If youd like to get one for yourself with that being said, lets get started and the ev101 uses the j1772 standard. So it should be compatible with pretty much any vehicle out there. That uses the j1772 plug, including partially electric vehicles that use this plug and for Tesla owners. There is an adapter available. If you want to use this to charge, your vehicle Ill put a link to that in the description down below, and this evsc supports level 1 and level 2 charging. It is equipped with a 620 plug on one end, but they have included a little extension that can take that 620 plug and convert that into a standard 515 plug. And that means that this charger is able to operate at 110, volts or 240 volts. And we also have the ability to select the amperage being delivered. We get a selection of 8 amps, 10 amps, 13 amps or 16 amps, and all of that is done with the single button right here. That allows us to control the amp settings and, in addition to the amp setting, the display can also show the current voltage the time elapsed and also kilowatt hours and, in addition to the LCD screen. We also get three LED indicators, one for power, one for charging and one to indicate if there has been a fault detected by the safety system of the unit and as far as cord length we get 16 feet of length to play with and also the plug Has a dust cover on there? This is a soft cover, however, it is locked in place and it can be released by pressing the button and then the cover come off and you can see here how squishy and soft that is to protect the connector when its not being used.

The cover is also attached to the handle with this little land jar, and I can re put that cover back in place when Im not using the unit. Well, probably, the best feature of the ev101 is that it is quite portable and they have even included a little carrying case to take this around in the vehicle or anywhere we want now. The ev101 weighs less than six pounds. So this is definitely a lightweight Evac. That I can travel with and goldiex says that the ev101 is ip65 rated, which means were going to be able to use outdoors. In fact, there is a mounting hole in the back of the unit. If I wanted to wall mount the charger and lets also look at the cable that goes from the wall to the charger. As you can see, these markings indicate that this cable contains three conductors at 14 gauge each and the cable that goes from the charger to the vehicle contains one conductor at 18 gauge and three conductors at 2.63 Square millimeters. Additionally, this marking right here indicates that this cable is UL certified and the cable for the 620 to 515 adapter contains three conductors at 14 gauge each and finally, we get the simple instruction manual in black and white, with the features of the unit and all of The specifications as well as how to use this charger, however, if we lose the instructions not to worry theyre, also found on the back of the unit, so who do? I think the eb 101 is for? I think this is going to be a great solution for anybody, whos looking for a spare charger, in addition to the one that came with their vehicle or anybody whos looking to charge a little faster, because we have that level 2 Charging capability.

I also think that this ebs c is a good option for anybody whos looking for a very easy to use charger, because we have that single button that allows us to select the amp setting, and that is it we are charging. So remember. I put a link in the description down below to this ebsc in case you like to get one for yourself and if you guys have any other questions regarding the EB 101. Please put that in the comments. If you found any part of this, video helpful hit the thumbs up button to support the channel and stay tuned, as I have a lot more cool car gadgets coming up for you guys. Thank you guys for watching and as always Ill see you on the next one.