It is the new all electric about 500e in acid green and I think it looks Mega now the back end of last year. I was actually on an Alfa Romeo press trip in Italy when the leaked pictures of this hit the internet, and I can remember being with a whole bunch of YouTubers and journalists, and we all just poured over the pictures and unanimously thought it looked. A pretty cool car, so when I knew I was coming today to actually get a look at it in person, I was very very excited. I am a huge fan of the little about whether its 595 or 695 Ive driven lots of them Ive had experiences on track and on road, and they are just a fun package, a grin generator, and this this all electric version should do just that, especially when You look at the numbers so now. Clearly, the numbers are going to be a little bit different because its an electric car, so first off battery pack size a 42 kilowatt hour battery pack and this car produces around about 155 horsepower more on that later and the one number you will probably want to Know is range well, 150 miles or so, but again well need to talk a bit more about that later, because there are a number of different Drive modes in this car, but before we get to the driving before we get to the performance. I just want to talk about the Aesthetics and walk around some of the details.

This particular color acid green. This is a special color on a special car. This is the launch car, its called the scorpionissima theyre, only making 1949 of them in tribute to the year. That the about was first made in 1949 and there are only two color options: acid, green or poison blue. I love the naming of the color palette the front end, though there are some things that you would expect. The above badge has been changed just a little bit, but, unlike any of the 595s or 695s weve, actually got a bath written on the front, and I love this honeycomb Grill the whole front. End of this car just looks clean and mean this little bit of a white diffuser on the front is different for the 500e. The underpinnings of this car is based on the electric Fiat 500 and then been spiced up a bit theres quite a lot of difference. If we walk around the headlamps, I absolutely love the headlamps from a distance. This kind of little eyebrow thats on top, but it just squashes down the headlamp, makes the car look really really aggressive. Youve got this little daytime running light with the body colored portion in the side, and then some more Vents and just a whole front. Balance of the car looks really really cool. You then kind of start to follow the air around the corner of the car and you get to this side indicator, but its its not flush with a car, its like a little winglet, and I really really like that.

I didnt spot it from a distance. But when you get up close and then it follows this crease line all the way down the side of the car, then we come round to the wheels so for the first time 18 inch wheels never had wheels that big on 595 or 695 the wheel design. I think looks absolutely brilliant and then youve got the Scorpion on the inside the abar Scorpion with a nice big set of brakes now in terms of braking with this being an electric car depending on the drive mode youre, either using regenerative braking so using the electric Motor to regenerate kinetic energy into Power into the battery pack or youve got a nice big set of calipers and discs for conventional braking. If you like, and on the rear of the car, a difference from the normal 500 electric that is now a disc brake at the back, whereas the normal 500e just has drums at the back, then we come down the side. I really love the sort of matte finish on the wing mirror the scorpionissima. Has this unique decal down the side with a bath its one of those things you kind of look at it? It makes your eyes Go funny. I really like that and then theres an embossed a bath just on the top of the sill line. There loving the design of the handles solid from the outside, and then you just have a a little clip underneath really like that, and then maybe the most striking feature on the side.

Is this new unique to the electric a bath badge with the Abarth scorpion and a nice big lightning bolt going through it? But yes, very smart, now driving modes and driving couple of things there are three driving modes for the car: weve got Turismo mode. Weve got scorpion Street and Scorpion track in Turismo mode. The powers backed off to help extend the range youve got full regenerative braking. So youve got a one pedal driving feature, and that would be the kind of mode that you would be in for City driving to get the most range out of the cars. I said around about 150 miles, or so now you might think thats not a massive number, but this is a small City car and its comparable with something like the electric mini. I guess if you want a little bit more performance, you can then go to scorpion street now. What scorpion Street does is it gives you access to all the power, but youve got regenerative braking, so youve still got the one pedal driving mode, and that would be if you wanted a little bit more of a zip down a Country Lane and then, if you Want to have some fun youre going to scorpion track, gives you all the power very little regenerative, braking and thats your maximum Attack Mode. Now, unfortunately, its very frustrating – all I want to do is drive this car, because when you look at the numbers first up, if you look at the acceleration number, this card is not to 60 in seven seconds.

