Well, the English are learning theyre starting to put the break on electric car production because guess what people are saying: theyre too expensive and theyre not buying them, and this is a country that says oh, were going to be all electric soon in the future. Right well, Ive been to England, and let me tell you a lot of the people are peed off at their own government. They said first, they told us. Oh, we can rely on the trains theyre all like. Oh well take the trains and the villages to the cities Great and then what did they do? Well, theres, not a profit in those little lines so well shut them all down. Take the tracks up right, make hiking paths out of them, and then the people dont have the trains, and then they tell them well get diesels diesels, get better gas mileage. Okay, now diesels pollute too much. Now you dont drive diesels anymore. They keep giving this advice. Screwing everything up and they think theyre going to get them to buy electric cars. Well, guess what that at least to somewhat of a capitalist Defender price you got to sell the electric cars to people and guess what theyre not buying them by 2025, they said theyre going to be making 360 000 electric vehicles that they say out right now. Theyre saying its going to be 280 000. Of course this is projected 2025. You know thats still a couple years from now, theyre already saying well, gee and all people arent buying this.

I guess we cant make too many of them Europe, its officer aint, expect to make a million less than what they thought they were going to make. And if you look at Europe, especially England, the cost of living, the squeezing them out rents up inflation is up. They cant afford to buy these expensive electric cars theres no infrastructure for it. I saw pictures of people in London waiting five hours to charge up their Tesla and thats what the small amount that are there now imagine if everybodys driving them what a mess that would be. I mean English do love waiting in line. They call it waiting in a queue right, but even in English, probably arent going to accept sitting there. Five hours BMW announced theyre going to stop making the electric mini in England its a double edged sword. There theyre stopping the production electric mini in England, theyre moving it to China. Oh what a surprise, what a surprise and, of course, the top it all off since last May. The cost of charging your electric car has risen 60 percent, so Ill cost. You sixty percent. More to charge a car in England than they did in May and were only talking about June July August September October November December. So seven months later it cost 60 percent more to charge it up and thats, probably just the tip of the iceberg. Itll just keep getting higher and higher and higher you cant predict future costs by present costs so its cheap to charge up electric cars.

Hey not if everybody has the price of electricity will start going up, demand more demand, theyll charge more for it. Its not like youre going to be generating your own electricity youre, going to be buying that stuff right. So even the Ingles youll find that electric cars, maybe not such a smart idea. After all serious says, I got a Mitsubishi with EGR malfunction. I want to fix it. Please help me all right. Well, first thing you want to do is just go to where the EGR valve is and take it off. You take it off a lot of times: theyll carbon up and theyll stick and you can get some good carbon cleaner, clean it, and then they work again great now, on the other hand, if theyre not carmed up, all the modern vehicles have of electronic EGR valves And in that case, youre going to have to buy another EGR valve and just bolt it on and bolt it off. You can easily do it yourself, but try to take it off and clean it first, because often pieces of carbon will get stuck in there Rim. In there – and it wont, work right and, of course, look at itself make sure all the electrical connections are snapped on tight and that everything is on there. Fine, so that it doesnt have a hose that fell off or a wire thats, loose or corroded, or something like that check that first, because they are relatively expensive on Modern cars and if you do have to buy one.

My advice is: go after market see where you can get a better price than the outrageously expensive dealer, one theyre relatively simple devices, so any aftermarket company can make one that works dormant, I know, makes really good ones. You can buy one from Dorman, its a company that sells stuff all over the place d, o r m, a n. If you have to buy one but try to clean it. First. Mr chander says my friend is a CLS Mercedes. 550. It started on fire. It was on the bottom. He said the cat was blocked, caused the fire. My friends are not worried. What do you think theres all kinds of issues and a bunch of code codes on it now the engine and Transmissions are running good at this point. What should he do Ill? Tell you what if he gets it running solid as fast as he can? Those are endless money pits. The 550s are just total endless money pits. I had a customer, they got their mothers free and their mother originally paid ton of money. For that vehicle drove it for a couple years cost a fortune, he finally was lucky to get 2 500 bucks for the car when he finally sold if he can get anywhere near what he paid for it sell it. Those are endless, money, pits, endless money, pits and its a 15 year old Mercedes, which makes it even a bigger endless Money Pit its running now great if its running and shifting good sell it.

Some other fool that wants a Mercedes dont. Have them stick in it, its going to be even worse on money, pets it started on fire, Ive never had any of my Toyotas or Lexus has ever started on fire. You know just shows you the low quality of those things, but the money thats in those things are just its just so expensive and plus he said well. The Cadillac converter was clogged up and started on fire. They clog up because the engines throwing crap and clogging them up. So, even if you put a new cat on it still going to have the same problem in the future as it clogs up get rid of that thing. Hey 408 548 says I got a Chevy S10 with oil pressure saying 80 psi when its running is that too high I dont know if thats real those gauges are extremely inaccurate, either biomechanics gauge they dont cost that much or pay a mechanic to take the oil Pressure sending unit off screw in a real gauge and see what the pressure is. Youll probably find its normal pressure. Usually they read wrong now. If he puts in a gauge and the pressure is 80 psi, okay stop driving it and get it fixed because the oil pump isnt made to put out that much pressure. The only way you can get high pressure is where the gauges measures the pressure and, if its 80, that means somewhere past that in the oil system, theres a restriction and when theres a restriction before that restriction, the pressure will be too high and guess what? After the Restriction, the pressure will be too low and your engine will destruct itself.

