. The 2023 Genesis GV60 EV is the most recent Model to hit the market.. This vehicle will have much more to offer with its new futuristic design.. Could this be one of Teslas? Most intriguing competitors Stay tuned as we close up the 2023 Genesis, GV60 EV.. What new features will it introduce Stay tuned and dont touch that dial. A brand new vehicle for 2023? The Genesis GV60 shares a platform and numerous unseen components with its prestigious corporate siblings, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 small crossovers. Lets. First, look at the cars different trims and prices.. There are two all wheel: drive trim levels for the 2023 GV60 Advanced and Performance.. A rear wheel, drive model is on the way, but not for the 2023 model. Year. The most popular trim is the Performance, but we recommend the Advanced for most buyers.. Well explain why later. The Advanced is priced at 59985, plus a 1095 destination fee and includes 20 inch alloy wheels with all season tires, LED lighting, heated self, dimming power, adjustable side mirrors, a glass roof, acoustic window glass except rear window leather upholstery power, adjustable heated front Seats with memory, settings, 6040 split, rear seats and a Bang Olufsen audio system., We suggest the Advanced because it costs less than 60K and has many fascinating features, as well as a slightly longer driving range. Starting at 68985. The Performance trim upgrades or replaces Modern features, including a more potent front, motor, ventilated, rear, brake rotors, larger disc brakes electronically controlled, adjustable suspension 21 inch, alloy wheels and all season tires an electronically controlled, limited slip, differential Nappa, leather upholstery, an extendable, thigh bolster and massage function.

For the drivers, seat and heated rear, seats. Lets now look at the battery and the cars Performance.. Two dual motor powertrain options. Each with standard all wheel drive are available for the 2023 GV60. A 99 horsepower 74 kW front wheel, drive motor and a 214 horsepower 160 kW rear wheel, drive motor are standard on the Advanced trim. 314 horsepower 234 kW and 446 pound feet of torque are the Maximum combined outputs. In normal driving conditions, the Performance trims, two 214 hp motors produce, 429 hp and 516 lb ft of torque. A chartreuse button on the steering wheel, activates the Boost mode, which offers a 10 second power boost to 483 horsepower. Only the 3.5 second times Of the Tesla Model Y Performance and Ford Mustang Mach E GT Performance among potential rivals can match the GV60 Performances impressive. 3.7. Second, 0. 60 mph sprint when Boost is activated.. Both GV60 trims are elegant, cosy, agile and enjoyable to push hard on winding roads.. The steering is quick and responsive, and the braking is confident, especially when the one pedal maximum regenerative braking mode is activated.. The limited slip, differential and air suspension in the Performance trim keep torque moving in all directions.. However, the GV60s weight 4696 pounds in Advanced trim and 4872 pounds in Performance overwhelms the all season tires when cornering at high speeds., While summer or performance tires, would increase grip. They would reduce a drivers range by a few miles., So how long does it take to charge the battery The 77.

4 kWh battery pack is shared by both all wheel. Drive 2023 Genesis GV60 trims, but the Advanced trims range is lower at 248 miles compared to the Performance. Trims 235 miles. Range wise. The Audi Q4 e tron splits the difference with 241 miles, while the Volvo C40 Recharge trails, 226 miles., Leading the pack are the Tesla Model Y 303313 miles depending on trim and the all wheel drive Ford, Mustang, Mach E Premium 270 miles., While not as luxurious as Their Genesis, sibling, the all wheel, drive Kia, EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 with long range battery packs, also outperform the GV60s range with 274 and 256 miles respectively.. The range of the GV60 Advanced is equivalent to 95 mpg for combined city and highway driving. While the Performance drops to 90 MPGe., The Audi Q4 e tron matches the Advanced with 95 MPGe, while the C40 Recharge comes in second, with 87 MPGe.. As usual, Tesla leads the pack in EV efficiency comparisons with the Model Y Long Range receiving a 122 MPGe rating from the Environmental Protection Agency.. The EPA rating for the GV60 Advanced is 35 kWh consumed per 100 miles.. The Q4 Sportback has a 36 kWh100 miles rating. The GV60 Performance and all wheel, drive, Mach E, extended range, has a rating of 37 kWh and the C40 Recharge has a rating of ‘ kWh. Teslas Model Y Long Range is the most efficient consuming only 28 kWh per 100 miles.. The GV60, like its Hyundai and Kia counterparts, has an 800 volt charging system allowing it to use the most powerful DC fast chargers, available.

