A few weeks ago, there was a new viral video that flooded social media. Now this Tesla incident happened in China, but it concerns us too and Ill. Tell you why the video showed a white model y, accelerating out of control for some 1.6 miles and ultimately killing two people and injuring three others. According to reports, this tragic death was caused by Teslas autopilot system. Today were talking about this crash and how it led to a major Tesla safety recall. Well also, look at recent Tesla recalls in China, Australia, and even here in the states. Next time you see a Tesla on the road. You might view them differently, separate from the incident in China. Recently Tesla informed, U.S, Auto Safety Regulators of two new recent fatal crashes here in the states both involved the Tesla Model 3. Both fatalities were also tied to the Tesla Advanced Driver assistance systems back in June 2021, the national highway traffic safety administration, or issued an order that required car makers and tech companies to immediately apart all crashes, involving Advanced Driver assistance systems. Now this is a good thing, because this requirement also applies to Vehicles equipped with automated Driving Systems tested on public roads. Once a report gets sent in then netsa conducts an investigation, but get this. Since June 2021 there have been 18 officially reported fatal crashes that involve driver assistance systems and almost all of them involve Tesla vehicles, thats a lot in just a year and a half since 2016 Nitsa has opened 38 Special investigations of crashes that involved Tesla vehicles where Autopilot is suspected to be involved and, from these investigations alone, 1910 National related crash Industrial report.

So what exactly happened with these two recent fatal? Tesla crashes? It all happened in chowjo, a city located in the province of Guangdong and Southern China. In the viral video, a Tesla Model y was filmed accelerating at high speed for 1.6 miles and its brake lights appeared to be off and then it crashed. Two people lost their lives, one was a motorcyclist and the other victim was a high school student on a bicycle. The car also injured three others, including the driver. A family member of the driver told local Chinese media that the Teslas brake pedal was on responsive. Apparently, even when the driver tried to shift the vehicle to park, the model y showed no signs of slowing down its a very sad tragic event, but wait until your Teslas response to all of this. After the familys claims. Tesla China denied the vehicles brakes were unresponsive during the incident. According to Tesla China, data from the model y before the crash showed that the accelerator pedal was deeply depressed for an extended period of time. But there was one claim that Tesla China did confirm. The car maker found that when the model y was in motion, the driver briefly press the park button four times and the brake lights turned on and off quickly, but heres. The thing you need to understand about President Park, while your Tesla is in motion sure pressing the park button, while Teslas in motion should stop, but only if you press the button for an extended period of time.

So, even though reports confirm that the driver pressed the button four times, apparently it wasnt long enough of a press, so no braking was applied despite Tesla China denying some of the claims made by the drivers. Family social media is siding with a driver not with Tesla. Apparently, the driver of the model I used to be a truck driver, in other words, he wasnt, some inexperienced kid behind the wheel and local traffic police also ruled out the possibilities that the driver was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Tesla said that it plans to actively provide any necessary Aid to the local police problem analysis and that might involve the third party investigator, believe it or not. This is far from being the first and only incident where Tesla Chinas vehicles have been accused of alleged brake failure in 2021, Tesla was splashed across International headlines. After a few female protester at the Shanghai Auto Show climbed on top of one of the Tesla display vehicles. In protest, the protester yelled that she almost died because her Teslas brakes failed and she got the attention she was looking for. After her protest and criticism for local authorities in state run, media Tesla China publicly apologized, though Tesla didnt, acknowledge any defect in the car. After that, other multiple alleged brake failure, incidents involving Tesla started popping up all over social media. Evidently Tesla Chinas media team stepped in and got involved, but that didnt stop multiple media sources from calling Teslas EVS unsafe.

A few weeks ago, Tesla China also experienced another issue with stevies this time it had to do with battery management software issues in the model, S and model X and seat belt issues in the model 3., and because of these safety issues. Tesla China announced a combined recall of nearly 81 000 Vehicles, Tesla didnt release too much information or specifics of what exactly was wrong with the software and seat belts. But it did say that for the first recall, the affected models were imported Vehicles, built between sept December 2013 and November 2020. thats a seven year period. Tesla also said it planned to fix the nearly 68 000 Teslas, that of the battery management software issue with a free software update. The second recall, impacting seat belts covered some 2700 imported model threes. This one is a different story altogether thats, because this recall has to do with potentially faulty seat belt. Apparently the seat belts in question might have been installed the wrong way. This recall impacts model 3s that were imported between January and November 2022, and an additional 10 000 plus model 3s made in China between October 2019 and September 2022.. Obviously, this one is a physical safety issue and one that cant be done over the air via software update. Instead, owners need to return their model threes to a nearby Tesla location for inspection and replacement. Then theres. Yet another recall, back in April 2022., Tustin announced to recall almost 128 000 model threes in China.

