This is the wave trim lets talk about pricing here for the neuro EV starting price is at 44 460, including destination, also with the options that this vehicle has this one stickers for forty. Six thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars, if you guys, are on the market for a Kia, be sure to check out South day Kia and ask for cello. He will get you into your next vehicle lets talk about the exterior styling here for the Kia Niro EV. Here this is the full on electric vehicle. Kia does offer a gas only model a plug in model, and then they offer this full on Eevee, like I just mentioned so as you guys can see here, this one does have the full LED headlights, which I think looks very premium compared to the cheap. Looking halogen headlights, but this is just a small nitpick for me – I think Kia should have made the full LED headlights as standard equipment with this being a all new generation, as you can see like I mentioned, theyre gon na be a stacked design with an automatic One high beam LED turn signal with an LED daytime running light very clean, looking design here with it having the full LED headlights and theres going to be led, fall lights. You have a little part of the bumper with front parking sensors. I, like the nice white with the gray, also with the black painted trim here and there.

This Grill does have this nice pattern, also a nice style to it, and you guys can see here. I do have the hood uh kind of cracked open here lets. Take a look underneath here and see if this vehicle offers a frunk. And yes, it does its going to be very small. But you can still see the components for this electric vehicle because it wasnt a full on design of EV vehicle, because Kia still offers a gas and also a plug in variant. Like I just mentioned so very small trunk here, and it does offer this cargo and it just in case – you guys want to put something in here, but closing this back and you guys are wondering where theres a charge port door. Kia cleverly hit it here. Once you press that over there, it does reveal the j1772 plug there, also with a DC fast option and well talk about the charge time a little later on in the actual video. But it is nice that KIA heises very well. You can barely see it and down is going to be for the drivers, assistance Tech with more of that aluminum painted trim there, but shedding the hood back. But let me know what you guys think about the exterior styling here for the neuro EV. I think the EV model looks a little bit more premium or upscale uh, like I mentioned, but looking at the side profile here. This has a 107 inch wheelbase with an overall length of 174 inches, so it does have some really good dimensions in this segment.

Looking at these tires and wheels here, not a big fan of the rim design here on this EV model, but I know its for aerodynamic purposes. These are a two 15 50 Tire theyre, also wrapped in this 17 inch room design with a nice gloss, black and chrome finish to it, and this vehicle does have 5.9 inches of ground clearance. More gray painted trim here on the side panels, even on the little part of the door panel there, its this unique, looking LED side marker here on the mirror cap. More of that gray painted trim on the door handles around the window trim with these gloss black roof rails here, which is for aerodynamic purposes, and this has a standard size sunroof, and this area right here is going to push air around the vehicle for a coefficient. Drag and whatnot so its going to be really slippery, cutting through air theres. These full LED brake lights here and the turn signals are going to live down here with the reverse lights, which are full LEDs, theres, a neural badge, the kid name which is spelled out here and, of course, theres no visible exhaustion, because its a full on electric Vehicle and thats, where parking sensors press this button here it does have a power opening tailgate once it opens up, it reveals 22.8 cubic feet of space and to fold down the rear seats just reach over here and my boot bag is there but Kia says once You fold down the rear seats that expands the cargo to 63.

8 cubic feet of space, and there are some full LED lights back here. If you guys are in a non lit area and underneath this portion here, Kia does give you a Fix, A Flat kit. Instead of a spare tire before getting into the interior of the Kia, Niro EV here lets take a look at the key fob here for the neuros traditional Detonator style. Key theres, a lock, unlock a trunk release, a panic button and theres a remote start with the smart Park feature to engage that just lock the vehicle here and hold this button down there and keep in mind guys its an electric vehicle. So the vehicles already started. Im pretty sure you guys can use the Kia Connect app in order to remote start your vehicle set the climate controls and whatnot, but two move. The vehicle forward here lets press this button right here. You guys see the lights were turned on and the vehicle will move forward with me not being in the car, so thats a cool party trick. If you guys want to show off to your actual guests – and I can let my finger off that button and I can move the vehicle forward and back once again – theres someone inside the vehicle, but Im gon na be Im gon na be quiet for a split. Second, so you guys can hear that chime that lets pedestrians know that the vehicle is in Reverse or moving, but walking up to the vehicle.

