This is my favorite EV well find out. If its Andreas here goes, the bolt there goes my phone, oh wow, thats got some good power, excellent acceleration. All right were going to get into that in just a moment, but right now we dont say whats under the hood whats under the floor of this bolt EV its got a 65 kilowatt hour battery with up to ‘7 kilometers 247 miles of EV range. It is 200 horsepower and 266 pound feet of torque front wheel, drive only and its quick 0 to 60 miles an hour in seven seconds. Halfway through every video. We have questions, coffee and cars and today were throwing in a comment somebody that owns this vehicle. Pretty good Insight right now we get into the key standard features. What do you get with the bolt UV? The bolt euv comes with a 10.2 inch touchscreen, an 8 inch driver information display Wireless Apple, carplay and Android. Auto a wireless charger, heated steering, wheel, heated cloth, front seats, a power driver seat manual, annual passenger seat, a six speaker, audio system and Chevrolet safety assist in the U.S heated front seats, a heated steering wheel and a power driver seat are not standard features but available. In a package Andrews favorite its got a sport mode. What else can we put it in? Got ta put it in s for subscribe, and if you can hit that notification Bell, youll be notified when all of our reviews drop and then you can watch them, and we do this.

The cup of car review twice a week. The first one drops on Wednesday. We put out another one on Saturday, so make sure you like And subscribe most importantly hit that notification Bell, but also follow on Instagram as motorbathunderscore Andrea, to see whats going on behind the scenes. For me, its motor mouth underscore Auto and the links are below the like button. The Bold offers a softer suspension. It really eats up those bumps in the road. Its smooth, the cabin remains quiet even at highway speeds, so General Motors as a rule does a very good job with calibrating suspension. Every time we drive a General Motors product, they get that nice balance of comfort and some feedback and its especially hard with EVS, because youve got a big heavy battery, so they have to be able to absorb the bumps and then rebound without it being too jerky. They got that part nailed. There are a lot of positives to this vehicle, but there is one big negative for me and thats the steering its very vague, in fact many times whether Im in the city or on the highway. I have to correct the steering, quite often and over time you know what it gets a little bit annoying. I think its the low rolling resistance tires. I would probably change those. If I had this car, I would go with a more performance, oriented summer tire and then a dedicated winter tire sure, because this things quick, it has a lot of torque.

And if you have the right tire man, it would be quite a machine yeah. So definitely thats what we would do. We would change the tires. We would see how it goes. I dont know if thats going to be good enough, do you really think its the tire? Well, it would certainly help you know one of the easiest and least expensive things. You can do to modify a car change the tires so last year for 2022, just before the vehicles had a stop sale because of the battery issue. They introduced a new look on the outside a new interior, so if they have any new updates for 2023, they did theyve introduced the red line package, which is just under 500 in the US and just over 550 in Canada, and that will get you black exterior Accents red trim black wheels that have like kind of a red stripe to them and it really UPS the sportiness of the bolt even the badging, is in black and red, so Im a big fan of the regular bolts, the little subcompact car. This is the euv which is slightly bigger its like the whale version. I think youd like this one, better dont you I just like the look of this better. So this is the one that I would buy for sure. Another change for 2023 in the U.S is that Chevrolet dropped the pricing by 6 300 and it now qualifies for the tax credit of up to 7 500.

So it is a amazing deal in the U.S. This comes standard with 17 inch, Wheels standard, LED headlamps and tail lamps and it comes with a tire repair kit. This bolt gets 5.6 inches of ground clearance, so thats the outside. Then we turn our attention to the inside. As we mentioned last year, thats a major upgrade because the original bolt it was Plastic, Fantastic. The seats werent that comfortable had a lot of hard materials on the inside, and this is a big upgrade. The seats are now quite comfortable and this beautiful looking dash pad and the big screen is standard right, yeah its standard, as well as the eight inch driver, display, also standard. So you get a lot for your money, even if you just buy the base. Lt trim. The one thing about General Motors with their infotainment systems – I always say theyre so easy to use from 18 to 80. everybodys going to be able to use this because their Graphics are big and its super easy to use yeah, and this comes standard with Wireless Apple. Carplay and Android auto so youre getting some really good Tech in here now you can get away with going with the base trim in Canada in the US. You dont get as many standard features, so youve got to add a package to kind of get up to those features that we have in Canada, but you could get away with the base trim, which is a great price.

