We dont usually get a chance to try out the charging Network and how that all works, and also the roads have been kind of cherry picked for the best possible scenario for an electric car. So what Im going to be finding out in todays video is? Is the mg5 estate actually as good as first impressions? How is it to live with because Ive had this car for the last week and Ive put it through its Paces, so in todays video Im going to tell you everything I like and dislike about the mg5 estate, so that sounds good. Then please keep watching and if you like, new car videos, then make sure you hit the Subscribe button. But lets get back into the video and thats chat about the exterior styling of the mg5 estate, because this is the face lifted version. I have done a review of the mg5 estate before the facelift on this channel so again Ill pop it up there somewhere. If you want to compare the differences, but before it was a bit like the day, were having today a bit dull yeah it wasnt, particularly nice, just like the weather. However, now it looks much nicer, its slightly sharper, its more modern, more aggressive. It just overall looks a lot better and I had a real bug bear on the first car, which was the wheels because theyre actually 16 inch wheels on the previous generation car and they just looked awful.

I mean theres still quite a bit of arch wheel, Arch theres, a big gap on the back, but its now much better because it gets 17 inch wheels. If you go for the higher spec model and everything looks pretty smart doesnt it I mean its not going to win any awards for being very handsome, and I think that the mg4 does look much better, but this isnt really going for looks its going for practicality. So the new looks are just a bonus now things I dont like about the mg5 estate. Well, I could still go for some more kind of exciting, looking exterior detailings its still a little bit subtle. For me, Id probably have some even bigger Wheels, but then they are going to affect the ride and ultimately thats, not what this car was designed to do, but at the front where the charge port is, this is the same place as the previous generation car. However, the previous generation car had a charge flap, which was a bit kind of loose and not very ill fitting. This is much better, however, its still not the best um, I kind of find myself having to really press quite hard or jab at it to get it to Sharp and to open which, when kind of appearance in the electric car world is so important, when youre Standing at a charger – and everyone is looking around to see what electric car youve gone for and youre kind of jabbing at this doesnt always give the best impression, but to be honest, its really small niggles and, as you can see, I did it really easily that Time perhaps its a me issue, Im sorry mg.

But overall I really like everything else in this new generation car you also get roof rails as well, which are really handy and they have a maxi max weight load of, I think, about 65 kilos. Ive, probably completely made that up Im going to put on the screen what it actually is and lets look around the back because, of course, with this being an electric estate thats, the really important thing Ive just checked and the roof rails can actually carry 75 kilos. So I wasnt miles out around the back. You now have, although you cant see it because this car is filthy, Ive told you Ive been driving it all week and Im not going to wash it when its weather, like this, its going to get filthy in five. More minutes, but there is a chrome bar which connects the rear lights and it looks quite fancy. I dont know what this bar is underneath the number plate its really strange. If anyone knows why theyve got that personally, I think it looks awful, but you can now actually tow with this vehicle as well. So you can tow up to half a ton which its not loads, but the previous generation of mg5 couldnt tow at all. So thats really helpful. If you want to tow a tape, trailer or something like that, and then inside this boot you will find 479 liters of boot space, which is very practical, but actually its only nine liters bigger than the mgz s.

So really when it comes to boot space youre going for this, because it is an estate rather than going for it, because it is an SUV because practicality in the boot, its not really that much better. Now, if I show you inside here, you do, unfortunately get a little bit of a load, lip so thats a little bit awkward if you wanted to kind of go to Ikea and get big items and slide them through its, not necessarily going to be that easy, Because theyre going to drop down on this lip, you do get a parcel shelf, which is retractable, which is Handy its quite easy to take out as well its kind of got one of those um spring loaded bottoms. So you literally just have to push it in and then you can take it apart. Youve got some underfloor boot storage in here, which gives you just enough to pop your cables away so its nice, because you can tidy up the boot now heres. What I do find disappointing about this loading area and thats the rear seats. So if I drop those down as you can see, they dont actually go completely flat, which is really disappointing. I was actually trying to load a bike into this the other day and it was a bit awkward because you kind of had to push it up over the lip that goes on the seats, and then you had to go down this lip as well.

