So, yes, Audi has changed the name and thats, because the QA e tron sort of sits above the Q5 but below the Q7. This is a 4.9 meter, long, all electric SUV. So what have they done? Well, I think youll probably be able to tell theres a dramatic redesign of both the front and in a mini youll, see the rear end of the car, and these changes are not only to make it more striking, but also to make it a lot more efficient. Because the number one problem with the current e tron well according to its customers, was it just simply: didnt offer enough range so thats. Why Audi has boosted the range of all the models? So how has it done that? Well, you can just look at this front. End it has the original air curtain, but they have been widened and it has a redesigned lower, rear Valance, and this is quite important because they found out that the old one used to leak air up into the Bonnet, which is not very good for drag. So, while were at the front of the car its worth pointing out, this is Aldis new 2D logo, and this Grille is also 3D and has an LED light bar that sort of shines across that sort of neatens. It up a little bit like before its got. The active Grille that opens the shutters for cooling of both the batteries and electric motors now lets come to the back of the car.

This way theres some new rims. Do we care about that? Not really. At the back of the car, there is a new diffuser um. It doesnt actually look like it does anything, but Audi has significantly tweaked the air owners car to so well, so Laura drag coefficient by about 0.1, whatever that means so the Q8 e tron, like many other all electric vehicles, are truly numbers cars and theres. A lot of them, let me explain so Audi – is going to offer um the QA e tron in the 50, the 55 and the sq 8. Now you might need a pen and paper for this. The 50 version gets the old cars big battery, so thats a 95 kilowatt hour battery. Now, thanks to its new electric motors, it now produces 250 kilowatts and 664 newton meters of torque. Now that is an increase of 20 kilowatts and 124 newton meters of torque, now see what I mean theres a lot of numbers to consider here. That now enables um the big all electric SUV to hit 100 kilometers per hour in a very respectable six seconds. If that is not enough, power youll probably want the 55.. Now the 55 carries over the 50s talk Peak, which is 664 newton meters, but now produces 300 kilowatts, which is 50 kilowatts. More so I mean um. It also comes with a bigger 114 kilowatt hour battery. So that means the range it goes up to 600 kilometers, which is very impressive, thats a huge I think, thats around 44 increase from my numbers.

Oh the base car. The base 50 now has a range of 513 kilometers. If youre still keeping track of this. I I really really respect you, because I its so confusing for me and Ive, studied the numbers anyway, so 55, that does not 100 kilometers per hour in 5.6 seconds. Now the Big Daddy, the sqa there will not be an RS QA e tron. They tell me so. The sqa now produces 370 kilowatts and Im gon na have to cheat here because its just below 973 newton meters of torque, and that enables it to hit 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.5 seconds and top out at 210 kilometers per hour. Now that I have to cheat here that has a range of 505 kilometers, which is still really quite decent, considering, firstly, the size of this car, as well as introducing more efficient software to govern the management of the battery Audi, has also increased charging speed. So the 95 kilowatt hour battery now can be charged at up to 150 kilowatts, which is up for 120 and the new 114 kilowatt hour battery. Well, that can be topped up up to 170 kilowatts, so that means a 10 to 80 percent. Top up now takes 26 minutes, which is actually the same as the last car, but remember youre, putting more energy in and youre well youre getting more range out so thats, a good thing until you remember the Koreans have charging up to 350 kilowatts, so yeah the Volkswagen group still has some way to go to catch up with well the very leaders in all electric car technology, so I think thats enough of the numbers.

What like what I can tell you is on our drive. We have driven the sqa, which is ballistically fast. It has three electric motors to produce at 370 kilowatts and my God does it fly down the road, but you know what I mean the 55 version now so that Wines power down to 300 kilowatts – and this offers plentiful, plentiful punch on the road like this um. Its also a fractually bit quieter, because both cars have a really really irritating wine that comes from the front motor at around speed of 90 kilometers per hour and Im, not sure what its called. But I think, its the front motor. But God does it make a racket, so what else has Audi done? Well, its also said its improved handling significantly and what Engineers have basically done is theyve taken the old car and theyve tried to sort of increase sort of precision when you turn in so now. They say its just a lot more precise and one of the big changes is its junk. The old rack for a new one, thats around 10 faster. The steering weight, is also a lot well. A lot lighter and it sort of adds to the sort of adds to the feel. Has it transformed the e tron? Well, it still feels Im very, very heavy SUV, which of course it is, but theres been other changes too. So the bishings on um. The version were driving now around 50 percent, stiffer and theyve also changed um the damping on the rear axle, particularly because customers sort of complained of like a floaty feeling and yeah its now, a lot more well controlled.

So the result is on a road like this. It does feel yeah, it does feel more precise, but its not really something that will make you trade out of your rsqa or your X5 and BMW. But I think for people who want one of these well, they buy them for the same reasons: theyve always bought them. These things are utterly refined, quiet super, quick and well give you that smug feeling only an all electric vehicle can, even when one thats, this big as for Rye quality Im, afraid were going to have to probably wait until the QA each run arrives when we get Home because the roads were driving on now are mostly well pretty. Damn smooth, so yeah well have to reserve judgment for that, but we can say that over some of the big bumps yeah its perfectly well cushioned and um yeah, I think theres. Nothing.