There is a package in Canada that will get you the ventilated front seats as well as this black and blue leather appointed interior that we have, if you would like to add it. Another thing that that package has is the rear center arm brass, which I think, if youve got passengers that might be more comfortable, so heres. The thing if you just spend just less than two thousand dollars more youre, probably better, just to go and get the a Premiere trim, because it has basically what you see here: minus the sunroof, and I think that really is even though its more expensive. That really is the value story, and you get a 360 camera in that and also heated rear seats. Now, if you do want the panoramic sunroof, the Bose, sound system and navigation, you have to get the Sun and sound package, which is a package that is both in Canada and the US. If something like the panoramic sunroof is important to you. Well use Canadian price facing here. You add that package and youre coming in at just under fifty thousand dollars, so the price really adds up so its obvious in the packaging of this car. They prioritized rear seat leg room and they can do that because of a long platform with the battery in there there is plenty of leg room like a lot of leg. Room Headroom is not as good, but this is a roomy back seat.

Lets compare to something like the new Kia Niro front row. Legroom is very good in the bolt. It offers three inches more leg, broom. Second row legroom, the winner is the Nero. It offers half an inch more leg room all right when you lift up the hatch at the back. First of all, not a power, tailgate kind of missed that, and the space with this vehicle is really for the passengers. The cargo area isnt that big. However, if you want to make more room that floor is totally removable and then you get really quite a deep cargo area thats where the cables store it, but you could definitely use that space. It offers 16.3 cubic feet of space behind behind the second row, thats less space than the Nero and overall cargo capacity, the Nero and the bolt euv are about the same all right. We talked about it comment and questions time now for questions, coffee and cars. Well were going to switch it up its questions, coffee and cars. Well, get to that regular schedule. Programming will continue right now its questions comment and cars. Well, we have a viewer who owns a bolt, and so we thought we would add his feedback. We have this as an emergency car and dog hauler for the last eight months. I absolutely love it. I hear people complain about the charging speed, but it hasnt been an issue with us on road trips, my wife and kids ride in our eqs SUV.

Wait a second thats Posh, I know right and me and the dogs right in the euv. Oh you know this place: yeah husband, thats, the cheaper car wow, not exactly Im sure he drives the eqs SUV too listen to Zach. The Bose sound system is pretty pretty darn good. We find the same, an ample amount of space in the rear and boot. In fact, I only take the euv for Costco Brands and I can fit lots and lots of stuff great car lots of extras, including the rear view, mirror camera. So true on the premier trim and rear heated seats. I always say to my wife: if this car was able to charge up to 150 kilowatt and at all wheel, drive easily compact EV of the Year wow, what a great comment, good feedback all right. So he likes everything about the car, except for the 50 55 kilowatt uh charger yeah, so thats when you go to the fast DC charger. I think General Motors knows this and they know the buyer profile of this car. To this guys point, this is probably a second car or just used in the city if you charge it at home on 240 volts. Every morning you got a full tank and 80 percent of people who own EVS charge overnight at home anyway, its just if youre on the road – and I think for us it would be the same thing we would be like you.

We would have this as our second vehicle, a run around weve been having so much fun with it plenty of power fantastic. I want one. You know what this is a guy with an eqs SUV, all right, he can buy what he wants. Obviously yeah. He bought this and hes happy all right now, its your regular schedule, programming time now for questions, coffee and cars, your questions from Instagram its a great deal if you charge it at home overnight, yeah. We just talked about that. The only issue is when its time to replace the battery its going to be very expensive does Chevy cover the cost of that. No, no but Chevrolet offers a warranty on the battery of eight years or 160 000 kilometers a hundred thousand miles, but theyre not going to replace the battery if theres nothing wrong with it. Well, the ones that were sold up until this year had all the batteries replaced, so they did stand behind the product. There was a fault. There was not that many about 12 or 15 fires and they replaced the batteries on all of them. If youre buying an electric car, they all have limited warranties up to about eight to ten years yeah for sure. Last time I test drove one. It felt quite small compared to the competition and the dash also seems quite low, based on the photos from Instagram. I dont think they changed any of that. Does Chevy finally offer all wheel drive on these.

Okay, all wheel drive thats an easy one. No, its still front wheel, drive and Im. You might be confusing the regular bolt with this euv. So this is the bolt but pregnant, bigger and then the updated for 2022, the whole interior and exterior of the car. I dont find the dash low at all, in fact its like a regular regular Dash. I think it just looks normal. Oh show them your seat thing. Oh yeah, so you think of the dash is, is too high or too low watch this okay. So we just want to say that it doesnt come with a power passenger seat, but it does have a height adjustment at least give us that Zach and I love but look how high I go. There goes Andrea, shes going past the mens department, all the way to housewares its at like look how tall I am so anybody who is petite. You can just look at this and over there look at the video were the same height. Oh yeah. They drive around like that. I got the Torso of a giant. It feels weird Im using my muscles. Are you saying Im weird, no youre, not youre, not weird, maybe just a weird comment. What else is new? We put out a lot of content each week on the motor mouth YouTube channel and its super easy to find all you do is go to the YouTube, search bar and type in motor mouth thats, the name of the channel and then Chevrolet in this case, and All our videos will pop up its that easy, great content as usual.