Well, if you compare that with the most powerful 695, that does it in 6.9 seconds, you think well, this is slower than the uh ice car. Well, yes, however thats not the whole story. Remember this is an electric car youve got the instant torque its a little bit heavier so in an acceleration from 0 to 60. That first getaway is going to take a little bit more time where this car comes to its own is in the mid range acceleration. Youre 20 to 30 or 30 to 40 or 50 to 60, where youve got instant acceleration and in those mid range accelerations. This car outperforms the petrol versions of the Abarth, and if we were to take this round baloka where I was with Alfa Romeo driving the tonale at the back end of last year, this cars over a second quicker than its petrol equivalent above 695.. So its going to be a nippy car and I cannot wait to drive it. Um lets walk around the back Im going to jump inside and have a look on the inside, because its beautiful in there, oh wow now for such a small car. Its Mega roomy in here Ive actually had to pull my seat forward and it feels like a much better driving position than the old 695s and 595s. This scorpiness in my special edition is so well trimmed in here theres Alcantara on the seats. I think the seats look beautiful and theyre pretty supportive and comfortable Alcantara trim on the steering wheel and even on these Central portions of the dashboard, its a beautifully appointed place in here, but then it should be.

We probably need to talk price um. Are you sitting down so there are two versions of this: you can actually get a soft top version or not at the moment, but its coming shortly. The car Im sat in 38 695 pounds and if you want the soft top version, its an extra three grand on top of that, but that is a limited edition – run 1949 units. So you know I can imagine, people will buy that and its you know its that special of having this limited edition run. If you dont want that pricing hasnt been released for the normal versions, but Im sure itd be a little bit less, but it is beautifully equipped. Its got the 10 and a half inch screen Im not going to turn the car on for a moment because it does have a party piece, but it has a high end stereo as well its really really nice in here. But I guess for me, one of the challenges about thinking about an electric about is: whenever you drive a normal one, whether its got record Monza or the acrapovic exhaust, they sound Mega, really really good. This apparently does as well, even though its an electric car, it has a sound generator that simulates the normal sound of a petrol engine, car theres, a speaker just underneath the rear, bumper that pumps out sound and on this its on all the time. So if I start the car and then well listen to it on the inside and then well walk around the outside, but are we ready that thats just that sounds? I mean its really weird, because theres no rev counter when youre driving that maps to the throttle and it changes its pitch as you drive so most cars have a sound generator that pumps, if you like, fake engine noise inside this, does it outside and its really Loud lets pop on the outside and go go and have it, oh, my God, really noisy its just its just its so wrong, but so right now I can imagine youre gon na be in one or two camps here.

Youre gon na think this is the coolest Gadget ever and Youre Gon na Want it instantly or youre gon na think its awful and shouldnt have even been invented. I wont let you know which one I am. I think the whole point about of Arts is theyre. Just fun and the the character of the old petrol car was so much based around its noise. I can kind of get this now. You will be able to turn it off if you dont want it theres, a part of me that says almost embrace the fact. Its an electric car and put an electric car noise generator, rather than trying to pretend its something that its not in terms of what I think of the car styling wise. I absolutely love this. Its got Its a really really interesting mix of harking back to the old about 500s and and then trying to freshen it up and make it new. I love the acid green paint work. I love the larger Wheels. The interior is stunning. I love all the little kicks and flicks the little um front indicators. I love the a bath badging, I think. For me, there is an element of me that thinks it should have had more power – maybe 200 horsepower. But I know that as soon as you do that you have a compromise between the performance and the range and youd maybe need to put a bigger battery pack. In it – and that makes the car heavier so it is a difficult one in terms of performance, this is still fast around a track than the internal combustion engine.

Fiat 500 a bath, but I know that some of the about this community will have wanted it to have more and who knows, this is the first one and look at how the previous above has evolved over the years from the very first one to the to The current generation running up to 180 horsepower so a bit more horsepower. That would be great, a bit more range for some Im sure. That would be great remember. This is a City cargo, but from a styling point of view, I think it looks fantastic and I cannot wait to drive it and hopefully Ill be doing that soon and bringing that to the channel. But for now Im going to leave you with the rumble of the new about 500e. I think its going to grow on me. You know that noise anyway, guys if you enjoyed that give me a thumbs up comments below, are always welcome and if you havent done so already, please subscribe to petrified for plenty more content to come and Ill. See you on the next film you take care, guys, drive safe. Now I dont think anyone will notice if I jumped in try and drive that way.