It takes years and years Citroen took six months. The new EC3 is what were driving today. Sadly, we only have about 45 minutes with the car, so this is going to be a small and quick video, a first glimpse of first glance, a first look, a first feel of what the EC3 is all about Music. So lets get this straight out of the way yoyo to see what the specs on this are right, because, after all, paper, specs or specs on a well in this case, a battery operated phone screen is what really matters to a lot of people, especially with an Ev so lets get to the biggest one. First range: 320 kilometers according to AI Im, guessing a more realistic range figure would be about 200. If you drove normally and not like an absolutely crazy person. The battery pack is 29.2 kilowatt. Ah, and its actually right here below the floor, also in the floor, which means your ground clearance has dropped by 10 mm from 180 to 170 mm, which shouldnt be much of an issue 170 and Im still a lot of ground clearance. But this is where the specs become a little less impressive. The electric motor is just 57 horsepower – hmm 57. and 143 newton meters of torque, not a lot and its because of that not a lot that the 0 to 60 kilometer per hour time, not 0 to 100 0 to 60 kilometer per time is just 6.

8 seconds And in comparison, the Tiago AV, which will be this cars biggest rival, is a full second faster at 5.7, a full second and then the other one. This tops out at 107 kilometers per hour. Now I know legally 100 kilometers per pound. Expresses is what youre supposed to be doing, but still 307 reminds me of another car and then slow car. That too. Overall, though, the positive bait of all of this is that this battery pack in this car is DC, powered or DC ready. So you can go from 10 to 80 on the battery in just 57 minutes and you can do it back to back now. I would at this point sort of go around the car and tell you what the differences are, but there arent any apart from this little e batch here, another e batch at the back and, of course you get another charging door or a charging door, because the Fuel door at the back is a dummy, so should we drive it now quickly for a little bit and tell you what it feels like just sort of a first impression thing: Music: okay, so, as you can obviously see, we are actually driving this on a street Or on a road, so its very difficult for me to actually tell you how quick this feels or how brisk this field as compared to other relative objects around us. But we are driving on a test track and you have driven plenty of cars in the past.

On a test track, so we can get a fair Assumption of how this car the EC3 actually drives. Now, before I get to the EC3, let me remind you that theres, normal C3, which has two powertrain options, is actually a very very nice car to drive. The engine are fantastic ride. Quality is absolute Benchmark level in that segment. Any other steering feels great pretty much as a mechanical package. It is one of the best cars in the segment, if not the best car in the segment. This isnt gon na be that the Tiago definitely outperforms this in terms of both range and in terms of overall Driving Experience as well on paper, but with an on paper translate to in car Performance, so Im gon na slow, it down, say 30 kilometers an hour Im gon na floor it and see if this feels brisk, but it sort of does now its not as quick as the EVS of the world now make out to be, but a city, small car, so darting around traffic yeah. This feels adequate. It feels average to be honest, he doesnt stand out as compared to anything else in the segment and honestly, this segment, the Thiago and the tigor. If you sort of pile them on into one segment, they dont really stand out in terms of performance too. The great packages nothing stand out in terms of performance not like the next song, even for example, has now overall it still gets this great suspension balance so its still a comfy car.

But then you start looking around and you still see that so many cost cut measures which should have been added on to the EC3, even if it meant a slight or nominal increase in pricing. Havent been done so so. This little thing that sticks out is all adjustables and the fact that the switches here for the rear power windows and, of course, that little instrument cluster, which reminds me of my hero, Honda Splendor, is still in this car. But apart from that, as a package in terms of space, for example, unchanged, even though the floor is now slightly higher and you do feel, the Flop is slightly higher. Its still a great package. But theyre gon na be good enough to take on the Tata Thiago. Ev, well, we leave that verdict for another day and another video, because I honestly have very very limited time with this car and Ive told you what my initial Impressions have been initial Impressions. Only will this be better on the street? I think it will be when you get a sort of sense of how things are around you. I think it might be slightly more impressive for now this Im guessing its gon na, be very, very, very aggressively priced, but still there are some things missing through clearing or missions like that key, for example, I think this is the first EV that Ive driven in About a decade, or so, maybe even more, that has a physical key to start the car not a start button its stuff like this, that might irk off an EV buyer because you are an Ed Buyer.

You are sort of The Cutting Edge of the mobility world. Arent you well thats all for now. I know this has been a very quick short video, but weve had just a quick short amount of time with the cast theres no point going into complete detail of how it drives. This is an initial impression. We will bring you a more detailed impression very very soon, but for now tell me what you think of the Citroen EC3 Im a bit sort of half and half impressed by the package, as I am with the C3. But then powertrain has been just slightly underwhelming, which isnt the case in the normal C3 and, of course, these are all these cost cutting bits which I think should have been replaced with better stuff.