You Must Be Wondering Why We, a cup of Chinese, are doing an English on Chinese. Intelligent events. Please give me a few minutes to tell you the answer. 15 years ago, when I was a gearbox engineer at Shanghai, Volkswagen, the joint venture car makers Was preparing to launch its first indigenous model in China. The La Vida, the vehicle used a brand new name, adopted the design style that is completely different from the previous Volkswagen cars. However, it managed to increase the comfortability using an old but cost controllable pq34 platform because of the Volkswagens popularity in China that here the sales number of this 20 000 Euro Car went through the roof at his Peak. It cancels 50 000 units per month. At that time I would never have thought that 15 years later in 2022, Chinas automobile Market would sell 5 million electrical powered cars, accounting for more than 25 percent of the market shares. Although this includes products like phews that still run on engines. The error of the intelligent EV has truly arrived heres. Another fact, 13 years ago, when I first attested the F3 DM dual model electrical cars that has just been tried out in byds test field. I thought they were really crazy. The car borrowed the architecture from Toyota Corolla the old one, but it was also equipped with batteries Motors and controllers. It also had, of course, an engine after driving this car, its poor Driving Experience and clumsy power control made it difficult for me to understand.

Why would they have made such a terrible car, but they firmly believe that it will definitely be the future. Today, byd, the same company has been selling 200 000 cars every month in China. These cars are all EV and pH eBay products. The fact that it became the sales Champion by a company and by brand in Chinese market with real production of the traditional fuel power cars means that the mainstream market of the new car consumption in China already belongs to the EVS. Are you curious about what has happened to byd and other automobile manufacturers during the last 30 years? What has changed in the consumer Market in China? Has everyone gone mad or has the whole industry really step into a new era as an expert who has been engaged in the automobile industry in China for 15 years Im here to explore the answers with you in our show, you may think the market introduced in Our video is too far away and this intelligent events sold in China will never appear in your countries. But what I want to say is that things are developing much faster than you think. In 2022, many consumers in Europe has been able to buy events from Chinas excellent car makers such as byd and Neil, and the consumers in South East Asia and Australia have gradually became familiar with Chinese car brands. You can even see byd launching new cars in Japan, maybe in two or three years.

This interesting and even slightly crazy events will appear in the car dealership near you. As Pedro had an Engineers, we used to think EVS are mad, but now we are mad about it, thats how the name Maddie V came from and just like our slogan says the truth of Chinese CVS and more. We hope to introduce you to some magical changes that taking place in Chinas automobile industry such as iconic products, groundbreaking Technologies, market and consumer trend of intelligent EVS in the worlds largest new car market. Here you will find facts, opinions and many unique perspectives, as well as our experience and judgment accumulated in the past 15 years. We hope to present you the ins and outs of Chinese, intelligent, EV and market intuitively, and clearly we will be uploading twice a week. One is a car review hosted by my colleague who graduated from tongue University with a major in automotive engineering. For the past seven years he has been a professional tester driver of our company driving more than 80 different new cars every year, its perfect for him to introduce the use and the product experience of the new events in China. Another one is a market analysis hosted by me as a professional, Technical and Market analyst in the industry. I will be discussing an interesting and normal topic of Evie with you every week. If you are working in the automobile industry or youre just interested in the automobile market trends and new technologies, you have to stay tuned to our program for more unreviewed knowledge.

That will definitely surprise you Applause each week well be introduced a Chinese New Year and talk about the latest topic on the market, technology and Industry. If you find our program useful, please make sure to like comment, subscribe and share it with your friends, so that more people can see what real Evie and the consumer markets are in China.