The vehicle is locked here and to unlock it. Kia puts a sensor behind the door handle and this interior is very well laid out, even though it has this black interior. I, like the nice massive 10.25 inch display screens for the driver and also for the infotainment system, beginning to this vehicle. Like I mentioned, it does offer 5.9 inches of ground clearance, but once I get inside and put my foot on the brake, the vehicle is ready to go and shutting the door here. You guys once again are greeted by these large display. It does support apple carplay. In Android, auto, very responsive screen, I like the way that it looks. It reminds me of the ev6, which is its bigger sibling and the Kias lineup lets talk about the materials here on the door panels. Give me a nice soft touch: material, theres, two person, memory seats, theres, your mirror, lock, controls in your window, controls it is automatic up and down only for the driver and passenger and passenger theres. Your elimination switch here. Your trunk release traction control with this manual tilt. In telescoping wool, which offers good range and adjustability, this is the same steering wheel, thats off the ev6. This is for your original braking here. You also have, I think, four different settings here. Thats, the eye pedal is on which gives it that Tesla or mercedes, like feel it brings the vehicle to a complete stop nice leather, on the steering wheel here over here for your drivers, assistance, Tech, adaptive cruise control, the Keel logo thats.

Your drive mode selector here, which shows you nor normal sport and Eco and over here, is going to be for your voice controls the Windmark of stock feels very high quality, also interesting stock as well. It sadly does not give you that blind View Camera, but it does come equipped with the blind spot monitoring the materials on the dash. Have this nice rubber, like material which feels very premium Im, pretty sure its like a recycled material. If Im not mistaken, I like the nice Lighting in this vehicle, which has like this orange. It does glue a red here and there and its around the actual shift knob here as well switch over to the left, put the Vulcan to reverse. It does reveal a backup camera, of course, theres trajectory with distance markers and theres that chime again to let pedestrians know that vehicle is in reverse, switch over to neutral, very gently and over to drive and to go into park. You just click P, theres, three level, heated and cool seats. Here, heated steering, wheel, function, Auto hole, electronic parking brake, which is here you can access the camera via this button. Here. This is how you turn the vehicle on and off a lot of gloss bike, trimmed throughout this vehicle. Here two cup holders is going to be nicely padded here on the armrest open it up. It does reveal a very shallow storage. My keys and my wallet is in there, and these are like the same seats out of the ev6.

They do feel really good, but the upper portion of my back doesnt feel too well when Im trying to get a good seating position. So I recommend that you guys try to seat up, for yourself above me, is going to be full LED lights throughout this interior. With this little LED uh slit there theres the SOS button. The kid connects open this up. It does let more light and air into the cabin once you open the sunroof and to customize this display here press this button here. It shows your information, your compass, tire pressure, so it is somewhat customizable and this area is going to be nicely padded, which has this cloth like material here. More gloss, black trim, large storage here and with a little bit of cup holder space there. But overall, the interior of the narrow is very ev6 like, and I like the way that KIA put this interior together. It does feel very high quality, very upscale in this interior, looking at the Interior Space of the Nero here, its not like the larger ev6, but it does offer tons of interior space in this vehicle with this black interior with a nice white extra. Also, the gray painted trim here and there for the outside looking at the materials here, its gon na be the same Caro material, pretty decent material with this aluminum accented door handle here. The switchgear feels really good and theres. This nice speaker cover here, which has this plastic finish to it and theres some cup holder space here in the actual door, pocket its going to be this nice rubber, like material here which is really premium to touch, but getting into this vocal.

Like I mentioned, it does offer 5.9 inches of ground clearance. I dont have any foot Spades underneath the drivers seat, but I could lift it up, but there is also two map Pockets back here with the charging ports being in the actual seat, backs theres your air vents here and above theres a standard size so remove the Lighting and the interior is going to be a full LED, which is very bright with this grab handle on both the driver and passenger pulling this armrest down here it does reveal two cup holders and sadly the seats do not have a recline function, but you can Lay them down to get maximum cargo space and the seats do feel very plush and very supportive overall, the back seat of the narrow here, even though its a smaller vehicle it does offer tons of interior space, were going to talk about the powertrain specs here. For the narrow here, but Im going to show you guys the front once again to show you guys how small it is you fire, you probably can put the mobile charger in this actual front here, but open up the charger here were going to talk about the Actual specs for this vocal, this uses Kias 64.8 battery pack here with a 150 kilowatt motor making 201 horsepower and on a 240 volt PSS vehicle will charge around seven and a half hours me personally, I would do that if Im staying home for the rest of The day or if Im sleeping, but you guys can DC fastest car in kid says, from 10 to 80 percent, it will take around 45 minutes and on the four battery, this vehicle will go 253 miles on a full charge in the real world.

