In the past 12 months.. There are three on sale right now, with more set to launch in the year ahead., Rapid, capable and blessed with transformative new technologies. They will fundamentally shift how we work and play. Driving one isnt, just a revelation. Its fun too. Were here to tell you which of the new electric trucks we love and which is Edmunds Top Rated for 2023. MUSIC PLAYING At Edmunds. We test over 300 vehicles every year on the road and here at our private test, track. We spend thousands of hours analyzing everything from technology to trunk space, to deliver the definitive Edmunds Rating. And if the vehicle is powered by electricity, we subject it to the famous Edmunds EV Range Test, delivering real world range and efficiency numbers you can trust. In these awards. We recognize the very best vehicles on sale today, not just those that happen to be launched in the last year. And weve got separate trophies for EVs and those powered by internal combustion.. There are three electric trucks on sale right now, but much as we love the GMC Hummers, crazy acceleration. It lacks the everyday appeal of our chosen two.. In fact, we were so intrigued by the Rivian R1T and the Ford F 150, Lightning that we bought them with our own cash and were going to live with them for the next year at least., RYAN, ZUMMALLEN, So theres, all kinds of creative ideas inside the Rivian R1T., Obviously, first of all its fully electric.

, But then just as a pickup truck theres lots of neat things like hidden storage, compartments in places I never even would have thought. EMME HALL. The bed is smaller than your traditional full size, pickup truck., LAUREN MCCAY, But it has a freaking tunnel, EMME HALL, And then you have the frunk, which adds storage space.. So you can carry so much gear. RYAN ZUMMALLEN. The fact that this thing made it to production and is on the road right now is incredible. Frankly. The coolest thing about the Rivian is the air suspension, because it can be adjusted all the way up to 15 inches of ground clearance, which is just nuts and makes true hardcore off roading a real possibility. EMME HALL. This doesnt look like any other truck out. There. Like most trucks, look like bear football, and the Rivian has a tough element to it, but at the same time, its much more approachable. And Ive really really come to love those little oval headlights in the front and then the tail light that goes across the Entire tailgate., I just think it looks really good and its a nod to the future, while still being approachable for audiences today., LAUREN MCCAY. I am blown away and impressed by the acceleration by the range of the Rivian, the air suspension and being able to go from Sport Mode to off roading in just seconds. RYAN ZUMMALLEN, Its stupid, fast. Thats, the crazy thing about it. This thing is super heavy and a legitimate pickup truck, but also will out drag almost anything.

You come across., LAUREN, MCCAY Im just so impressed that Im on the edge of my seat, waiting for whats, next. MUSIC PLAYING F 150 is just like your classic American. Like truck you know, And if they mess it up, youre like messing up a legacy right, But they didnt. They totally killed. It. RYAN ZUMMALLEN. The Lightning is wild. Its an F 150, but to the max. I mean this is the most torque you can get in any F 150 and its not close.. On top of all that its got really strong, payload ratings. EMME HALL, So youll get into it and youll. Think oh! This is just like my regular truck., Then youll drive it and youll go whoa. This is way better than my regular truck RYAN ZUMMALLEN. I would say for most Americans that arent having to tow or go really long distances on a regular basis, like hundreds of miles a day, its going to be a better experience, overall. For one its going to be far less expensive to charge up if youre charging At home., Its going to offer far better power and response than pretty much any of the powertrains can offer. EMME HALL So for some buyers who just need to maybe haul heavier payloads or do short bursts of towing. This is going to be a great vehicle.. You know, I think, when we did the towing competition, where we took the Electric F 150, the hybrid F 150, a gas powered and a diesel.

I thought this F 150 is going to need to charge by after 50 miles. And it didnt. It did way better than I thought it was going to in terms of getting up and over the hills with a heavier load.. I was so surprised. And Im like well yeah. This is a great truck. RYAN ZUMMALLEN. You have some power outlets in there that you can plug things into. And if you upgrade to the Pro Power onboard that ups, your power output by so much where it becomes basically a mobile workstation that you can plug any appliance into go camping, run tools off Of., Its a very useful feature of the Lightning. LAUREN MCCAY, The center console alone has just enormous space.. I could probably fit my whole body. And then that frunk, I could probably fit four of mes in there., EMME HALL Heres. What I like about the mega power frunk is that when that thing lifts up, it takes the grille with it.. So if you want to put something into it, you dont have to lift anything up and over.. You can just take it here and put it in., And that is really really good. Design. RYAN ZUMMALLEN, The F 150 Lightning knows what it is knows. What its mission is and goes out there and does it. Its really well put together in a way that makes you confident that it can do hard, work., MUSIC, PLAYING ALISTAIR WEAVER. This is a brand new segment, but we still had two standout tracks in our short list.

, Both impress, but what is clearly the better option for more buyers And we think its got the goods to surprise even diehard EV skeptics. MUSIC PLAYING Our winner, cam, both outsprint A sports car and power, your house in a blackout. WHOOSH WHOOSH. It combines epic torque WHOOSH, WHOOSH tech, WHOOSH, WHOOSH and versatility with more familiar truck skills. WHOOSH Thats. Why? The Ford F, 150 Lightning is Edmunds, Top Rated Electric Truck for 2023.