But this is anything but boring, and today Im going to show you all the quirks and features of the new blazer EV before I get started, be sure to check out cars and bids, which is my Enthusiast car auction website for cool cars from the modern era. The 1980s and up weve had some fantastic sales recently on cars and bids, including this Sprinter van, which sold for just under seventy thousand dollars. This wonderful E46 BMW M3, which brought just under thirty thousand dollars and this amazing smart cross blade, which sold for 55 000. An absolutely ridiculous car we love stuff like that on cars and bids. If youre looking to buy or sell an Enthusiast car from the modern era, cars and bids is the place to do it with daily auctions and great selection check it out at carsandbids.com all right time for the quirks and features of the Chevy Blazer EV. But first I want to give a little overview of exactly what this vehicle is. And specifically, I want to highlight something very important. This is not just a regular Chevy Blazer with an electric powertrain electric motor is a battery that kind of thing completely different vehicle from the standard Chevy Blazer that we have now on the outside. You can see that this has some styling cues that are shared with the current Chevy Blazer, and this is a crossover similar size to the current Chevy Blazer. So it also shares that, but this is a completely different, totally new vehicle that really doesnt actually share any components with the new blazer, except for its name now.

Thats true right down to the platform that this car rides on the new blazer EV shares its platform with the Cadillac lyric, which is Cadillacs electric mid size. Luxury crossover, Ive, already reviewed that this car rides on that platform and it kind of stretches the Blazer styling. A little bit to fit to that platform and so its noticeably different from a standard Blazer when you look at it from the outside now, in terms of the platform, not only does the Blazer EV share it with the Cadillac lyric, but also with the new Chevy Equinox EV and virtually all other electric General Motors vehicles and, interestingly, the Honda prologue, which is this its Hondas upcoming electric vehicle, apparently rather than develop their own architecture. Honda decided to borrow from General Motors who was already doing the development, and so this will ride. On the same platform as a Honda, which seems odd, but is indeed true and by the way, one little Quirk that Chevrolet told me about vehicles that ride on this platform, they all have six lug Wheels. As you can see, Wheels have six lug nuts, which is unusual for most passenger cars, usually its five or sometimes even four. But GM vehicles on this architecture have six, including the upcoming Honda prologue, which is one way you can spot that it uses this platform, but anyway, back to the Blazer EV and moving on to pricing and Market position. Now, like I said, this is a crossover as you can see, and its a mid size crossover a little bit longer than a Ford, Mustang, Mach e or a Tesla Model y, but sort of competing in that space and thats, especially true when you consider pricing Blazer, Ev will start around 45 000 with shipping for a base model.

Although this one, the high performance, Blazer EV SS, starts around sixty six thousand dollars, but it comes with a lot more performance, specifically. The Blazer EV SS will have around 560 horsepower and around 650 pound feet of torque absolutely monstrous numbers, as you can imagine, which is fitting, because this is Chevys first ever EV to use the SS designation thats. A very historical special model name theyve only saved for high performance via vehicles and given the power numbers on this, I suspect it qualifies now. Interestingly, this is also the very first Blazer model to ever use the SS designation. We all remember the Trailblazer SS in the mid 2000s, but that wasnt technically a Blazer, otherwise the Chevy Blazer has never been an SS until now and speaking of trim levels for the Blazer EV heres, something rather interesting, theyre going to offer this in three versions for Regular consumers, like you and me, base models called the LT or you can step up to the RS or you can step up to the high performance model. The SS like I just mentioned, which is what this Blazer EV is. There will also be a fourth version not available to regular people, which is a police pursuit model of the new blazer. I bring that up because theres something interesting with this vehicle and drivetrain base models will only offer front wheel, drive the SS the high performance version. This one will only offer all wheel, drive and other trim levels will offer kind of a choice between the two front, wheel, drive or all wheel drive, depending on what you want, except the police model will offer either rear wheel, drive or all wheel drive, meaning that The new blazer EV will be available in front wheel, drive, rear wheel, drive or all wheel drive, all three available, which is crazy, its not something that you could really even conceptualize a car offering in the days before electric vehicles.

