Bee 32 amp portable EV charger. In the Box, youre going to find the support card with information about contacting customer support and also the instructions.. This unit plugs into a standard NEMA, 14, 50 Outlet.. To get the maximum amperage youll have to have at least a 40 amp circuit.. On the back of the unit, we have the specifications and also a breakdown of what the LED status lights. Mean.. The charge wand is a standard J 1772.. This will plug into any North American EV, excluding Tesla.. You can plug it into a Tesla if you buy the appropriate adapter.. The unit is 25 feet in length from the NEMA 14 50 Outlet to the J 1772 adapter.. The charging cable is six millimeter squared, which is approximately 10 gauge. Once plugged in the display lights up and shows us all the important information.. We can press the button to change the amperage from 10, 16, 20, 24 or 32 amps. Now lets go ahead and plug it into the Bolt and see how it works.. We can see here that the Bolt is charging as usual and the status lights on the unit itself are lighting up green and we can see that we are charging.. If you want to change the amperage, it has to be unplugged from the car. Just press. The button until you reach the amperage you want and plug back in.. We can see here that were charging up just fine at 20 amps as well.

. So what did I think of the workers? B32 amp EVSE. I think its a pretty good deal for under 250. Right now, on Amazon. Its hard to beat that., It looks like a good unit.. I like the overall quality of it.. I like the adjustability of it.. I like the different amperage settings.. I think its hard to go wrong with this one.. What did I particularly like about it? It has a nice long cord. From end to end it measures 25 feet. Thats, going to give you a lot of reach in your garage or maybe visiting a relative … youre going to have enough length to get to your car.. It has a typical, informative display that you see in a lot of these units. Youre, going to see your set amperage youre, going to see the output in kilowatts youre, going to see the total kilowatt hours that you sent to the battery during the charge. Session. Charge time temperature line voltage. Youre going to get all that.. The cord is flexible manageable.. I wasnt able to do a cold temperature test because its unseasonably warm right, now. And adjustable amperage … – and I mentioned this a lot but youre able to change the amperage on this guy. If you have to plug it into a dryer outlet or some other …. Sorry, my dogs walking around upstairs.. If you have to plug into maybe a 30 amp 20 amp outlet or maybe youre sharing one circuit with two EVs.

You need to turn both chargers down, so you have 10, 16, 20, 24 and 32 amp settings.. The unit does remember the charge setting from the previous session, so you dont have to reset that every time. Now to get the full 32 amps youre going to have to plug in to a circuit thats rated for at least 40 amps, but maybe youre able to Plug into a dryer outlet, which is typically 30 amps., You can turn this unit down to a safe 24 amps for that.. You may even have a lower amperage outlet, such as a 20 amp outlet for a wall, air conditioner or maybe a welder, and in that case you could turn down to 16 amps, which would be safe to charge. At. Just remember to plug into one of those outlets youre going to need an adapter.. These are fairly cheap, …, usually about 20 to 30 dollars.. What do I, I think, could use improvement on this unit? Theres not really a whole lot that I would change. This unit technically is capable of charging at 120 volts, but there is no adapter included to do that.. This unit does not include a carrying case or a cord hanger.. These things again would be available separately if thats, something you needed. Now. This unit does show a red light when you first plug it in. That shows up as a ground, error and Ive noticed. A lot of these imported units do that.

. They probably use the same electronics inside and that goes away as soon as you plug it into the car., Its not a real error. … Im, not sure why that shows up but dont be scared. If you see that red light. Overall, I think the WorkersBee 32 amp EVSE is a really good deal for the price.. I would recommend it to anybody who wants a 32 amp portable or even as a full time, home unit.. This is not a smart unit. … youre not going to be able to connect to it with your smartphone, but it does give you all of the important information right on the display.. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.. I have a lot more EV Charger videos coming up.