It is the byd 803 which I have been driving for a week, and I have to say that it is very different from other EVS that I have test driven. So heres, why? I think this car could be a game changer and set a benchmark for other EVS to follow Music. The thing about EVS in Malaysia is that they are very expensive to own, even if you have the cash to splurge on any other EVS that you want to. The lack of charging stations is also one thing to ponder about. If you want to jump on the EV Cam and before the 803 arrive a similar size, EV is pretty limited to just the Hyundai Kona electric or the ionic 5. If you were to shop for an EV under 200, 000 Ringgit, the 803 undercuts the two Rivals that I mentioned earlier with a starting price of 150 000 Ringgit. While the extended Range model here costs 170 000 Ringgit, which is still well above the regular Pearl Duos and protons out there, but if you are ready to jump on the EV bandwagon, this car has a lot to offer. Starting with the design. The adult tree looks unmistakably an EV with a sharp and futuristic design that I personally feel wouldnt look as boring for many years to come. It doesnt have weirdly, positioned, daylight, running LEDs and it kept things simple on the front and back, I love the unique looking C pillar Fishkill design instead of a small and pointless glass window, while for a compact SUV, the other 3 offers decent Boot and rear sitting Space that has no problems in handling big luggage and huge size Asians respectively.

So, just just one thing that I want to nitpick on the by the allergy, which is the door handle, so you basically get a button here for unlocking the car, but its only available on the drivers side, but not the passenger side. So lets say if I were to take some things from the passenger seat. I cant just go over there and unlock the door, but I have to use my key fob or I have to come over to my drivers, side and press the button to unlock the car, which is kind of inconvenient. If you ask me, but thats just nitpicking and thats, just me probably, and one fun fact here – is that the byd803 supports unlocking by using an NFC card, which is one of pretty much the first EVS to support this feature, which unfortunately byd did not provide me An NFC card to try this out what makes the byd adult tree so attractive is the interior which, unlike the Hyundai Kona electric theres, hardly any cheap plastic to be found. The dashboard and door panels are fitted with a mixture of soft plastic and synthetic leather upholstery. It does an airplane lever, inspired gear shift that looks really cool, while the two tone color design, is what makes this interior such a joy to look at every time you enter the car. The arrow tree is also fitted with electronic leather bucket seats on the driver and passenger seats that has a very good comfort and lumbar support for long distance driving.

In addition, the interior door handles are uniquely designed, on top of the Twitter, like a pedal that might confuse your passengers when they first get on your car. A guitar string design runs through the speaker through the door side. Storage serves as a pretty good holder for items. The glove box and armrest storage is reasonably spacious, while theres more storage under the dashboard. This is overall, a very practically designed cabin for a subcompact crossover SUV like other EVS. The adult tree is no short of tech. Gizmos, while the 12.8 inch rotating panel is the main highlight, I am particularly intrigued yet impressed with the small 5 inch digital instrument panel. That shows all the necessary information about your ride. The View isnt obstructed by the steering wheel, which is really nice and theres even a fun acceleration feature that you can test out to see how fast the car can do the Sentry Sprint. It is surprisingly, more practical than some big panoramic panels that I have seen. However, the UI style is sadly fixated and it doesnt change to a different theme. When you change to different Drive modes, this 12.8 inch slit is powered by Android with a customized byd software skin called dealing running on top. The UI is extremely responsive and I encountered no issues at all during the review period. All of the car settings can be accessed through the panel and it is really easy to get used to. It even comes with a built in voice assistant that you can say open the sunroof and there you go.

It opens the sunroof. Apps and features are limited at this time of shooting, as it doesnt come with an app store, not to mention the absence of Android. Auto and apple carplay, which byd says that it is coming in Q2 2023, but thankfully it comes with Spotify preloaded, which is at least a music service. Most are subscribed to, but it isnt quite as feature packed as you would get on a standard Spotify app on your smartphone and you cant save songs offline. So you will have to depend on the cars 4G connection or your phones hotspot to stream music navigation wise. The idle tree uses here maps and has connected Services enabled for live traffic data. The point of Interest are pretty up to date, and routing performance has been very reliable as compared to many other in car navigation apps I have tested, though I have to admit that Google Maps and Waze are far more superior, but as an EV navigation app. It lacks battery life estimation and is missing a lot of charging station pois, so its best to depend on the plug share app on your phone to hunt for a charging station as an Android based system. It supports split screen between two apps and thus currently limited to Spotify and the navigation app, which is odd, as it should have also supported the FM radio and media player app. The other tree I drove has an 8 speaker system which sounds fine, but not the best Ive heard on an EV.