On a 350 kW fast charger Genesis claims the GV60 can recharge a 90 depleted battery to 80 capacity in just 18 minutes.. This compares to the competitions average times of 25 to 35 minutes.. The GV60 has an 11 kW capability for 240 volt Level, 2 charging equipment at home or the office, and it takes roughly 7.5 hours to recharge a completely depleted battery. Rivals range from 11.5 hours. For the Model Y to 8 hours for the C40 Recharge., Each cycle aims to restore a completely discharged battery to its full power.. The nationwide network of DC fast chargers operated by Electrify America is available to GV60 purchasers for three years of free 30 minute charging sessions.. The 2023 Genesis GV60 is a small low, roofed crossover. Still. It appears and feels larger in part because of a contemporary open interior layout. That makes the most of the flat floor and extended wheelbase provided by the vehicles, skateboard style, electric vehicle EV platform., The centre console which has an open parcel shelf and a small bin under its cantilevered upper arm divides the leather covered reclining front bucket seats.. The backs of the typical flat bench style, rear seats found in crossover vehicles, are adjustable and partially reclined.. The clear uncluttered dash has a sweeping glass fronted panel that houses two 12.3 inch screens a driver information panel that can be customized on the left and a colour touchscreen on the right.. There are vents for the passengers in the backseat under the door pillars and the climate control knobs are located separately in the lower centre of the dash.

. The touchscreen is managed by a rotary dial on the centre console and can also hear voice commands. When the power is on a second rotary that acts as the gear shifter manifests as a grooved metallic hemisphere for convenient handling and shifting.. When the power is turned off. It rotates into the console revealing its other half a crystal hemisphere., Except for the Tesla Model Y, which is longer by one inch. The GV60 is longer than every rival at 186 inches., Its 62 inch peak roofline is the lowest in the group, but it still has more rear, headroom 38.1 inches than the Volvo C40 Recharge, or the Audi Q4 e tron., Only the Model Ys 41 inches and the C40 Recharges 40.9 inches offer more front headroom than the ‘ inches it provides. In the segment rear. Legroom is also third, with 37.6 inches trailing only the Model Ys 40.5 inches and the Ford Mustang Mach 38.1 Es inches.. Only the Mach E has more front legroom than the GV60 with 43.3 inches., When the rear seatbacks are folded. The GV60s cargo space behind the seats expands to a slightly less than flat 54.7 cubic feet or 24 cubic feet.. Only the C40 Recharge has a smaller cargo space behind the seats 14.6 cubic feet, while the Q4 e tron and the C40 both have smaller total cargo capacities of 54.4 and 42.6 cubic feet. Respectively. The Model Ys maximum towing capacity is 3500 pounds, while the Q4 e is Trons 2200.

. The Genesis has a towing capacity of up to 2000 pounds.. The Mach E is not approved for towing in the United States, whereas the C40 Recharge can tow up to 2000 pounds.. Many of the 2023 Genesis. Gv60S features are controlled by the 12.3 inch infotainment screen. Still. There are also physical, knobs and switches for the audio climate and lighting systems, as well as a rotary controller on the console to help drivers focus on the road.. The GV60s screen is simple: to read and use, despite not being the largest in the segment, both the Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach E have 15 inchers. Standard features include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but wireless connectivity., A wireless phone charging pad two USB ports. One for data and charging and two additional USB charging ports are located on the back of the console to accommodate passengers in the back seats. Additionally included as standard equipment are navigation, Bluetooth and a Wi Fi hotspot with a monthly fee., A 17 speaker, Bang Olufsen audio System handles broadcast and satellite radio.. The active noise cancelling system uses these speakers to keep the GV60s cabin quiet even at high speeds.. Several augmented powertrain sounds are also present. Some gratingly shrill and loud. They are disabling, able., V2L or Vehicle to Load. Is a power? Take off feature that, like other Genesis, Hyundai and Kia EVs uses a factory supplied adapter to let the battery pack power, 12 volt tools and appliances or even provide an emergency trickle charge to another EV.

. So what are your thoughts on the Genesis? Gv60 EV for 2023? Let me know what you think in the comments section below. That concludes this video Thats. All we had in store for you. Thanks a lot for watching the video. Until the next one peace.