So if it really does have that high pressure stop driving it and get it fixed, find where the restriction is but, like I say, if you get a gauge, stick it on there. Youll probably find out its normal, in which case just get another sanding unit. If that doesnt fix it, youd have to replace the gauge, but if it isnt, you got a big problem with the Restriction fix, it dont drive it anymore, Reyes, Jose says: how do I find an oil leak? I got a Cadillac with a 307 and I cant tell if the oil pan is leaking or the rear main seal. I put oil leak die in all right, okay, well, you put the leaked on it, so you know its leaking there somewhere right. The rear main seal is on the back of the engine between the engine and the transmission. The only place it can leak out are the little gap between the engine and the transmission theres little holes there to drain water and stuff it gets in. So what you want to do is wipe the oil pan off and wipe the transmission and the engine where theyre bolted together then drive it again. Just a short distance, then take it back, get your UV light and look at it, and if its the rear, main seal youll see the opportunity engine and transmission has most of the glowing Dock and that the oil pan clean it wont, have the die.

You got to clean it off. First clean the diet, ready put it on off of everything, but just drive it. A short one youll be able to figure out where its coming from, if its the oil pan the oil pan will be all glowy and if its not itll, be the gap between the engine and the transmission clean, it all off drive it a short distance Jack. It up and then check it and youll be able to tell where its coming from now lets say its the rear, main seal – hey, try, at205 reseal its made by company in Chicago automatic transmission products ATP, and you pour that in the engine oil. It can often stop the rear, main seal leaks. It wont stop a leak in the oil pan. It only works on oil seals, not oil gaskets. So it would stop it A lot of times. Itll stop it and it works great. Then, every time you change the oil, you just add a little bottle of it to keep it in, because when you change the oil, the ATP goes out with the oil it mixes with facilis 527 said. Should I buy a new Ford Fusion? You specified 2012 fusions were okay. I want to ask whats your opinion on the new ones, all right. Well, they stopped making them in 2020., but now in 2023, theyre bringing them back against a different kind of design. I personally would not buy I a Ford car.

These days, because Ford is going out of the car business right, they said that they were going to completely get out and only make the Mustangs. But I mean they are coming out with the 2023 Fusion thats kind of weird looking thing, but its a completely new design and I never advised buying completely new designs. The fusions, really they werent bad, but Fords, decided to go out of the car business and get into just making trucks and SUVs and the Mustang thats there. You know Flagship, show off car and then the Mustang, my key. That has nothing to do with the Mustang. Its electric SUV – they just stole the name and put it on it right. So I probably wouldnt buy a late model Fusion, especially the brand new one, its a new design and the other ones they dont make them anymore, its not good to buy a car. They dont make anymore. Unless you get a phenomenal deal, I mean lets say you found a 2019 Fusion, a real cheap price and it ran okay. Why not? But I wouldnt go out of my way to find one because they dont make them anymore. The new ones are a different design and Fords kind of getting out of the car business anyways now heres, one that really going to get you mad got me mad too. Mr jarwell got himself one of those little EcoBoost, four cylinder turbo Mustangs right bought at a Ford dealer and he paid a bunch of money for this extended warranty.

So the engines going out. He takes it to Ford and, as he says, Scotty Im reaching out after debating an issue with Ford and the dealer Im told theres nothing they can do about replacing my engine. They said I need a new engine and since it had been modified, the warranty will not pay for it. So Im gon na have to pay for it and after its fixed Im, going to go to Ford and cancel the extended warrant, and I only put 25 000 miles on this mustang. So he buys a used Mustang. A Ford dealership pays laws money for an extended warranty supposed to cover everything right. They sold them the stupid thing then he brings back. The engine is gone and said: well, your engine was modified, so the warranty isnt going to pay for repairing the engine, but they sold them the car modified. He did not modify any of it. I made a video out of it last year right when he bought it. I showed the modifications and he had bought it that way he didnt put the modifications on so they sold on the modified car and the warranty and then said well the warranty and for it is not going to cover because the cars been modified. It just shows you these people, they dont know which end is up other than theyre making money for themselves, and then they cover their highness one. Well, the warranty in Ford isnt going to pay for it because the engines modified well, fine, itd, be one thing.

If he modified the car after he bought it, he bought it from them already modified and they didnt tell them. Oh well, its not going to cover heres a warranty. It covers everything right, be weary of any of these warranties and anything that the company say. Yeah hes, probably going to hire a lawyer. He said because they sold in the car they sold in the warranty and then said: well, it doesnt cover it because it was modified, but they sold it to him as it was modified before he bought it. So it wasnt like he bought it, modified it and blew the engine they sold. It already modified. So just shows you what scumbags are out there these days.