Its mg, in no time at all its gone from bit Parts small car and SUV maker to EV giant with some of the best and most affordable electric vehicles, bearing that hallowed sports car badge. The mgzs is our reigning family electric car of the year, while the mg5 has just been face, lifted and remains just one of a handful of electric Estates currently on sale and now theres this, the new mg4 EV, a Volkswagen Golf size, hatchback that undercuts every electric Car currently on sale, apart from the two seat – smart 4, 2. But I suspect, thats the first and last time that well mention that smart in this video, because, apart from the fact that theyre, both driven purely by electricity, that is pretty much where the similarities end. For less than 30 000 pounds, this mg gives you a 200 mile range fast charging, two screens inside with Apple and Android connectivity. What more could you want? Well, a quick subscribe would be nice and because the mg4 has been designed as an electric car from the off it feels big. It feels Airy. It feels spacious in here this section is set down low, so it gives you a real sense of space. This dashboard, layout and general is perhaps not the most inspiring weve seen not in this class, certainly but its functional and it, and it works theres a row of shortcut buttons up here. Okay, the way they click feels a little bit cheap.

Perhaps – and that is the story for a few of the Plastics and surfaces in here, but you cant turn your nodes up given the price. The screen itself, though, is pretty responsive, but the menus could be a little bit better, laid out its a little bit complicated and you do have to delve into some of the sub menus to change things like the speed limit, so the cruise control or the level Of the regenerative braking thats just a little bit, frustrating and well Ive sat in this car for a week now and Im still not completely convinced or that I know what the buttons on the steering wheel are going to do. At least youve got these still dials up here, which are really clear: youve got speed, trip range information thats, all there really obvious and really easy to read. Otherwise, youve got a couple of cup holders down here. Youve got a lidded section under there, which you can store, keys and stuff. Youve got another bin under here and a net, and even if you dont go for the top spec car with wireless phone charging, you do get a nice little ledge for your phone. If the interior seems simple, then so will the trim structure, the entry level SE comes in either standard or long range spec or the top of the range trophy is only available with the larger of the two batteries Essie like we have here will do the job For most people, though, it depends what kind of Kit you deem essential on a car like this, all models get the two screens LED lights, alloy wheels and rear parking sensors.

Se, cars miss out on stuff, like heated leather seats, that Wireless smartphone charging we mentioned or 360 degree parking cameras you get remote access, whichever version you go for, which is a boon in the winter months, just remember to download the app something that I didnt do Before I got in the car this morning, full specs as always, are available on, but no matter the car is warm now so well park that small oversight for the time being. It was my fault anyway, but whatever intelligence is user lacks the mg more than makes up for on the road. If youre looking for some of that old school mg magic, then this is the car that comes closest. The Zs is capable, as it is, nt much fun to drive the mg4. On the other hand, well, its rear wheel drive. So while it doesnt feel quite like a 70s petrol powered sports car, its responsive, its quick witted, its just really nice to drive the steering is sharp body. Control is good, the ride is Supple and no matter which version you go for. Norton 62 takes less than eight seconds. The smaller battery version is a bit lighter, so its a little bit punchier, but you get that instant electric kick that were so used to with EVs and theres, even a hot 400 horsepower hot hatchback on the way. Of course, if you use the performance on offer, you wont get close to the claim range, nor will you, through the winter we were seeing 3.

8 miles per kilowatt hour when we tested the mg4 in the summer roughly 240 miles on this long range, car versus an Official figure between 270 and 281 miles, but that dropped to just three miles per kilowatt hour. The temperature fell close to zero thats, almost 100 miles off mgs claim, but its not uncommon for EVS to lose range through the colder months and with quick 135 kilowatt charging on the bigger battery model. Youll be back on the road in no time that sort of charging speed is on par with the Volkswagen ID3 and the Cooper born, as well as the latest Renault Megan youre, looking at a 35 minute fast charge time or around nine hours via a home wall Box one thing we often talk about in our electric car reviews is regenerative. Braking and the mg has four modes: youve got low, medium, strong and adaptive, and while the strongest setting isnt quite good enough for one pedal driving in the when you lift off the accelerator, it wont bring you to a complete stop its near enough usable in 90. Of situations and when you do actually have to use the brake pedal its no problem at all, because its nice and smooth more than we can say for some premium, EVS costing what two three times the price, the mg4, though its quiet its comfortable, the 17 inch Wheels on our car are the only option and you never feel sharp jolts or potholes, making themselves known in the cabin and even at Motorway speeds.

It stays hushed all in. You couldnt really want or expect a better driving experience than this, certainly in a family hatchback and if youre still feeling a bit apprehensive about diving feet. First into the world of electric motoring and taking a punt on a brown weve, not really seen much of in recent times, then you should take comfort in the seven year. Eighty thousand mile warranty mg does have some work to do on customer satisfaction, though, and is one fairly major sticking point for us. The brand ranked 28th out of 29 makers in the 2022 driver power owner satisfaction, survey, foreign ERS up front and by and large its the same story back here. It does feel a little bit dark. Youve got a dark. Headlining youve got dark seats, dark material on the doors as well, so it does feel a little bit kind of hemmed in, but in terms of outright space it is pretty good theres room for three to sit across the back and theres a flat floor. So youve got enough room for your feet as well, but in terms of luxuries or niceties or added features there. Isnt much at all youve got a single USB down there, and that is pretty much it. But if theres, one area where the mg Falls a little bit short its here in the boot, its not tiny, but well with a family hatch, you just expect a little bit more, especially if its electric, you see all that space that you had on the inside There thats, because with a bespoke electric car, you dont have to have all of that stuff that transfers Drive between the front and rear wheels like it does in a petrol or diesel car.

I suppose this being rear wheel drive. There is all the motor and stuff behind there and underneath there, but you still expect a little bit more than 363 liters thats less than the ID3 or the Cooper born and quite a bit less than a Megan as well and further to that youre going to Have to store the cables in here as well, because there is no underfloor storage or space in the nose which you do get in some EVS. The seats do fold 60, 40, nice and easy, but theres a little step in the floor. But regardless the 1177 liter space with everything folded flat is usable in its own right, okay time for some deal makers and deal breakers, we need more good value. Electric cars and the mg4 is one of the best, even in topspec guys it dramatically undercuts its main Rivals and where value for money extends to all aspects of mg4 ownership that you can get on with a big battery and a long range for less than 30k. Only cement its place at the very top of this class, dual screens inside with Apple and Android connectivity, plus fast charging tech for a 10 to 80 top up in 35 minutes in plenty of ways. This really does feel like a no compromise EV. However, having said that, it isnt quite perfect. The boot is on the small side for this class of car and theres no frunk for storing the charging cables out of the way and then theres.

Our final deal breaker its one that, depending on your Viewpoint, could just as easily be a deal maker.