Pounds gives you a note, 60 time of seven and a half seconds and 218 miles of range is claimed. The SE long range that were in today gets 281 miles of range in the north. 60 time goes back to 7.7 seconds and then thats 29.5 000. By the way, and then top of the shop is the trophy spec thats, all singing all dancing youve got the same range same note, 60 time, but just more spec, thats 32 and a half Grand and a big part of the reason that the cars cause. So much for stores, because of that pricing, its so much cheaper than something like the VW ID3, which this car appears to be a very direct rival to now. Car design is a very subjective thing, but for me this is a very interesting looking car, especially for a brand like mg, who are obviously making things to quite a price, and it would be easy for them to put out something thats, a bit cookie cutter thats. Maybe a little bit of a borrowed design from someone else, and they certainly havent done that here. I think its a great looking car, you, let me know your thoughts in the comments. Youll see the mg4 has got these very cool rear lights. On the trophy spec model, you actually get a light bar. That goes all the way across the back, which is very cool indeed youre. Also, on the trophy get some little kind of rear, diffuser spoilers up here, much like in a Tesla the wheels have these plastic covers on.

To give you a bit more aerodynamism. You can take those off, though, and reveal a fairly average looking alloy wheel, underneath Im not going to do that now, because its filthy well folks, so in the front cabin here. The first thing that strikes you is how well built everything appears to be and really well laid out. In fairness, the material quality is not amazing. It is all quite hard plastic theres, some softer stuff on the door and on top of the armrest here, but it feels like very good quality apart from some cheaper stuff just down here, where youre never going to come into contact with it. There are no squeaks or rattles or anything it all feels really well screwed. Together, the driver information displays nice and clear its crisp. Its Vivid its also got a tesla esque little graphic, showing you other cars being detected by the cars cruise control system. No issues with that the infotainment system is brilliant, its really quite simple. There arent too many functions in fact. In this SE model SC long range, actually it doesnt even come with Sat Nav as standard its got wide Apple, carplay and Android auto, which is what 99 of people are going to do anyway. Lets get into the car plug in their phone and actually sat nav. If you need it, most of the functions are really easy to operate via the touch screen. Youve also got physical buttons for turning the air con on and off the rear and front de misters for the screens has a warning lights, your home button? To take you back to this main page on the infotainment system and volume up and down, unfortunately, no manual aircon controls, but they are on the home.

Page of this touch screen just give us a wheel, people its so much easier. I just dont know why car companies are not doing it, so the center console here instead of the usual sort of high center console its quite low youve, got a couple of cup holders down here, perhaps not massively conveniently positioned because of this little sort of plinth. Here this is great, though youve got easy access to your gear, selector and also a little shelf for your mobile phone, which is well thought out. Theres, a USB socket down there, a USB, a sorry and a USBC in terms of storage. Glove box is a good size, really useful, little cubby here and another one here, as well as a little load net. Just here, the steering wheel is a lovely thing, its slightly squared off, as were sort of Fairly used to seeing now in things like Peugeot, Citroen cars and things like the BMW IX, its clad in core a nice quality, leather or leather effect material and its got Just the right number of thumb controls its really comfortable under the hand its a nice nice thing. The thing thats really sadly lacking from this car is a physical button for drive mode select either give us one there or give us one on the steering wheel. But this desperately needs a drive mode select the other night driving back from Southampton. The weather changed from okay to fairly icy, fairly quickly and Im driving along National speed limit roads fiddling about the screen trying to find a drive mode for icy conditions in a rear wheel, drive car thats, not that safe.

Just give us a button folks its that simple, now its only the trophy models that get electronically adjustable seats, but it means they cant do this bags are fun now moving into the back the space for three adults in here, perhaps not for a long journey, because Its not a wide car, so theres not going to be tons of shoulder room, um theres an almost flat floor, so theres plenty of foot room for the person sitting in the middle weve got a USB a down here, no rear seat pockets on this one. You do get them on the trophy and not too much else to speak of really no lights in the back here, which is a bit odd and also no grab handles, seems weird. There is a little hook there to stick a jacket or coat onto, though nice and comfortable. Nothing really to complain about its just no grab handles no rear light. Oh and no center arm rest either. Hmm now the boots are very good size and shape 366. Liters is competitive with most of its Rivals. Unfortunately, theres no front, so it means you have to keep your cables in here uh why they dont use the the front space in these EVS from time to time. Baffles me a bit and its the ideal space to keep your cables, never mind its, not a perfect world. So the driving experience, it has to be said, is a brilliant one.

It doesnt have that sort of kick in the back lightning fast, acceleration that you get with a lot of VVS, but what it does have is something that many of them dont and thats its actually fun through the twisty back roads, its rear wheel, drive its really Nicely weighted the steering feels good the suspensions perfect, its not too firm, not too soft and its just a great thing to drive its the first EV, in my opinion, that you could really truly call a drivers, car and when I say a drivers car I mean An enthusiastic drivers car there are more comfortable cars. There are more refined cars there arent many that is much fun on twisty back roads that are battery powered. One slight annoyance is that you get a bit more noise in the cabin than you would expect from an EV when youre at Motorway speed around the town, its nice and quiet. But when you get get up to 60 70 miles an hour, there is a bit of wind noise that comes into the cabin and, if youre in you know foul weather as well, it is a bit noisy in here. Otherwise the driving manners are absolutely fine. On the motorway, it cruises, along at 70 all day long, very nice and comfortable no issues whatsoever and in fact the car is just as happy on the motorway as it is street fighting around town or taking the twisty back roads, its a lovely thing and its Incredibly well engineered and well put together, and one thing the car does lack is one pedal driving thats not really possible in this car.

