Teslas once private playground has become a crowded field of talented newcomers.. Here we discuss our top three picks and reveal the Edmunds Top Rated Electric SUV for 2023. At Edmunds. We test over 300 vehicles every year on the road and here at our private test, track. We spend thousands of hours analyzing everything from technology to trunk space, to deliver the definitive Edmunds Rating. And if a vehicle is powered by electricity, we subject it to the famous Edmunds EV Range Test, delivering real world range and efficiency numbers you can trust. In these awards. We recognize the very best vehicles on sale today, not just those that happen to be launched in the last year. And weve got separate trophies for EVs and those powered by internal combustion. Heres how he arrived at this list. For the past year. Our testing team has driven every electric SUV you can buy from the Chevy Bolt EUV to the Audi Q4 e tron to the Rivian R1S.. After collecting the data and breaking down the numbers, weve determined the best models you can buy. Here are the finalists for Edmunds Top Rated Electric SUV for 2023. MUSIC PLAYING LAUREY MCCAY, BMW iX. Let me tell you, I freaking love the fact that it looks like Iron Man.. I know some people might think its cheesy, but I love it. EMME HALL. So first of all, this thing is giant right And when I first saw it, I was like there is.

No way that we are going to get 300 miles of range out of this. And then we went and we got like 377 of range., I mean I was so wrong about the range. RYAN, ZUMMALLEN And then second, the interior is legitimately daring and opulent in the Amount of style and comfort that you get inside. EMME HALL, You know what, If youre gon na go big, go all the way. Yeah put the crystal in there.. Why not Live a little? I love that the sunroof will just darken just by pressing a button, so it kind of keeps the temperature inside the car really cool. But LAUGHS. My favorite thing is 4D bass because it like brings in the beat of the music like into your seat. Its like. I dont know its like the bass kind of surrounds you. And I just think its so great., So you can like drive to the beat. As someone who Carpool Karaokes all the time. That feature is amazing. RYAN ZUMMALLEN I mean. If you want to stand out, then youve got to get the iX., But I mean, if you want to fit in, you can always get a Tesla.. So the great thing about the Niro EV is even if you dont have experience with electric vehicles, you can hop right in and immediately know how everything works. EMME HALL. So the Kia Niro EV, has an estimated range of right around 250 miles. But I know that in our Edmunds testing we got way over that.

And thats, always such a pleasant surprise when a vehicle performs better than you expect it to. JONATHAN ELFALAN, So the Nrio is actually 6 and 12 inches shorter than a Volkswagen ID.4, but it offers More passenger space than an ID.4, which is kind of surprising, because an ID.4 isnt, exactly small on the inside. And even our 6 foot 5 editor in chief, could fit in the back seat. Comfortably. RYAN ZUMMALLEN, The Niro EV comes with a 10 year warranty, which is a hallmark of Kia vehicles.. But now you get to have it on an EV, too., EMME HALL And listen if you dont have a lot of coin to spend. But you still want a lot of features Kias where to go. RYAN ZUMMALLEN. The Ioniq 5 has super cool, retro styling theres, no question about it., But theres, nothing retro about the way it drives. LAUREY MCCAY Its like a Stranger Things, vehicle. Its like in the 80s, but also sci fi, all at the same time. Ooh Im liking it even More as Im talking about it, JONATHAN ELFALAN, So Ioniq 5 also comes with an 800 volt architecture. Powertrain.. What that means is that it allows you to charge super quick and its something that only much more expensive EVs have the Porsche Taycan. The Audi e tron, the Lucid Air. When we had it out at our test track. I got to really put the hammer down and it was surprisingly fun to drive.

, And then you get out and you get into the back seat and youve got a ton of space.. Youve got also a really nice amount of cargo capacity., So it can really be almost anything to anybody. LAUREY MCCAY Youre, getting a lot of bang for your buck and I think thats. Another reason why weve chosen this Ioniq 5 for our list. ALISTAIR WEAVER. What we were looking for here was an electric SUV for the real world, a vehicle that does more than just seduce with a flashy feature or ludicrous performance. MUSIC PLAYING Judged. From this perspective, there was a clear winner.. The Hyundai is the best example of how an EV should serve its buyer. From its rest, easy range, WHOOSH WHOOSH to its cabin tech, WHOOSH WHOOSH to its versatility and inimitable style. Thats. Why the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is Edmunds, Top Rated Electric SUV for 2023.