Today we are looking at the world premiere. The new Mazda mx 30r EV. This car uses a very unique powertrain which combines the rotary engine, so the rotary petrol engine and the electric motor total output is 125 kilowatts. But the special thing about this powertrain is that electric motor is driving the wheel, so only the electric motor and then the rotary petrol one is actually giving electricity to the electric motor. So that way, this car has more range compared to The Standard Electric version which we can see here and also underneath the Bonnet. You will find the electric powertrain, but also the rotary petrol powertrain, definitely unique powertrain and gives more range 600 kilometers of range for this car 125 kilowatts as the power output visually, the car looks very similar, so we have the well known design with the slim LED Lights on the front and this Grille Mazda badge sensors, this car is finished in the lovely metallic color, looks a bit bluish here, but I think its the black one. Let me show you the wheels from close there. We go nice diamond, cut, finish dual tone and lets see if we can see the dimension. 215. 55. R18 Dusty dimension areas how you can spot that this is the special version and this special actually Powertrain. Of course, the well known opening of the doors Mazda lettering here on the C pillar, which is by the way, finished just like the rest of the roof line here in the red color, tell me in the comments.

How do you like the spec now from the rear once again unique element, eat Sky, Active rev, so thats the powertrain lettering, and once again I can actually show you side by side electric one and then this is the Rev. Tell me in the comments. How do you like the design, and what do you think about this concept? So let me actually take a closer look also at the interior, so this is all well known from the all electric version. You see this doors that go a different way compared to the front doors and in front of the driver course. D3 spoke steering wheel in the middle. The main touch screen so yeah, all in all, very nice, interior, very modern and, of course, the quality of materials is also very good as expected from Mazda. But now let me show you these specs for the model in our video. Alright, then lets check it out. The price has also been revealed. This is the price for the model in our video and there are also specs and a list of equipment that this car has. You can pause the video here to see all the details, but yeah you see a lot of technology in this one. Battery is 17.8 kilowatt hour one and the total output here 125. Kilowatts 260 newton meters of torque 9.1 seconds is the acceleration from 0 to 100, which is once again faster than the electric version, and on fully electric power you can go 85 kilometers, I mean without the help of the rotary motor and then, of course, the range Extends when the rotary motor is doing its job and giving electricity to the electric Powertrain and uh yeah, the dimensions are here: thats, pretty much it CO2 emissions and uh yeah.

I think that covers pretty much everything. So tell me in the comments. How do you like the design of this thing, and how do you like this unique approach in terms of the technology, but now let me also show you the view at the powertrain, but were not going to do it here. Theres a special section there, where you can see the details so lets go, and this is what its all about. So this is the unique powertrain and there is the rotary motor. You can actually turn it on here. So you see it works now and gives electricity to the electric motor driving motor is here so thats, the electric one and then rotary, Plus Motor. Now everything is working and theres also an explanation here. So this is the power chain unit that is made of motor generator and the Mazdas unique rotary engine that generates electricity for the motor, so very cool to see it here in action, alright guys – and that was the world premiere of the new Mazda.