Unfortunately, their price tags seems to be above our budget. Since many automakers EV prices are expensive. You think there are no reliable, affordable electric cars on the market thats one of them. We are going to discuss about in this video the latest 2023 MP4 EV that is well known for its sporty look, affordable price and smooth handling. The mg4 also won the 2023 Car of the Year car wow award, leaving behind its competitors, the Volkswagen ID3 EV and the small Peugeot e208. Why should you consider buying the 2023 md4 instead of other electric cars? First of all, the automaker isnt? Really, after making profit from the md4 sales, instead, their after demands of electric vehicles buyers around the world to supply as much as they could, on the other hand, spreading the good news about their company while other automakers battles with supply and demand the mg4 EV Volkswagen Id3 and Puja e208 are all impressive electric vehicles, each with their own unique style and features MP4 on the outside. It seems to look like a mini sport. Car both triangle headlights, kind of fall under the same pattern with each side, air intakes firmly positioned. It has sharp lines and a dynamic stance that make it look like a true performer on the road. The front grille with the MV logo and Sharp LED headlights give the car a futuristic look. That is sure to impress the alloy wheels add to the sporty appearance and give the car a premium feel.

I love the Sleek design that continues the back of the car, where youll find Sleek LED tail lights, look at the Volkswagen ID3. It has a more understated and minimalist design compared to the mg4 EV. The front of the car features a clean, modern Grille with the Volkswagen logo prominently displayed. The headlights are also LED, but they have a more subtle design than the mg4 EV. The car sits on stylish alloy wheels that add to its premium feel the Volkswagen id3s design is more minimalistic, but it still looks sleek and modern. On the other hand, the third rival Peugeot e208 has a more rounded and playful design. The front grille has pujis iconic lion emblem sitting in the middle of it. The LED headlights are quite small, but they look great with the overall design. The car sits on stylish alloy wheels that add to its sporty appearance. The e208 has a more playful and fun. Look compared to the mg4 EV and Volkswagen ID3. In conclusion, all three of these electric vehicles have unique exterior designs that appeal to different tastes. We will let you be. The judge on which exterior design is better. You can get the mg4 in different colors such as Diamond red, fizzy orange white, black gray, color and dark gray. The space inside is portable to contain four adults on a different situation of children. Three kids will sit comfortably with no excuse, except for the low view towards the front due to seat slope theres a 10 inch touchscreen that sit on the dashboard few inches away from the 7 inchy driver screen.

Both display are the main features on the dashboard. As expected, the steering wheel can be adjusted for easy control. The octagon shaped cup holders are sweet too, though, feeding the smartphone connectivity through a traditional USB socket leaving the USBC port for charging only seems an odd move, but one thats probably easily fixed with a model year, update the MP4 boot space sum up to 1177 lighters. When the back seats are folded down, the numbers reduces to 363 lighters when they are not folded. Surprisingly, in the Volkswagen ID3 boot space is lager at 385 lighters with regards to electric vehicles. One of the main interesting points is the battery range and charging time. These are the elements that decide how far you can go on a solitary charge and how lengthy it will take to re energize. The battery the mg4 battery range is enough for daily commute, as the small battery back of the md4 can drive up to 218 miles. On full charge, this small battery model is known as the standard range surprisingly theres. Another bigger battery called long range mg4 that can go beyond this small battery capacity and delivers 281 miles of driving reach. This should be adequate for most people daily commute as most electric cars we see on the road drive not more than 300 plus miles after complete battery charge. The Volkswagen ID3 offers a range of up to 260 miles after full charge and the Peugeot can travel up to 248 miles before charging.

The mg4 long range version can Quick Charge fast up to 135 kilowatts. It takes around 35 minutes to charge from 10 to 80 percent when using 150 kilowatts charger. The MP4 standard trim can also quick charge, but not as fast just 117 kilowatts in the aspect of performance, the mg4 is powered by two electric motors that sift them out. An impressive 170 horsepower in the rear wheel, drive trim. The long range trim delivers 203 horsepower, whereas a more stronger trim is expected to arrive soon with 442 horsepower. Wonderful, with this amount of power, most EV in its class cant stand it. The MP4 is claimed to accelerate from 0 to 60 MPA times 7.5 seconds, thats a little bit slower compared to Volkswagen ib3 of 0 to 60 mph in just 7 Seconds. Top speed is limited to 99 mph when it comes to driving. You have options. The drive modes on this vehicle offer a variety of choices to suit your needs, whether youre, navigating through a snowy landscape or looking to conserve energy. You have the power to choose. The snow mode is perfect for slippery conditions, while the Eco Mode is designed for maximum efficiency. The normal mode is ideal for everyday driving and the sport mode is for those who crave a little extra excitement and for those who like to customize their Driving Experience theres. The custom mode but thats, not all this electric vehicle, also gives you the ability to control the level of brake regeneration with the weak, setting medium, strong or adaptive settings.

You can adjust the level of energy recuperation, giving you more control over your Driving Experience pricing. One advantage the mg4 has over the Volkswagen ID3 and PJ e208 is its cheap price. Volkswagen ID 3 cost start from ‘ 425 pounds, Peugeot e208 costs, 31 345 pounds and the MP4 cost 26 995 pounds, which means the mg4 is way more affordable than Volkswagen, ID3 and Puget e208. But dont. Let these disadvantages fool. You. The mg4 has a lot of Pros that makes it worth considering the biggest Pro of this vehicle is its impressive value for money. It likewise offers a lot of features and performance for the price. It also looks fantastic. The design and styling of this vehicle is sure to turn heads overall. The 2023 md4 has its share of pros and cons, but its worth, considering if youre looking for a budget friendly electric vehicle that offers a great Driving Experience thats all for now make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking on the red subscribe button below.