Not quite right! Is it because this is in fact the Citroen EC3, the newest, affordable EV? You can buy in the country right now. Music Trend easy to the 29.2 kilowatt lfp battery pack, which gives it 320 kilometers of arai range. Now. This should be good for about 240 to 260 kilometers in the real world, since we saw 220 kilometers on the readout, with about 96 charge left, notably, this battery pack is naturally cool with passing air. Unlike most of the liquid cooled setups, you currently see Citroen says it has tested this pack extensively and found this strategy to work effectively with the battery size and chemistry. The battery pack can function between minus 10 to 55 degrees Celsius and also forward water without trouble. Although an IP rating isnt mentioned, otherwise, the pack can withstand nail penetration as well. Ec3 can charge at up to 30 kilowatts of DC fast charging and Citroen says that you dont need to keep alternating between DC and AC charging to preserve the battery. Just on DC charging, the Citroen will still be fine. Now, as for AC charging, it only accepts 3.3 kilowatt, which is a bit less, but you can also charge it from a home socket in about 10 and a half hours foreign Music track. So our impressions of other cars to drive are quite preliminary, but it must be said that the 57 PS and the 143 Newton meter that this car makes its quite a bit less than its petrol counterparts, but it never feels inadequate.

So with that crisp EV talk delivery, you always seem to make easy progress, as is true for most TVs, even though in this case its not quite that sharp, really, you know, jerky acceleration, that you come to expect in certain EVS its much more natural. It builds progressively and Citroen size of the EC3 will do 0 to 60 in 6.8 seconds, which seems fair and it will go up to 107 kmph top speed its limited, but it must be said that the EC3 does get up to 107 kmph reasonably easily. Although you will notice that at higher speeds the performance sort of tapers away so, for example, if you are at say 80 and then you want to build speed its not quite as brisk as say when youre at 30 or 40.. But that is true of most TV, so we wont hold it against the EC3 Music. We cant tell you how this electric EC3 rides in regular Indian conditions, but on track. The sense of solidity that comes through in the ice version seems to have been retained. It still got nearly that same well, judged, steering, feel and still Handles in that Progressive, predictable Mana. That makes it quite easy to use in traffic or around corners. The added weight is apparent, of course, but like most EVS, the low center of gravity does counter. That effect, to an extent now, another trade that we started to like is the way switch from delivering power to slowing down to region.

Quite naturally, there is no abruptness, no sort of hesitation and the region level also varies with the speed you cant choose. You cant select a specific region level but say at higher speeds above 80 or above 70 theres less region just like you would want on the highway and then at lower City speeds, theres, quite a bit of region theres, no one pedal driving. So you wont come to a complete halt, but you will slow down to say a seven or eight kilometer per hour crawl. So as with most TVs, the EC3 is quite good to drive its not the most exciting EV. But it must be said that for a small City Car it gets the job done really quite well, at least in this very initial impression. It seems like it will Music. Now, like we mentioned, you can choose between a standard and an eco mode. Now the Eco Mode will reduce stock outputs, its not just to reduce throttle response it. So it reduces the torque to about 120 meter, and so Tran says that will give you about 10 to 11 percent, more range, which is a good deal wed suppose and to be honest at lower speeds, say at the speeds that Im doing at City space You Dont notice that too much so you might just be able to use the Eco Mode as your default mode in the city. But of course well know that once weve driven the EC3 in our regular City conditions would be hard pressed to spot the Sichuan EC3 from the ice version, theres still a grill, just like the petrol version, possibly for the naturally cooled battery.

So the only differentiator, the new dual tone paint options and the small e badges that dot the fenders. The C3 was always a good looking car, but a bit more to differentiate it from the EV may have been appreciated. By prospective owners, there has been a tenement drop in ground clearance to 170 mm, with the new battery pack. Now on the inside. The EC3 is near identical to the regular petrol powered C3, but of course there are some differences. For example, you get this toggle type. Selector, which is quite heavily inspired from the one in the C5 across the facelifted one and its got the same quite nice, action where you toggle it to go to D and toggle it in front to go to R yeah theres, no PE mode, theres no Park Mode which is a bit of a Miss, but what you do get is an Eco Drive mode, so that should help you eek out extra range when say your low on power and so on and so forth. Foreign digital instrument cluster with the electric C3. Now the same basic unit as the petrol C3, but its to a black background, so it looks a touch classy a bit better integrated and there is a bit more information on offer. For example, you are now have a clear readout between the power and the region level and, like say, the missing tachometer in the petrol C3, but other than that, its still quite bare in its information.

So you just get a charge level readout arranged readout and the two trip computers, theres, still no efficiency readout. So that is still something that Citroen could have worked on now. Few more minor differences separate the EC3 from the petrol C3 to start with the seats they now have this black seat cover instead of the off white ish, one that you found in the petrol C3. You finally get a day night rear view mirror, which was a stark Miss in the petrol version, and this 10 inch touchscreen. It already had that wireless Android, auto and apple carplay connectivity. Now it adds connected Tech features to it, of course, theyre phone based, but now they do have been added. You still get the 10 inch screen with wireless Android, auto and apple carplay, but a start stop button powered mirrors as well as a rear camera are some things. Citroen could have added to what will be a more premium offering usefully boot space hasnt been compromised. Its still 315 liters with a spare wheel provided for good measure now in terms of how the EC3 feels in the back seat, Things Are somewhat similar to the petrol version, but not quite so. What is similar is that you have that same quite comfortable and wide bench with the same nice angle of recline and the very well thought out cushioning. But what is different is that the floor is a bit higher, of course, now to put in the battery which sits here before the boot, so which means that you sit in a bit of a knees up position its not quite as comfortable as in the petrol.

C3, you, as you can see, theres not that much thigh support so yeah. You are losing out a bit of comfort, but it must be said that as far as EVS go, this is really not bad at all. The Citroen EC3 carries on in the mold of the C3, its got a sound EV, powertrain, useful range for a city Runabout and the sense of space and comfort that Citroen does so well with the petrol version. We would have liked more equipment again, but we hope Citroen gets the pricing right.