The regenerative braking is there but its not very sort of severe and probably makes it an easy car for someone to get into thats new to EVs and its not used to that sort of one pedal driving thing, but if youre used to it, perhaps this is Not the car for you. Another thing to note, which is perhaps a first world problem, is that you dont get anything like a reversing camera or a top down view in anything other than trophy spec. In this SE long range weve got a rear parking sensors. Nothing else thats not a problem, usually in a car of this size, but there are quite significant blind spots, so it can be more Troublesome to park than you might think steering wise again, though its absolutely fine, very maneuverable, decent turning Circle. So no issues on that front, its just the visibility, could be a bit better when trying to get into a tight space. Okay, so lets talk about that range for a minute. Bearing in mind this cars claimed range is 281 miles, its been very cold this week. In the UK no snow where I live, but its been very, very cold, certainly Sub Zero temperatures overnight. On Monday, I charge this car to 100. At that time it showed a claimed range of 267 miles. I guess taken into account how the car had been driven. It just been delivered to me so been on a Motorway run.

It was cold, so it showed 267 miles since then. Ive driven 69 miles its now Thursday, okay, so its actually less than 72 hours. Since I got the car up to 100 charge, I got in the car this morning and here is the picture that Ive just taken of the dash its got acclaimed 131 miles of range left Carol, vorderman Im, not despite the fact I am fairly voluptuous, but even I can work out that the numbers dont quite match up and theres, actually quite a big difference there now, because the weathers been so cold weve had the heating on and again thats going to take away from it, but its really taken so much more power than Anticipated that it shocked me a bit now, Ive got some more EVS come in for review in the next couple of months. Weve got a lot of EVS come in actually and itll be interesting to see how they fit in the cold temperatures. But to me this just seems to have lost too much range and Id certainly like to try one out again in the warm weather and see how much of it may be. Um smoking mirrors around the actual range of the car and how much of it has been affected by my use of the heating and by the cold weather. Now perhaps some of you, EV owners at home would like to share with me in the comments how much your range tends to drop in such low temperatures and, if youre, using the heater and those kind of things Id be really really interested to find out.

If this is something that affects all EVS to this degree or if its particularly bad on this car, so if its a wider issue, its, surely something that needs to be factored into wltp stats when you think about the mg4, all the conversation about it, all the Hype leading up to its launch was really about the price point and yeah thats, very impressive, that theyve put this car together at that price point, but when youre driving the car, its the furthest thing from your mind, the thing youre thinking about is just how well It handles just how much fun it is on the twisties. Just how competent it is. Everything feels good. The steering wheel feels good, even the indicators and things the controls they feel sort of nicely damped. They feel decent quality. They dont feel, like someones, just raided the Lucas parts bin from 1989.. This is a nice car. You know I like to sum these things up by telling you how I feel about the car going back at the end of my week with it and Ill be very sad to see the back of this one Ive really enjoyed the car a lot you can Get a decent amount of shopping in the boot. You can get a couple of adults in the back. You can get three adults in the back actually for a short Journey, at least and its just such a nice thing to drive. When you want to pick up the shopping and the kids and driving an adult fashion around town, no problems whatsoever, when you get to a deserted back road, you can have a little bit of fun in it.

It sort of does a little bit of everything now, despite this being a battery electric vehicle and therefore you know know a bit of a futuristic thing. It reminds me very much of when the Mark 1 Focus came out. That was a point in time where some of the interesting family hatchbacks had been diluted down a little bit. You know the escort was a shadow of its former self. There were some fairly dire cars on the market, some very utilitarian cars on the market and the focus came out and a it was a very bold design at the time, especially for Ford and B the thing just drove so well. It was a joy to drive if you havent, driven a Mark 1 Focus. I assure you its a far nicer thing to drive than the latest version of the focus. This, for me, is doing what that Mark. One Focus did in the sort of sub 30 grand family EV space in a world of Zoes and Leafs and mockers. This is doing something a bit different, its more interesting, its better to drive its bringing something new to that space, and I like it. So does the mg4 live up to all the hype? Well, yeah. Really it does theyve put together a very compelling package, a very competitive price if you compare it against something like the VW ID3 and look at value for money and driving experience and everything else. I just dont think theres really a comparison.

This ones 20 25 cheaper and they essentially do the same thing and thats, really a bit of a game changer and its one of several Chinese EVS coming to Market. That may just change things up in a big way. For the more established manufacturers in Europe, the one big caveat I have to say is that range that battery range its unusual circumstances. At the moment you know we are looking at Sub Zero temperatures and running the heat of full blast the whole time. But for me the battery has depleted far more quickly than I would have expected on some of its Rivals In fairness. But as I havent been able to test those rivals in the same weather conditions at the same time doing the same Journeys, you really have to take that with a pinch of salt. This could be a one off and a unique set of circumstances, and it could be that in slightly warmer weather, the cars much more true to those claimed range numbers now, dont get me wrong. Folks. This is a superb vehicle, a very compelling price and it delivers a Driving Experience and an engagement with the driver that very few EVS currently do. If youre in the market for an EV of this size, you simply must try one of these cars out, even if its just to tick it off your list, its a brilliant thing, its going to win tons of rewards, go and check one out today.

Of course, if youre interested in leasing one of these cars, please follow the link to lease loco thats in the video description and pin.