Could I suggest that you and Zach post, if theres, a heat pump on phev or EV vehicles on your Instagram and YouTube feed? Yes, you usually do. Usually we do say if theres a heat pump or not one thing about Instagram is Im only allowed so many words on my post. So I have to limit what I put, but yes, we can definitely add a heat pump. Yes, heat pump. No, yes um! This does not come with a heat, no no heat pump. Here, however, it does have a resistance heating system yeah. So if you dont have a heat pump. Basically, if you know what a baseboard heater is and then they run electricity through the element and it creates heat, thats, basically whats happening here – a heat pump is more efficient, this isnt as efficient, but the heat works great. Every time we go on a launch of a vehicle, I always ask the manufacturers about a heat pump and Im, probably driving them a bit crazy now. But I want to see if somebody has a different answer and so far the manufacturers that Ive talked to. They said that a heat pump is great, but once you kind of hit that minus 5 Celsius, which isnt that cold? No, so for some people in the world, theyre like oh thats, cool but in Canada that aint cool, no, they say its not very efficient. The big deal is you plug this? In overnight you get around the slower DC fast charging, and then you pre condition the car, so its toasty warm when you get inside thats the trick and and then just enjoy it.

I wouldnt worry about it. I would just buy the car and enjoy it and now its time for our Hot Topic, whats this one Andrea with yet more recalls of the Bolton 2022 and even the 2023 model, with this name disappear from GM state table. Then theres the rumor of GM, going to a new platform architecture for its compact EVS. Unless this car comes with a smoking hot deal, I think theres better Alternatives out there well nothings official unless its made official, but you can guess what the Altium platform being used on all new General Motors electric vehicles. It will eventually trickle into this. I would say I dont think the bolt is going to go away. This is such a great name for an electric car and its now well known, theyll, probably just reinvent it with the Next Generation, and I just want to quote Chevrolets vice president of marketing, Steve majoros. He said its a great product right now. It will be with us for some time, but as we scale and wrap volume here, portfolios change so think about that as they scale they have to use the same components for all their vehicles. So you can bet this is going to go on the Altium platform. Eventually, and as for reliability or recalls, there has been another recall on 140 000 bolts due to rare instances of front seat belt, partitioner exhaust gases coming in contact with floor carpet, fibers, which, if you are in a crash, it can start a fire, keep in mind.

This is very rare: it affects 2017 to 2023 models, so theyre doing their due diligence. Recalling when theres an issue recalls are not bad, like everybody thinks, because a vehicle has been recalled its a terrible. You know indictment of the product, no its them staying on top of safety issues, which I think most people appreciate theres, just a couple things that we miss that I want to add. One pedal driving is offered in the bolt of course controlled with the accelerator pedal. It brings the vehicle to a full, stop and also super cruise is offered on this. The hands free driving its in a package. So that might be something that youre interested as well all right. So everybody talks about the full self driving that Tesla has theyre, not at the same level as super Cruise super cruise is certified to drive with your hands off the wheel. Uh Tesla is not so we know the range we talked about that already, but everybody wants to to know how long does it take to charge and more including the price in our vital stats lets start with pricing. The base model starts at just over forty. Three thousand dollars in Canada and just over twenty seven thousand dollars in the US, the premier trim, is just over forty six and a half thousand dollars in Canada, and just over thirty one and a half thousand dollars in the US Chevrolet will cover standard installation of A level two charging outlet with the purchase or lease of a bold euv.

This EV comes with an 11.5 kilowatt onboard charger with a DC fast charger. The bolt euv can charge up to 154 kilometers 95 miles of range in 30 minutes and with a level 2 charger, approximately seven hours for a full charge in Canada, the bolti UV qualifies for the federal five thousand dollar rebate and any rebates in participating provinces. In the United States, the 2023 bolt qualifies for a 7 500 tax credit. The warranty is three years, sixty thousand kilometers or thirty six thousand miles. So this is a front wheel drive, I would say, subcompact little run around vehicle. What other front wheel drive? Electric vehicles are like that for your consideration. Four vehicles for you to consider up first is the Kia Niro EV. It has 201 horsepower 407 kilometers 253 miles of range and a starting price of under 45 thousand dollars. The Hyundai Kona EV 201 horsepower 415 kilometers or 257 miles of range and a starting price just over forty seven thousand dollars the Kia Soul, EV with 201 horsepower and 248 kilometers of EV range. It has a starting price of just over forty three thousand dollars. This vehicle is no longer available in the U.S, the Mazda mx 30, with 143 horsepower, just 161 kilometers or 100 miles of range. It has a starting price of forty two thousand dollars, so there are four EVS for you to consider lightning round two things. We, like two things wed like to see improve.

I like the whole package and the value thats being offered yeah its really about price. What Id like to see an improvement is just making the steering a little bit more precise, so I dont have to correct it, and I want that same deal. You get in the U.S here in Canada, shave the price by 6 300 bucks.