But since this car is mostly just about Motors and batteries, its actually pretty easy to offer front all or rear, and this does and next up moving on to some important numbers like I said this is the SS high performance version about 560 horsepower 650 pound feet And Chevrolet says 0 to 60 in under four seconds, which is a crazy number, especially for a Chevy Blazer. It doesnt seem to make sense in your mind, but that is the truth. Now that acceleration figure is achieved when you are in the wide open Watts, drive mode, also known as wow wide open Watts sounds a little cheesy but thats what theyve done, although Chevy hasnt announced specifics of how that drive mode is going to work, apparently its going To optimize the vehicle for maximum acceleration prowess and do 0 60 in under 4 seconds now, as for range Chevy, says the top range version of this car, which will actually be the RS model, well get about 320 miles of range, whereas the high performance SS will Be about 290 charge times are fast if you can find a charger capable of it. The Blazer EV can add around 78 miles of charge in 10 minutes, which is obviously a lot in a relatively short amount of time. So this is fast charging capable now. As for the Driving Experience, well, I cant quite get behind the wheel. Yet this is a very, very pre production model, with basically nothing really functional, so I cant drive it, but the Blazer EV is rolling out pretty soon.

Chevy says sometime 2023 likely the summer of 23, so its not really that far off now all models will wont debut at the very initial launch, but they should trickle out over the next few months and the whole model range will be on sale by early 24.. But anyway, on to the quirks and features of the Blazer EV and lets talk through one of its more important features, which is how it looks on the outside, which is frankly, a pretty sleek and attractive. The Cadillac lyric has been a little polarizing. Some people, like it some people dont, but the Blazer EV, I think – has a more mainstream appeal: a nice genuinely attractive vehicle that I dont think people are going to find a lot of fault in and it really does look different from the standard Blazer like I Said some styling cues are shared, but when you actually look at it, you can see a lot of changes. The most noticeable is the wheelbase is a lot different, a lot longer than the standard Blazer, which is allowed with electric vehicle architecture. You dont have a giant engine in the front that you have to push the wheels back for so you can pull them out and create more space for passenger room. Basically, every EV manufacturer is taking advantage of that and thats true here too, in an immediate giveaway that youre not just looking at a standard gas powered Blazer now another difference between the Blazer EV and the regular Blazer is on the front fender.

Here you have this indentation that carries on into the door. I guess its supposed to look sporty and muscular and cool, and it certainly is a distinctive feature compared to the normal model. The cool thing is over on the drivers side. This indentation is actually the charge port door. As you can see here, it is open its pretty well hidden, one of the most disguised charge port doors. Ive ever seen. You wouldnt really know its there, but in fact it is now as for notable styling touches on this high performance SS model, there are a few important ones. The rear bumper is one its large and low, and it almost looks like a sports car rear diffuser, which gives it kind of a sporty cool look same deal with the rear spoiler. You can see it above the rear, glass and again gives it like a sporty special look to emphasize this cars performance in front. You have a large Grill opening. The Blazers design has always been meant to kind of mimic that of the Camaro, and you have that here as well. Sporty exciting performancey also worth pointing out. If youre still having trouble telling the difference between a Blazer EV and a regular Blazer, you can always check the badge. The Blazer EVS badge, the E and Blazer. Is these three blue horizontal lines, as you can see, Chevy has done the same thing in the Silverado EV. The e in Silverado is three blue horizontal lines, its also true of the Equinox EV, and you can see it here.

Apparently, these three blue lines as an e is going to be like a distinguishing feature on the badges of electric Chevy model. So I asked them what happens if you have a car that doesnt have an e in its name? How will you have the three blue lines they told me? It hasnt happened yet it hasnt become a proper, yet it will cross that bridge when we come to it indeed. So those are the three blue lines, but anyway next we climb inside the Blazer EV, and when you get in here, you will notice some familiar touches from the standard Blazer, including these circular climate vents. This is a Hallmark of the Camaro that was brought into the Blazer and now its here in the Blazer EV again, nothing is really shared with the regular Blazer in the Blazer EV, but you do have that sort of similarity and design with these circular climate bits More obvious in this interior, you notice right when you sit down this massive Center screen. We actually have two screens in here a big gauge cluster screen, and then this large Center screen thats tilted a little bit towards the driver. Now, because this is such a pre production vehicle, I cant show you like the ins and outs of this screen. It doesnt actually work its sort of playing this animation on a loop as you can see, but this Center screen is very promising. Super high resolution, obviously full color and just massive General Motors – has a fantastic infotainment system and I think that brought to a screen this size is going to be great to use and Im excited to check it out.