The thing with the mg5 electric estate is, it is the only electric estate out there and that kind of gives it a unique selling point. But really is it that good at being an estate? Not really, if you really wanted the practicality of something like the Ford estate, if youve got an existing one, then you could be a little bit disappointed, but to be honest, it should suit most peoples needs and it is going to be nicer for people with dogs, Because the dogs can get into the boot a little bit easier and it feels really high quality as well. Everything in there is very well made. Even the parcel shelf feels good, so Im not disappointed. I just feel like theyre getting away with a lot, because its the only one you can get foreign, they have ditched the smaller battery of the mg5. So the larger battery is now the only one thats available and thats. The main reason why its had a bit of a price hike from its standard price. However, I think this is a good thing, because 250 miles is perfect in my opinion, for a car like this and Im really pleased to say that in the week that Ive driven this car, its done really well. On its predicted miles, I havent seen a significant drop from what theyve been predicting and Ive been using. All of my climate control Ive been using my heated seats. I have been driving it gently but thats, something that this car does, because it doesnt have a ton of power.

It kind of relaxes you and you can just enjoy driving the car rather than pushing it hard and, of course, thats always going to help with how many miles of range youre actually using now. Here is what I love about the new generation of facelifted mg5, because it holds all of the existing practicality of the previous gen car, while springing it into the future, without forgetting what it was always designed to do. I loved the mg4. I found it futuristic. It was very smart. It felt like a new generation of mg for a new kind of target audience, whereas this hasnt forgotten, where its target audience is. For instance, I really like the fact that youve still got this nice chunky steering wheel with some physical buttons, which you can press and you get really good feedback from opposed to kind of the mg4 which now has dials on the buttons of the steering wheel, which You dont really know what they do: its not very user, friendly and everythings, still squishy and plush as well these seats. Now I actually think these seats are far superior to the mg4 but heres, where I think its, because they do a different job. The mg4 is your everyday run around. This is your Motorway Cruiser. This is your car that youre going to be getting in and out of all the time for taxi drivers, and things like that. You need these squishy plush seats and theyve done a really good job of keeping those.

The quality feels amazing, whilst kind of still being quite classic youve still got a nice center console, but its been bought up a little bit further and it means that its more user friendly in terms of where your hand, is when youre resting on the gear, selector And this storage underneath the center console as well. I really like that about electric cars, and I find it really handy Im, always stashing things down there, two cup holders and then youve got this kind of brushed Chrome on the center console. Moving up to the dashboard youve actually got a bit of material on the dashboard again target audience. I think it feels plush. It feels squishy. It feels a bit more grown up than perhaps the mg4 does. Cars like the mg5 can sometimes look good on paper, but really the proof is in the pudding. Can you live with a car like this and luckily this week, Ive really put the mg5 through its Paces, Ive, driven it to work and back, which is around 20 miles each way and thats town and also rural driving and then Ive. Given it a really long drive as well, I drove all the way into Central London, which was motorways most the way and then, when I got there, of course it was gridlock, Central London traffic. Once I got in and Ill be honest, the mg5 performed very well in all of those scenarios, and it also has that mg pilot system, which was added when they did a facelift of the previous generation.

