The first electric SS more interior room and lets the customer choose the configuration of the powertrain, a unique proposition in an industry where every nameplate is fighting to stand out dot when Chevrolet brought back the Blazer as a two row, midsize crossover in 2019. fans of the Original who were hoping for an off road ready SUV were vocal with their disappointment. Now comes another surprise, wearing a Blazer, a badge as Chevy takes the SUV with the storied name into the electric realm of autodom for 2024., the gas free version is called the Blazer EV and if youre disappointed by the Blazers electrification take solace in the SS trim, Which offers 557 horsepower and is said to be capable of hitting 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds, while the SS seems still are made to take on the likes of the Ford, Mustang Machi GT and the Tesla Model E performance, three other more affordable. Less powerful models will be available as well. The Blazer abuses, General Motors Altium Battery Technology and the model with the most range will be the RS trim, which Chevy says, will go about 320 miles on a charge. Electric cars are often bought for their technology performance or emissions free driving, but you may just want the new blazer rev, based purely on its aggressive, sporty styling. The Chevrolet Blazer evs exterior design is stunning, with Chevy, describing the lines as taut converging and with the ability to convey emotion, base models, have an upmarket appearance with, futuristic, LED lighting, a closed off Grill section and flow increase lines along the side.

The overhangs are notably short, the design changes markedly from trim to trim LT models, have a monochromatic look and 19 inch Wheels, whereas the RS upgrades to 21 inch wheels and numerous black accents. Nevertheless, Chevy says that the Blazer rev is the complete package with style, performance and Technology. The automaker confirms it will have various trim levels, color options and Battery ranges like the rest of the electric Chevrolet lineup. This all electric midsize SUV has been designed from the ground up using the LTM battery platform. The Altium battery platform allows flexibility with charging speeds range and Performance. Chevrolet says the LTM battery platform gives the sporty Blazer rev the sheer power and confidence needed to go. The distance there will be a smaller battery option with 247 miles of range and a more long range option that will get 320 miles on a full charge in either case regenerative braking and one pedal driving can help. Convert the vehicles kinetic energy into energy stored in the battery, there are 40 000 public electric vehicle charging stations. The 2024 Chevrolet Blazer rep can charge up at plus additional DC fast charging. The my Chevrolet mobile, app y pH energy assist, can help drivers plan routes to ensure charging is convenient. The Blazer will be capable of level 1, 120 volt charging or level 2 240 volt charging at home. Depending on your setup. Meanwhile, standard Chevy safety assist is included on all trims that includes automatic emergency.

Braking Lane keep assist with Lane departure warning forward Collision alert front pedestrian, braking following distance indicator and indela beam. The exterior design of the blazarev is familiar but different. You can clearly tell that the styling draws inspiration not just from the gas powered Blazer, but also from several other Chevy models. Take that front end, for instance, the resemblance to the Camaro is uncanny. The Bulge on the hood is a nice touch. Indeed, the SS trim features a more aggressive front, fascia helping to distinguish itself from the other trims. All Blazer EVS come with LED lighting as standard, but RS and SS trims also come with a light bar with signature lighting animations and an illuminated bow tie. The architecture and battery pack give the Blazer have a lower center of gravity and floor, which yields more interior space and options for storage areas and clever Packaging inside the cabin feels Airy with lots of Headroom. Even with the optional sunroof. The low floor and extended wheelbase mean more cargo room screens in the cockpit are angled and oriented to the driver. There is a 17.7 inch OLED freeform Center touch screen with dimming backlight for crisp Graphics that fill the screen to the edges. No large areas of dark screen, the driver display, adds another 11.0 inches and there is a three by seven inch head up display that is standard on the SS optional on the high volume. Second, lieutenant and rs trims, a video display enhances the rear view, mirror the Blazer FSS was Telltale red and black, both inside and out.

The red leather seats in both rows are heated and cooled and the cabin benefits from contrast, stitching and higher end materials, rear seat, passengers get vents which are controlled from up front and two USB Outlets. Not surprisingly, the Blazer rev has Camaro style round air vents. The SUV also ha SN ionizer to purify the air. You can look up the air quality and some models will have a sensor to automatically turn on the filter to scrub when poor air quality requires it especially useful for markets such as China. Some clever Technologies on the Blazer EV include the proximity sensors for the charge port door and the tailgate which can detect if someone with a programmable fob or key is standing behind the vehicle and open the hatch automatically. The SS lives up to its ranged hopping status with a standard head up display and a full display camera mirror if pushing a button to start your car is too much of a taxing task. Youll love the Blazer EV hands free start means that nothing more than a tap on the brake is needed to get going. The advanced super Cruise hands free driving system is available as well, depending on the trim. The Blazer, if has DC public fast charging capability of up to 190 kilowatts, which Chevy exec say, will add 78 miles of range in 10 minutes, the EV has hands free start, which means no button to push close the door tap the brake and the key fob Authorizes the SUV to go.

The fob also talks to the sensors at the rear of the vehicle to open the tailgate hands. Free the vehicles offer one pedal driving activated via button on the touchscreen. The driver can choose how aggressive the regenerative braking is and can pull on a shift. Paddle on the steering wheel, to make small adjustments to braking strength, wide open Watts or wow is the Chevy family friendly version of the watts to Freedom or WTF, launch mode on the GMC Hummer a maximum power model to get more current to the inverter for more Power to the wheels for takeoff super cruise is standard on the SS optional on Lower trims Advanced park assist. Does the work for you and other Advanced Driver assist systems include reverse automatic, braking forward Collision alert, automaker emergency, see, braking and Lane keep assist with Lane departure warning altify allows over the air software updates to improve and personalize the vehicle over its lifetime. The Blazer comes with standard, and all season tires with optional summer tires for performance. The Blazer will be the second Chevy on GMs ultim, electric vehicle architecture, which underpins the 2022 GMC Hummer and pickup and SUV, and the 2023 Cadillac lyric midsize crossover. The first electric Chevy for multium is the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado F full size, pickup 2 in Spring 2023, followed by the Blazer next summer, and the 2024 Chevrolet Equinox have compact crossover in the fall of next year. We will get our first full look at the Equinox 7 September when the current Blazer hit streets in 2018.

It ushered in a new design ethos complete with Camaro and Corvette touches that carries over to the F in this age of dynamic lighting. The Blazer rev is no exception, with LED lights that travel to and from the illuminated bowtie in the middle of the light bar for a bit of theater. When you approach or walk away from the vehicle, it is most dramatic on the SS, with its two tone. Color scheme, with black Fashion top the lighting, also conveys the vehicles state of charge. Light stands faster and shine more intensely as the batterys charge increases. The Blazer rev will hit the market in summer 2023, launching initially with the most popular trims. The second Lieutenant that starts at 47 595 and introduces leather seats and the sportier RS with a 51 995 starting price. They will be followed by the high performance SS with standard AWD, 65, 995 and before years and Chevrolet will add the base first lieutenant.