But for now you can see sort of a general preview of this screen now, interestingly, this screen is standard in all Blazer EV models, not just in the top end SS version like this. You get this screen in all Blazer EVS, regardless of trim level, which is really cool, fantastically large screen and Im excited to play with it and find its interesting quirks and features as this car gets closer to production. Now a couple of things worth paying attention to with this screen for one I love the floating volume dial. This is still a physical dial that you twist with your hands, so you dont have to go into the screen to adjust the volume but its mounted on the screen and its kind of a cool look. I also like the fact that the climate controls are separated from the screen, as you can see below it, using physical switches and dials instead of integrated into the screen, looks like some climate things are on the screen. Like your heated seats, but most climate stuff, you can do without going into a menu which is nice. It always annoys people when climate controls are in the screen. Now a couple of other interesting items worth noting up front here for one thing: the gear selector is this stock coming off the steering column looks very unassuming and simple, just almost like a windshield wiper or turn signal stock, but that is in fact your gear.

Selector. Now, over, on the other side, I notice the turn signal stock also has all the wiper controls, but not the headlight controls, and I look further over to the left and I dont see the headlight controls over there either. I suspect thats, because the headlight controls are integrated into the screen. You can actually see, even in the demo mode. The headlight control is showing up on the screen, so I guess thats, where theyre going to be no physical controls for the headlight, but that makes sense these cars will have automatic headlights most people arent using those controls that often anyway, now also worth pointing out in The vicinity of all that other stuff, the new blazer EV, will offer super Cruise, which is General Motors. Absolutely fantastic driver assist adaptive cruise control technology, it steers it breaks it even changes lanes for you and its going to be available in the Blazer EV and this interior. You can see the top of the steering wheel has the little screen for the super Cruise lighting functions and the top of the steering column. This is where the super Cruise camera and sensor will be so this car will offer it super Cruise standard in the Blazer EV SS. If you get this version – and I presume assume its going to be available in lesser models as well, but cool to see that feature trickle down to the Blazer and finally, we move on to the back seat of the new blazer EV, which is impressively roomy.

Quite a bit larger than what you get in the regular Blazer, which really feels like a compact crossover when youre in the back its kind of claustrophobically low theres, not a lot of leg room. This is totally different: huge rear seat, space for legs knees and Headroom. A lot of space in the back of the new blazer EV. The reason for that is, like I said before, the wheelbase, the wheelbase is stretched because its an electric car, they dont, have the typical constraints that a gas powered car has and that allows them to offer more space in the passenger compartment, which translates to more rear Seat space makes this a pretty good family car actually since theres so much space in back a couple of cool features in this particular Blazer EV SS. What is the panoramic roof? This giant glass panel, covering basically the entire interior theres, actually two panels and one of them does open, but even in the closed State, you get look out and see the entire world around you, which is neat also in back as you can see two USB C Ports mounted in the middle for charging devices, which is obviously always helpful, adds a little convenience back here now, as for the cargo area, well, you can see it here, nothing particularly exciting or different or unusual in this cargo area, just a normal, mid sized crossover cargo Area sized about how you might expect for a mid size, crossover cargo area.

Now you might be wondering about the front cargo area and in this particular pre production, laser EV, the front doesnt open up, but its worth pointing out that Ive been in the Cadillac lyric, which, like I said this is based on the front, does open up in The lyric, but it still isnt a cargo area now Ive mentioned before that automakers have told me most people dont actually use the front cargo areas that some EVS offer so its not that big of a deal, but still probably wont be a cargo area here. Just like it isnt in the lyric either. Instead, you just have your nor normal cargo places and so thats. The new 2024 Chevy Blazer EV between this and the Hummer EV and the Chevy Silverado EV General Motors is injecting a lot of excitement into its lineup.