Today we are at Paul Rigby mg Redditch and well be doing a side by side comparison of the old mg5 EV compared to the new and improved facelift version of the mg5 EV, stick around to the end of the video for more information about pricing, but also The current offers we are running for this quarter so well run through a couple of noticeable features straight off and, as you can probably see straight off the bat, the front end design is totally different. Its gone through a new refreshed, revamp design. One of the noticeable features is the headlights. They are now LED headlights compared to the old style halogen headlights. One of the main noticeable features on the front bumper is, as you can see, on the old generation theres. Actually, a lot of chrome going on around the front area here, whereas on the new facelift version, there is still a little bit of chrome to be seen, but a lot lot less. It does look a lot more stylish and a lot more modern, which is very fitting with the majority of the new mg lineup of cars. So another difference from the previous year generation to the new generation. Mg5Ev is that actually on the previous generation, you would get 16 inch alloy wheels. Now on the new generation of the mb5. You actually go up an inch, so you get 17 inch alloy wheels, which is a lot better, because now you have larger low profile tires, which makes for a much better driving experience as a whole, a feature that a lot of people will be really really happy To hear is that on the trophy action on of mg5 is that you actually get a 360 degree pattern camera now on the previous generation.

You would only actually be able to spec up to a reversing camera, so there was no option available for a 360 degree. Camera, however, now on the new one that is available on the trophy spec Edition and finally for the extra area. The last feature is privacy, glass. Now on the previous generation. Unfortunately, it wasnt an option, however, on the new generation privacy glass on the rear windows is an option on the trophy spec Edition right. So now we move to the interior of the new facelift mg5. There has been quite a few changes to the interior compared to the old generation. One of the biggest and probably more noticeable ones is the full digital drivers display now on the previous generation was the old style needle ones. This one is fully digital. The cluster is really clean. You can see all the relevant information in one place and it just looks really really smart and definitely a lot more modern too. As far as the infotainment system goes, you have a new 10.25 touchscreen display just here now. Another difference compared to the previous generation mg5 is that its actually quite flush and straight on, however, in this generation, theyve actually decided to tilt it more towards the driver, which obviously makes it a lot easier for the driver to see the relevant information, but its also Less of a distraction having it angled more towards a driver is a lot more ergonomic as well.

Now on the new generation mg5ev in the interior, the current center console is actually a lot more raised. The design has changed a little bit as well, giving it a more sleeker and a lot more modern design, but the biggest part of this is the ergonomics. As the center console is raised, where you position your arm its a lot more of a normal resting position. Uh same thing of the with the location of the buttons theyre a lot easier to reach from here, and it just fits the interior of the car super super well compared to the old generation mg5ev. So a fantastic feature thats actually been implemented into the new mg5ev, is the compatibility of the iSmart app now for those of you that arent aware of what that actually is, it basically allows you to interact with your mg5 or your mg without actually having to be Present with the car, so you can precondition, which basically means you can preheat or pre cool the vehicle, the interior of the vehicle. You can lock and unlock the car, and you can do little things like turn on your your heated seats, for example. Obviously, the best part about the app is it can be installed on your phone and you dont actually have to be in the vicinity of your car to actually make use of it. So its really really great for those those cold mornings where you really want to preheat your car and you dont want to get into a cold car and the final feature one of the newest features.

Obviously, with this car being a fully electric vehicle you can now have vehicle to load. Vehicle to load is basically a feature that allows you to power alternative electrical items by using the charge thats stored within your mg5. So, for example, if you need to power a lamp for example, or power, part of your home, that will be something you can easily do for more information on vehicle to load click. The link in our description below we have an article there, where you can read more in depth about the the feature itself and learn a little bit more. So, finally, the range on a mg5 EV, SC long range you can expect to receive with up to 250 miles of electrical range which, from Paul Rigby mg Riddick, is enough to get you from here. All the way to London have a little explore around London charge and then come back again. So, thank you very much for sticking to the to this video guys as I did State at the start of this video, we were going to run through the pricing for the mg5ev. In addition to the offers we are also currently running as well, so for the SE long range, the starting price is 30 995. Now, if youd like to step up a little bit further and go for the trophy long range that is going to be 33 495 click, the link in the description below and Ill also put it on screen.

We are running a couple of offers so feel free to check those out. I know that Im, one of them for the trophy Edition youll get 250 per pound deposit contribution on a PCP Finance offer so to end the video just a final. Thank you from me, and the team here at Paul would be mg Redditch. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section located below this video. If you require any more information on the mg5ev or any of our other used MG cars, please feel free to visit the link in the description which will link you through to our website, and you can explore all other offers currently running for the mg5ev and any Other new car offers we have available. Thank you very much for watching guys and have a good day.