This car is on its second facelift, its called its second facelift, because there was a facelift of the battery called the long range version and then theres. This one lets have a look at what changed it has hello. Everyone welcome to everything Cosmo. This is the number one place to be for car news and reviews. Sit back buckle up lets go Music. No, I just want to say a big thank you to Brown gammons mg Bulldog for letting me review the mg5. They offer a great range of new and classic MGS and they are always happy to help. So lets start with the front now to start with, we have an all new design. We have these thin LED headlights with LED daytime running lights in them and they are connected with this black bar, which makes this car look quite modern, lower down. We get this stylish central air vent and also we have these fake side vents, but I can forgive that because it makes the car look again very modern. Moving around to the side, there are no changes, apart from some new, stylish or modern wheel options. There are now two wheel options. As the base model gets flush covers and the top model gets bi colored diamond cut alloy wheels. You still get a very stylish design that feels Timeless. With this car. Moving around to the back. We do get some changes to start with were getting these new LED tail lights, as well as a slightly different Chrome bar.

These changes alone made the car feel more modern from the rear lower down. The bumper has an even bigger change. The bump has been revised with new fake air vents and a fake bottom splitter. This again makes the car feel even more modern right lets have a look at the battery motor options you can have with the mg5ev facelift. So at the moment the mg5 EV facelift. Only comes in Long Range version. This means you get a 61.1 kilowatt hours battery pack that offers 235 miles of range on the SE spec and up to 250 miles on the top spec trophy model. This supplies a 153 brake horsepower motor positioned at the front. It has a 7.7 seconds, 0 62 time, which is actually quite good for this type of car. In the future there may be a cheaper standard range version. You also get the new vehicle to load function, which means you can plug a household item into the car. The price for the mg5 EV faceshift starts at 30 995 pounds, the Peugeot e308 estate and the Astra electric sports toy will start at around about 38 000 to 40 000 pounds. They also dont include a seven year. Warranty lets have a look at the interior, so stepping inside we have a whole new design from what we are used to to start with. We get this new center console design with a new gear selector and some silver Plastics and even a usable cup holders.

We do get some black plastic but thats near the parking brake and gear selector. We also still get your curves and mode button. We also get the same storage underneath the sense console with some USB ports on the dashboard. We again have a whole new design. We get this infotainment system that is taken straight from the mg4 and just like the mg4, it works very well and it is very clear to see we also get some more silver trim and some blue highlights, which are not in your face, as you might think, On the lower parts of the dashboard, we do get some nice soft fabric material, which does make this car feel more high end than what it is. There are some cheap Plastics, but I can live with that in front of the drive. We get a new instrument. Cluster taken from the mg Zs EV, we dont, however, getting a new AMG steering wheel from the mg4. The seats are finished in this new, more premium fade clever and fabric material. The door cards also feel more premium with this Fabric and piano black material lets check out the rear seats so getting into the rear. Legroom is okay for six foot people sitting behind someone that is six foot. Headroom is also okay. You dont get many Creature Comforts, but the door cars are trimmed in this nice material and we do get an armrest and a USB port lets have a look at the boom.

So, although its an estate car its boot size, theres not really as resemble an estate car for comparison, the upcoming Astra electric sports toy will have a boot size of 548 liters boot size on the mg5 EV. Facelift is 479 liters, with the seats up and with the seats down its 1 367 liters. It is still very usable now, as you can see, with this big suitcase in the back folding your rear seats down. Now you still get the Big Ridge like before. So what do I think of the mg5 EV facelift? Well, I think it is as good as the mg4 and in some places it feels more premium with the material that they have used. I also like the fact that it has a center console this time when the where the mg4 doesnt the design. I also like, as it looks and feels more modern, can Peugeot invox or beat it now with the e308 station wagon and the Astra electric sports Torah. Well, I think it will be very close watch this space to find out Music foreign.