Guys actually got 268 miles, so it actually beats. What the EPA suggests is on paper and and this vehicle can tow 600 pounds as it sits here. It weighs around at 3 700 pounds so Im back behind the wheel of the narrow here now. This is the EV model, so its going to be their full electric vehicle. This uses Kias 64.8 kilowatt hour battery pack and a 150 kilowatt motor, giving this vehicle 201 horsepower. So I worked for the accelerator here. You guys can feel the the power its instantaneous, torque and horsepower because its just an electric vehicle, I think, Ive driven all models of the neural. Now I think I drove the gas the plug in variant um. If you guys remember please. Let me know in the comment section because I really dont remember: Ive driven so many cars over the last few months over the last year or so so. Im not really sure if I drove the the Plug In or the gas one, but Im pretty sure that I did um the EPA says on a full charge. This vehicle would get 253 miles right now, Im looking at 252 Miles when I got the vehicle in the beginning, when I another guy from the dealership, this vehicle was saying I have over 260 plus miles, so you actually get better range than what the EPA says On paper, so this vehicle gets better range in the real world, which is very important, especially for your anxiety range drivers out.

There thats a little scared to buy an electric vehicle, but it does say a really good range here, but to put the milk into a sport mode here, just press this button here on the steering wheel, which is very simple, just like its bigger sibling, the ev6 In Im, going to turn off the traction control its off Im gon na break Twerk, it see, if that does anything once you get over 40 miles an hour, you feel the horsepower for this vehicle, but if youre already at speed, you know the vehicle. It feels a little bit more powerful, but the seller, the acceleration for this vehicle is really good. Of course, the electric vehicle does have an instantaneous torque. My model also comes equipped with a heads up display. These massive 10.25 inch displays here that you cant customize, for the driver in this infotainment system here, for you know for the rest of the passengers in this vehicle, you can also connect your phone, its not wireless, its going to be used to the wire. You also have the same panel like the ev6. If you press this button here now, you can mess with the climbing controls the upper portion, mess with the maps and whatnot thats, three level heated and cool, see if the cool seats blow somewhat of a good amount of air, but right now its not really hot. Outside its, like 73 degrees outside, so this one really um its no need for the cool seats.

But me personally have them on just to keep me just a little bit cold because it was cold this morning, but visibility wise out of the narrow here, its pretty good. You also have also have good sight lines. This pillar here is just a little thick, but you can see around it. Oh well, theres blind spot monitoring. It doesnt have the blind View. Camera like the ev6, which is which is its larger sibling, but lets come to a top here and I do have it on its one pedal drive, so it will bring the vehicle to a complete stop just like a Tesla or a Mercedes. Just like some of the other EVS on the market and that car is discontinued, goodbye to the Stinger and the traction control is still off, but once you get past 40 miles an hour, you feel the power of this vehicle. But if youre already at speed, you hit the accelerator youre going to go, it feels quick dont get me wrong guys and this vehicle weighs around 3 700 pounds and Kia says this vehicle can also tow a 1600 pounds, so its pretty capable of Towing but keep In mind it will impact the range electric vehicles. We havent gotten that far into technology, where that it wont affect the range, if youre towing, something look at the F 150 guys. That thing drops the range of that pickup truck significantly because its towing a massive load – and you guys can hear real, quick that chime thats, letting pedestrians know that the vehicle is in Reverse right now, with the vehicle been in the sport mode.

Its saying that I have 232 miles until the battery is completely dead, but if I switch the drive modes here, if I go into Eco Im at 246, normal Im at 2′, so you guys can just mess with the different Drive modes and see. But if I went to Florida in eco it still feels pretty quick, but it feels quicker in the support mode, of course, because you have that full acceleration feel once you have it in support mode. But I like everything about the neuro here. It offers a good warranty, good technology which, which the previous generation was lacking in the back seat, offers plenty of space for you and your family, especially along road trip plenty of cargo space. The sight lines once again are pretty good thats the standard size. So I wish Kia would offer a panoramic option that would have been nice for the rear passengers to give them a good view as well, maybe for the Next Generation they might offer that. But keep in mind this vehicle is at a price point. Um. The ev6 is going to be a little bit more expensive compared to this model here, which is around forty six thousand dollars, which I think is very affordable. I think it doesnt qualify for the 7 500 filler tax credit since its built in Korea. If Im, not mistaken, um, if you guys know, let me know in the comment section down below because theres so many laws with the the tax credit now is just ridiculous nowadays, with that being said, this seat comforting here me personally, the upper the upper part of My back, I find it to be a little bit uncomfortable.

So if I was you guys, please test out the seats, because me personally, I just cant get too comfortable because theyre not holding me the way that I would like to be holding a seat. But with that being said, once again, the the narrow here offers good um that never offers good warranty great acceleration once you have it in support mode, good technology, nice features that will wow your passengers, which is that smart Park feature. But overall, once again, I think the Nero is a good pick if youre looking to save money over the ev6 after spending time with the 2023 Kia Niro EV. This vehicle offers great acceleration, since it has that battery pack compared to the combustion engine. I would say the electric way is the best way to go. It does offer good range good technology, so me personally, I would consider this a mini ev6, especially being that it has the nice interior, like the ev6, in that it also offers that electric range. But that being said, hope you guys have enjoyed this full review here.