This is the adaptive cruise control. It has anti collision warning. It has things like cyclist detection, and this is really handy both in a city when things jump out on you last minute. The car will actually stop itself, but also on those long Journeys to have adaptive cruise control Lane assist. It just makes things much easier and you can relax a little bit more on the drive than feeling all uptight about having such a long journey. Speaking of preparing for long Journeys, charging speed, unfortunately, hasnt caught up with the mg4 and Max, is out at just 87 kilowatts using a seven kilowatt home charger. A full charge takes approximately nine and a half hours when using a 50 kilowatt public rapid charger. The car could be charged to 80 capacity in 61 minutes. It also now supports vehicle to load, so you can power various items using an adapter plugged into the mg5. Now lets talk about the new infotainment system, so its now a larger setup, its very easy to use its its pretty um self explanatory. You can hit home. It brings up your shortcuts for your Apple carplay and Android. Auto youve got a shortcut for your settings on your range and Battery. Youve also got your radio, your navigation, which, if we touch it, how quickly will it come up yeah its already loaded, I dont know if youre a member, but previously when I did an mg, the sat nav was just so slow.

It took an absolute age to come up on the screen so its much better. Now now I have had some teething issues with this touchscreen, mainly for me, its the Apple carplay and Android auto. It seems to really want to have a high quality cable so because I seem to only be running the old Amazon Basics. No thats, not any good for this car youre gon na need a proper cable and its a bit of a shame as well, because in the front the car still has USB ports, and I seem to have loads of really good quality USBC Chargers, but no USB Ports, which is a shame because it means I havent, actually been able to use Apple, carplay and Android auto in this car, because I cant get it to work and occasionally the screen is a little bit laggy and I think it could be a bit brighter a Bit more interesting, for instance, the screen that I recently saw on the aura cat that feels much kind of more modern. However, its a huge step up from the previous generation screen, and on top of that, we also now get a digital instrument cluster as standard, and there is some nice bright colors on there as well. So I really like that overall, I just think theyve got this cabin spot on its not particularly exciting, not particularly interesting, but its really plush really comfortable feels really high quality. Youve probably watched enough of this review so far to think about what Im gon na say about the rear of the mg5 estate, because its nice and plush and Squishy and comfortable and its nice and reclined, and I feel very laid back.

However, it does get away with a lot as being called an estate because practicality isnt huge you sit up quite High because of the batteries in the floor. So I havent got the most amount of Headroom and theres, not an enormous amount of leg room, either again its good in the back, and I think for most people that are carrying two passengers at the time. It will be more than acceptable. However, if youre looking for real rear seat space, youre – probably not going to find it here, I have got to pull out armrest with a couple of cup holders and there is a USBC and USB port in the back, but theyre kind of hidden underneath the top Part of this arm rest, so you might miss them. If you didnt know they were there if youre somebody that has shortlisted the mg5 as your next car youre, probably not too worried about how much power it has its probably quite low down on your list of priorities. Actually, the power in the mg5 comes as a pleasant surprise. Will it be that kind of cherry? On top it gets a 153 brake horsepower front mounted motor and it propels the car from naught to 62 in around 7.7 seconds, but lots of journalists have said it. Actually feels faster than that, and I would agree – and some tests have said that its kind of closer to 7.5 seconds and the naught to 30 time is just 3.

5 seconds. So its really quite nippy its, not necessarily needed or expected in a card this size. But when you need to pull away quickly, when you need to get round people quickly, its always an added bonus to have a bit more power, is it really raining, or am I just flexing my brand new mg umbrella? So after the week that Ive spent with the mg5 electric estate, how have I found my time? Is it as good, as I first initially found it when I drove it around a month ago, and I have to say yeah, it has lived up to my expectations. It is as good as I remember that range is really achievable and its got just enough to cover most peoples Journeys. The charging is a little bit inadequate, especially compared to the new mg4, but actually most people will charge their electric cars at home and if you find a 100 kilowatt charger, you can get back to 80 in about as much times it takes you to have a Coffee or something to eat the thing with the mg5 is it does exactly what it says on the tin, its a practical, Affordable Electric estate? Does it go above and beyond? Is it going to change the world no its not, but then they never claimed that it would. If somebody was to ask me whether they should purchase an mg5. I would say that if you need the practicality – and you prefer an estate because lets remember, this is not really that much more practical than the mgz then go for it, its a great all round vehicle, and I definitely recommend it.

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