Next, announce review all right. So if youre, looking for a mobile EV charger for your car, youre, probably going to head online and youre going to start looking and youre going to get overwhelmed because theres a lot of them now and so youre, probably wondering which ones are good, which ones arent And if budget is one of your most important things, this might be the one for you and you might be like well. Why are you trying to sell me a cheap charger? Because I want to save you money frankly and this charger, I think, is actually pretty darn good yeah its about 300 give or take depending on where you find it well put a link down below but theres. Some cool features on this that I think make it worth your while first, I just want to start off with the business end. Its got some nice detox there, so you can pull this out of the wall, because this is a mobile charger. After all, you dont necessarily have to use it like that, but good, looking business end in my opinion, and then you have quite a long cable here. This is very rare. Actually, nowadays, A lot of them have it end here, so its a lot harder to plug. In because this doesnt Bend as easily closer to here, yeah fairly bendable cable, so you can kind of squeeze this behind. Something have to rest this over here, thats going to work out pretty well, but I do want to talk about why its probably less expensive than other options, if youve seen some of our other reviews, a lot of them.

Allow you to unplug this, and this is a 1450 Nema and it would allow you to put other things there, this one. You are stuck with this. This is what it is. So if you dont have a 1450 Nema, then you cant plug this in and you might be like well, I do have one so all set, except if this is your mobile charger put it in the back of your car, you go for a drive to Grandmas House, if Grandma doesnt have a 1450 youre done out of luck and youre, probably not thinking about that right now, youre thinking like well, everyone has it no theres, so many different kinds of plugs, so youre, either gon na have to bring some adapters with you or You wont be able to plug in so, if thats a problem, if thats something you think might happen to you, you might want to go looking elsewhere or at least think about getting those adapters, but also be considering. If you have this, you know 220 service in your garage or wherever youre going to be plugging in your car, and it has the wrong plug. You could probably save money by buying this and buying the proper plug to basically swap out so that way you could plug this one in wait: youre talking about rewiring, yeah rewire, just the outlet. Yes, if you feel like you, have those abilities or a friend whos, an electrician, but otherwise I dont know if you should do that, like thats something Jesse and I do all the time yeah.

But if thats, not your thing, yeah maybe stay clear of this. This charger now on the front its not as pretty as some Chargers Ill, be honest. If you take a look at this, its got four LEDs and its got plus minus buttons. What can it do it and it has a screen? It does have a little screen and the screen is actually very bright and tells you quite a bit of information, okay, including charge time. So you know like if you come out to your car and youre like. Was it charging all through the night? You can double check that you can also, if you hold both buttons, much like a digital watch, it will allow you to lower or raise the amount of amps that you can feed to your car. So I want to talk about that for a second, so um youre thinking well its a 1450, which means 50 amps youre not going to get all 50 amps youre going to get a maximum of 32 amps. You can lower that down by doing the button. Push that he just talked about down to 16 amps or doing that in your car. So if you have a Tesla, you may have seen the plus or minus buttons you can charge as low as 5 amps. This is good for some applications where youre either worried about overheating wiring or your uh. You want your car to charge slower overnight. So that way, the battery is nice and warm when you get in there in the morning or most of the time you just want to charge as fast as possible.

Now 32 amps is the fastest charging speed that you can do AC of a model 3.. So not too bad of an option and model y as well. So not that bad an option for a mobile charger. If you know that youre going to be plugged me into a 1450 Outlet yeah but do check with your car to see what the maximum charge rate is because, if its higher than 32 amps – and if you have you – know 50 amps in your garage, you might Be able to squeeze a few more amps out of it, and this might not be for you all right. So what I like is its got a 21 foot, long cable, which is long enough, but not too long if its too long like it just starts getting all you know heavy and Tangled yep and the cable is actually uh pretty flexible. As you can see, there, um not too, not too shabby when it comes to bendability and thats good when youre kind of wrapping it all up, and then you know shoving it into your car and you have to kind of bend it into place. It also comes with a carrying case, which I think is pretty nice. I dont know if I would necessarily always use it, but if I wanted to keep things organized its nice that it comes with one, I do want to say if youve got a 1450 out in the garage thats, giving you a maximum of 50 amps and again, We said this can only take 32.

thats, actually a good thing, because that means that youre not pulling all the current that your circuit can do, which means youre, not overheating those components. We talk about this a lot on the show, but EVS draw power for long periods of time and wiring was never really meant for that. When you run your electric range or something like that or your electric dryer, it only runs for like a maximum of an hour. This can charge all night yeah and so its actually a good thing. If youre not pulling all the amps you need. This is UL. Certified but its not um the extra level of certification so like if youre looking for something thats, definitely not going to catch on fire. You might want to keep looking. I mean this one doesnt have triple protection or whatever the other one was but Im not too worried about it itself, catching on fire. Im more worried about you know, house wiring catching on a fire break. Before I mean look at this, the cable look at this thing I think its going to be just fine um but yeah. It is nice that you could turn down the amperage. So that way, also if you have other stuff that youre doing in your house, if you do want to be running uh, you know a dryer or something else on the same circuit, it might not trip the breaker. Oh, I just want to ask you about this.

Jesse weve seen most of them are like this um that you know this is the lock, and this is plastic. Do you have any qualms with that um? You know this is so standard. This is like one of the most ubiquitous looking charging handles so Im not going to say that theres anything wrong with it at all. But with that being said, um some of these triggers and latches can be made out of metal, which makes them a little bit more robust. It is possible to snap this plastic retaining thing off of there. It wont make uh much of a difference electrically, but it would mean that youd be able to pull out the charger without hitting the button which stops charging which could be dangerous um. I dont anticipate it being much of a problem unless youre going to really be treating this poorly, which you shouldnt do you should, you know, take good care of it and make sure that this doesnt break off. How do you like the case? Oh, the case is fine, its just a bog standard case. Its got some velcro straps here, but did they do that thing where they made it too small, where, like no human, can ever get it back? In the case, I want to see you put this back in the case. I think they actually did the opposite. Well, well, take a look here! Music! Thank you! Music, foreign Music, so yeah youd either need a shorter forearm um.

Well, so I just want to point out if its going to be your mobile charger and if youre going to need to keep putting it back in the case, just keep that in mind its not their fault, its just big wires and its its hard to do. But I dont want you walking away thinking. This is so easy. It will take you a couple minutes to put it back when youre done. I want to talk about just one other use case of this thing, and that is a backup charger. If you have another charging unit, thats on your wall and its plugged into a 1450 – and you rely on that – like you really do – rely on your home charger for good speeds every day and if that charger would ever fail for whatever reason you might want a Backup, um plus you know you, this can always be. You know, sort of sitting in your car as a backup too, but it could back up your home charger if you so needed it or you just buy two of them, theyre really cheap. You know what I want to tell you about if youve watched to the end of the video heres a little treat for you were giving this away. So if you head on over to our patreon, so its now, you know put the link down below support us for as little as a buck a month that helps us.

Do all the work that were doing and were going to be giving this away. So were going to post on patreon youll have a really good chance of winning, because not many people even know about it yeah. So I guess I am going to have to put it back in the Box. Yes or I will thanks so much for watching everybody.