So in this video we are going to know all about this TVs, IQ, St electric scooter. So first of all lets start from the front in the front we are getting a windshield which differs from these both base variant and the mid variant s variant. So here we get a tall windscreen, then the iqube S variant and under this we have led DRL. Along with this chrome, finished, brake levers and under DRL. You are going to find TVs, logo and a number plate holder to hold the to hold your number plate and down. We have IQ badging along with LED headlight and side indicators, so under headlight we have fiber plastic mud guard and when it comes to brakes its equipped with a disc at the front and the drums at the rear. So we get both the discount rum break in the TVs IQ St model, so, while coming to tires, they use 90 by 90. Section 12 inch starts at the front as well as at the rear. So when it comes to side part, as you can see, this here is the St badging, as this is the top end model St, so they have badged it with the St logo here so for the rest of the models, we dont have any specific badging at The side so for the top end variant, they give the badging and if you come back side here, we have IQ electric logo along with this St model name.

So this is the side portion of this TVs, IQ St electric scooter. So we can see the same design. There is no change in the design compared to this base variant and S variant. So this is the side part. It comes with a side stand along with the cylinder stand. The side stand is equipped with the sensor. So if the side stand is engaged, the scooter wont move to forward. So here we have the pillion footpegs. The quality is good. So here we have a TVs electric logo at the rear wheel. So when you are charging this vehicle, this electric lights will blow up. So this is the bldc motor of this TVs IQ, so Ill talk about this powertrain later in the video. So when it comes to Backside, we we have this strong grab rail along with iqube logo, and now that we have a LED tail light along with LED side indicators. And here we have TVs, logo number plate, holder and a reflector. So, as I said, they have used a 90 by 96 and 12 inch tubeless tires at the front and rear and welcome into suspension at front. We have telescopic and at the rear we have dual shocks which are adjustable, so we can adjust those according to our comfort. So at the right side we have the same IQ electric logo, along with st model number. So here we get the air vents. So this scooter is equipped with the non removable, lithium and battery pack so to emit the heat which is produced by the battery pack outside they have provided these vents.

They dont have any active cooling system, so they have gave this wind for like a passive cooling system. So this is overall about designing of this TVs, IQ electric scooter so now lets talk about the dimensions when it comes to wheelbase. It comes with a 13.1 mm wheelbase and 770 MMC heat height and 157 mm ground clearance, and if you look at the boot, the main highlight of this TVs – icube St, is its boot. So this is the key of this TVs, IQ St. So, as those two models comes with a flip key, this IQ St is also coming with a Phillip key. We dont have any keyless entry systems, so here is a key knob. If you put this Lock And if you unlock here, we get a massive 32 liters boot space in this TVs, IQ St model, so in the so in these both variants we get only 17 liters board space. So in IQ St we get 32 liters boot space. In which you can fit easily a two half face helmets, I think uh, two full face helmets wont fit in this, but a two half face helmets can easily fit in this. So this is a 32 liter Master board space and we get a USB charging port to charge our mobile phone. So this is related to the boot space. And if we talk about the technical specs of this electric scooters, it is equipped with a three kilowatt nominal and a 4.

4 kilowatt Peak power, bldc hub motor, which can produce a top speed of 82 kilometer per hour. And it can go up to 0 to 40. Kilometer per hour speed in just 4.2 seconds and when it comes to battery the battery is placed here. So this is equipped with a 5.1 kilowatt hour. Lithium ion ais156 certified battery pack, so the overall capacity is 5.1 kilowatt, but the usable capacity is only 4.56 kilowatt hour, so by using this 4.56 kilowatt hour, it can give you up to a real range of 145 kilometers in the Eco Mode. This comes with a two modes: Eco and power mode. In eco mode. You will get 145 kilometers of range and in the power mode you get 110 kilometers of range. So in the power mode you can go up to 82 kilometer per hour top speed and in eco mode you can go up to 45 to 50 kilometer raw top speed. So this is all about the exterior of this TVs, IQ electric scooter. So now lets talk about the display, so in both these variants we get 7 inches display, which is not touch so in the St variant. We get a touch screen display so Ill on you, the display foreign low beam switch. Here we get a joystick, so in the S7 also we get the joystick, but there wont be any touch so in the St variant we get touch screen display as well as this joystick.

We can control this display with this joystick and along with touch. So here we get a indicator, switch, we get horn switch and at the right side we get a parking switch. So if we on that button, all the four indicators will blink and down. We have a reverse parking button, and here we get a mode button. So, as I already said, it gets two modes, Eco and sports mode, So currently its in the ECO mode and 92 percent of charge left in this. So in this 92 percent of charge it can go up to 129 kilometers of real range. So this is real range so to on this coder we should press one break and the mode button. So now the scooter is on. So, as you can see, this is a customizable display. You can put your profile pic like this, so Ill change this in a while. So here is a general settings display, theme and analog when it comes so here is the analog display, so you can customize this display according to your liking. So in the display we get a distance to empty. Currently we are in the Eco Mode here its showing 129 kilometers, so Ill change it to power mode. So in the power mode, with 92 percent of charge, we can go up to 92 kilometers, so they are claiming in power mode. We can go 110 kilometers of range, but here its showing in the 92 percent of charge, we can go up to 92 kilometers.

So I have done the real time range test of this TVs IQ base variant, so the links are in the description. If you are interested to know the real range of this TVs, I keep scooters. You can check on that video. So, while coming back to the display here, we get a touchscreen display which shows the speed mode odometer and the state of the battery and the distance to empty average, speed battery percentage and odometer. So the rest of the things are locked for now, so they are going to unlock it when the deliveries of this quarter begin. So when it comes to settings where we have general settings in which we can customize our display and our sound according to our liking – and next we have the Bluetooth settings here – is the Bluetooth name, so you can pair it with your mobile phone. This comes with the mobile phone connectivity, so in the mobile phone you get the Alexa axis and the turn by turn navigation. So like this, you will get lots of features in the mobile app. So when it comes to the my vehicle settings here, we get service, error, tire pressure monitoring system, so the scooter has a active TPMS, so it shows how much air is available in your scooters and under this you have trip meter and a software update. So here is a privacy in the Privacy. You have connectivity and incognito mode. So if youre on this incognito mode, no one will know in which route you have traveled and under the Privacy.

You have document section, so you can upload up to three documents with the help of your app connectivity. So under this we have profile, so you can customize your profile as per your liking. So, as I already said so, this is the settings available right now in this TVs, IQ, SD, electric scooter, so the touch response is very good. So I really like the touch response so while compared to Ola the touch response of this TVs, IQ St is really really good, so they have locked most of the features now right now, so this is just a display model. So when it comes to production ready model, so more connectivity features will be available in this. So friends, this is all about this TVs, IQ electric scooters. Now the main question is when the deliveries are going to start and what is the price? So exactly right now I too dont know the price and the TVs Executives, also dont, know the price. So when it comes to deliveries, the deliveries are going to start after two months. So if you have pre booked this TVs IQ St electric scooter, you have to wait more two months to get this to your doorstep. So this is all about this TVs, IQ, electric scooter, so whats your thoughts and how is the TVs, IQ, electric scooters? Please let us know in the comment sections if you found this video helpful, please, like the video and dont forget to subscribe electric vehicles.