all along the bumper. It has a power liftgate ho holla for cargo space. What can we fit here? Well, behind the seats weve got 22.8 cubic feet and 63.7 behind the first row. Got those seats pushed forward a little bit, so I knew they would fold down it folds down relatively flat, although there is a little Buffalo Bill hump there rub the lotion on the skin. Weve got lights right there, a little hook, maybe for cargo net or just putting grocery bags. In now. Look here, nice and tall should be very easily stackable. Your dog could sit there. Maybe your cat! If you like to take your cat on the road too, then weve got storage space under here I love extra storage.

Space weve got a tire inflation kit, look out for inflation, tire inflation all right. So how do you like the cargo area? Solid, sound? There weve got some decent room in here for the size vehicle that it is meaning: 38.1 inches of rear seat, Headroom, Im five foot eight and I dont have the longest legs in the world. So when the seats all the way back and reclined, I did it on purpose to show you an extreme 36.9 inches of rear seat leg, room, okay, so small seed in the middle, but youd expect it on a vehicle of this size. These seats are actually very comfortable, syntax and cloth seats. I like them. I like the padding its kind of soft, but you can tell its firm as well theres a lot of padding there. All right now. Look at this, so look on in here. Weve got just a small area that could fit a thin Sports bottle. Maybe soft touch here. We do have these hardbacked Pockets, so you can fit notepads in iPads. In look, weve got a hook where you can hook activities for children. There rear air vents. I, like that, not the biggest armrest, but it works very comfortable here, nice deep cup holders, I like that and then weve got child safety latches. I also like the pattern of the seats here, mixing it up with that black syntax weve got the gray, patterned look and then extra bonus, my friends USB USB yeah.

You know me weve got that going on right there, so everybody can stay connected. Now. Take a look at the dash. Weve got matching 10.25 inch screens. Here we go. How does it look futuristic? The controls are relatively easy, but you got to know some tricks so take a look at the seats here, theyre kind of in the recline state. So you can see how you can chillax weve got shaft here. This can fit a longer still thin sport bottle. There weve got gloss black accents and I like how they use gloss black along with grays the silver metallic look. This is not a power passenger seat, however, I like that you can raise it up and its real easy it doesnt clunk heavily super easy to use. Just like that. Pick me up Pick Me Down Im in the Nero its going down its my freestyle for the day, all right so look in here its thin, but its relatively deep, so thats kind of nice now look here: weve got the cup holders and theyre extended. You push them out, you also fold them back in. Should I push Music, it take a look at the seats here from the drivers view. Oh a 10 way power adjustable seat and it moves very quickly just like that. Back of the seat two way lumbar again very comfortable seats. I was kind of surprised at that. I dont know why it just surprised me and then going around here.

Weve got different, looks of gloss black matte black weve got a long cup holder and this kind of slides out here. So look at this weve got more pattern. Look here see diamonds and triangles everything going on illumination of the dash the power hatch, traction control on and off its a syntax, trimmed steering wheel. Now to me, weve got drive mode. So why would I not push it? You can do Drive sport, Eco or normal. If you want better gas mileage, better acceleration or just normal driving, we can mix up our filing cabinet of information. Oops lets keep going here. So those are some of the ways that you can customize this one right here. Weve got voice, commands the phone real easy to use. Weve got SiriusXM Apple, carplay and Android auto. To me this is very cool. Its a nice display easy to use very user friendly. So a lot you can do here. I like the abuse of purples, but I like dark, blue and purple as my colors that I like, so we can set climate settings just like that, see how fast it blows. Then weve got the map. Look at that navigation built in holla. I like that. A lot cancel that one out and then well go back to the home screen. You can do your phone voice, memo quiet mode that keeps it at a certain level, will not go above that now look down here. Weve got our climate in a different way.

Weve got digital lights right here. Weve got our temperature that we can change its synced right now, but doesnt need to be okay. So then we just kind of pop it like that very cool. But if we push this button, its going to switch to the audio visual or multimedia, you can do media here. Siriusxm FM AM Stan thats, quite a song. All right, so weve got USB a USBC. There weve got a USB a and two well, no two USB. As in the back and one USBC in the back, so five total weve got heated seats. This is our different backup camera its different, because I wish it took up the whole screen honestly, so can do curb view. Can do overhead view its not the most Crystal Clear View that Ive seen but its not bad? I dont want to knock it because its not bad, like I said so, weve got the electronic parking brake weve got the auto brake, hold heated seats and then heres. How we turn Park, Drive, reverse neutral, neutral and thats, the on and off button, but again look at the design here and you feel it in the ridges just like that. So lets turn it on and it looks like that and lets test out the horn. I also like that its got the wireless charging pad, and this is grippy too, so your phones not going to slide thats kind of clever. This is one of my favorite features here.

You can go ahead and change the ambient lighting. Do you want it on dreamy? Purple Blue flight. Now, what am I talking about here? Look at this right here. This is right now on spa and then I change it to Violet Cloud orange Delight golden insight, or I can do a custom color look at this. If I want that color its now that color, if I want that color that color and its really easy to set on the Spectrum where you want very cool, that would look awesome at night time and well finish out the interior view. By showing you the big long slider there, the lighted mirrored visor Kia connect right there light and remember for pricing. This one starts at ‘ 550. You can also get the wave one for 44 550.. So whatever your preferencing options and pricing, All That Jazz, we got to find a perfect balance. What do you think of the Nero EV? Would you rather choose the Nero in hybrid or plug in hybrid or is Eevee the way to go thanks, everybody? So much please hit subscribe to join, Auto Jeff reviews and then on Instagram and Tick Tock at autogef reviews as well Id love to see you on all my platforms. We try to have fun very informative thats.