It doesnt play lower M bass well, due to the lack of a subwoofer but theres good Clarity on vocals and instrumentals. Sound settings are rather limited and you can only adjust frequencies with a 5 band. Equalizer the built in media player can support a variety of media files. You can definitely play a full MP4 movie on the unit, but it is disabled when you start driving the cars RGB ambient lights, work really dominically with the music playback, but it doesnt work on Spotify and you dont have many lighting effects to choose from fun fact. The infotainment system automatically reduces the air con wind speed when youre on a phone call, which is a very smart and thoughtful feature. Now, since this is an Android based head unit, you might assume that you can install third party apps into the unit to make it more useful but youre out of luck there, because byd has basically blocked the installation of third party apps onto the system and even If you were to find some tricks online, that tells you to use wireless ADB to side load apps by using your phone. It unfortunately doesnt work on this unit, because byd has also blocked the wireless ADB feature. While it is rather common for cars to have a built in dash cam, the adult tree is the first car that I have come across to incorporate its built in dash cam with the infotainment system. You can see a live view of the camera with the driving recorder app browse through a playlist of previously recorded videos and Export them into a flash drive directly from the panel.

The videos are saved into an 8 gigabyte micro SD card thats, easily accessible below the dashboard, which is great, as you can expand storage. If you want to store more videos, you can set the interval of video recording per clip in the app as well. However, the image quality from the dashcam is rather average as it records in a very low bit rate at full HD resolution and theres, unfortunately, no way to change the recording quality, though I love that it records statuses such as acceleration and braking it also doesnt record Sound and dual parking surveillance, which is a shame in other notable Tech conveniences. The L3 has a Qi wireless charging pad USB ANC ports on the front and back in terms of performance, the byd803 isnt quite as Zippy on the starting line, but it still gets up to speed really fast, with an electric motor that pushes 204 PS and 310 Newton meters, the right quality, is very comfortable with the suspensions handling bumpy Malaysian Roots very well. Driving Dynamics is decent and the steering wheel feels very precise in tackling corners, but for more details on that Ill link. A video below to our local automotive friends, who will do a better job than me at explaining such details now lets talk about the battery and driving range of the adult tree, which is one of the main selling points of the car. For those who arent aware, byd is more well known as a battery manufacturer before it step foot into the automotive industry, and the adult tree is equipped with the companys blade battery, which is currently the safest battery compared to the regular lithium ion phosphate battery found.

On most EVS, it is also smaller in size, as cells are packed more efficiently in an array which results in a lightweight EV as byd claims. Even if the battery is penetrated by a sharp object, it doesnt catch fire or explode so yeah. In the case of accidents, the 803 is less likely to burst into flames. If the battery unit gets compromised, the blade battery is also the only EV battery that you can safely charge up to 100 and not worry about battery degradation or overcharging issues. As most EVS only recommend charging up to 80 to reduce the charging Cycles as charging up to full all the time can lead to faster battery degradation. Byd claims that the 803 extended range can get up to 480 kilometers on a single charge based on the nedc standard, but based on my test and estimation, it will get up to 400 kilometers on mixed driving conditions, which is close to the 420 kilometer range based On the wltp standards, the car supports up to 70 kilowatts of DC fast charging. I tried charging the car on a 60 kilowatt DC fast charger from 50, and it got fully charged in 15 minutes, which I think is reasonable. If you can find a coffee or lunch spot with a charging station, ultimately, the byd803 has made an impressive Mark in the Malaysian EV market for the features and performance. It offers note up as a carbide size. It is still rather expensive, but as an EV, it offers way more value than its competitors of the same class, and it definitely sets a benchmark for future EVS to come to Malaysia, and I think it will be tough to beat this car, not until local car Makers, proton and pro Duo start developing their EVs and make EVS affordable.

The byd 803 remains a Top Choice if you are considering an EV for under 200 000 Ringgit in Malaysia, all right so thats all for my review of the byd 803. Do.