This time the issue was with potential faults and certain semiconductor components that can lead to dangerous collisions, but Tesla isnt experience in recent problems, just in China alone. Take a look at Australia several weeks ago, it was announced that almost sixteen thousand of the 2022 Tesla Model 3 in model wise were being recalled by Tesla Australia. This one has to do with the models: 3 and model wise tail lights, not Illuminating correctly because of a software issue when it gets dark outside. The last thing you want is a malfunctioning tail light. The recall statement issued by Tesla Australia acknowledged that this can increase the risk of an accident causing Serious injury, adapt to the passengers in the Tesla and other cars on the road. According to Tesla, the problem doesnt affect the brake, lamps, reverse lines or signal lamps. Its only the tail lights that are having these issues since the taillight malfunction is caused by software issues. Tesla said owners dont need to come in for service appointment, but that it would fix the issue via over the air software updates, but now get this in 2022. From January to the end of October, Tesla reportedly sold almost 8 700 model threes and 6450 model wise in Australia, so were talking more than 15 000 cars sold in that period and in November Tesla announced recall, impacting fifteen thousand nine hundred cars. So that means that Tesla recalled more vehicles in that one announcement that it had sold in that entire 10 month time period in Australia, but now lets bring it all home.

Cant talk about Tesla issues and recalls in China, Australia and abroad, without also talking about whats happening here in the States, because trust me when it comes to Tesla malfunctioning issues. Unfortunately, weve got lots of them. A few weeks ago, Tesla announced a major recall that affects Teslas here in the States, but this isnt, a small recall. In fact, it affects over 321 000 Teslas in America, its related to the software glitch, which causes the tail lights to go on and off intermittently and increase the risk of occlusion, specifically impacts 2020 to even 2023 model wise and 2023 model series. If all this sounds familiar well, yes, its, like the recall that was issued in China impacting model 3 and model wise. As of November 14, 2022 Tesla had received three warranty claims because of the tail light related problem, but according to official documents, Tesla was not aware of any crashes or injuries related to the software glitch. So far, this recall also affects Teslas in Canada, but no specific numbers have been released for the Canadian ones around the same time, time Tesla reported another problem and this one impacts the model X, close to 30 000 of them to be exact, apparently theres, an issue That can even cause the front passenger airbag to deploy incorrectly in a low speed Collision event. After that announcement, Tesla shares dropped two percent that was the lowest shared dropped in almost two years in the official recall notice, Tesla stated that this issue can increase the risk of more dangerous injury if the front seat passenger is a young person, as opposed to an Adult, but as of yet theres, not been any injuries or deaths related to this particular issue, Tesla announced it will address the issue over the air, be a software update earlier that same month.

There was another recall when it rains it pours. This time were talking some 40 000 Teslas, specifically the affected Vehicles involved. 2017 2021 Model S model X, Teslas. The issue here is these specific models can potentially experience a loss of power steering assist when driving on rough roads or even after the car hits a bottle. Now this is a serious safety issue. The reason why this can be dangerous is because, when you lose power steering assist, it can take more effort to steer, especially at low speeds, and it can increase your risk of crashing. For now, there hasnt been any reported injuries or deaths reported to the issue, but Tesla did receive 314 vehicle alerts related to this particular problem. To fix the issue. Tesla released another over the air software update that recalibrated the affected systems, so that the system can better detect unexpected steering assist torque by the way did you know that in 2022, from January to the beginning of November, Tesla had issued 17 recall campaigns and those campaigns Impacted a combined total of 3.4 million Teslas. Now I know what you might be thinking, these U.S recalls, probably sound, more inconvenient and annoying, but maybe theyre not as bad as compared to the two fatalities allegedly caused by the model wise in China and in a way youre right. None of the recent U.S recalls. I mentioned caused any deaths or injury in the states as of yet but thats, not to say, thats, never been a serious case with the Tesla here in the States during a four month period.

Earlier this year, 11 people were killed here in the U.S, and these crashes involve vehicles that were using automated Driving Systems of some sort of the 11 10 involved, the test. Now, according to nhtsa, it was unclear whether the technology itself was at fault or whether the driver made a mistake themselves. If you expand the time period from July 2021 to May 2022, there were six reported deaths due to crashes involving automated Driving Systems, and five of these six deaths occurred in a Tesla. In each case, the Advanced Driver assist system was apparently in use. If youre thinking then recall to recall well, yes thats what the numbers say, Ive said it before and Ill say it again. Personally, I dont believe the autopilot systems are anywhere near the state they need to be to be deemed safe for the driver and other cars on the road, its just not ready yet, in my opinion, to be considered reliable, theres still a lot more development testing that Needs to take place before the autopilot system can be trusted more than a human driver. You might think this is just my personal opinion and yes, it is, but look. Even safety Advocates are saying that the number of incidents involving Tesla is an automated driver assistance systems. Such as autopilot have been increasing, so I say just look at the stats in the pattern and let the numbers do the talking.