This is fully electric and before you ask yes, its got the boost mode and its around 480 brake horsepower. Im Ben Quirk welcome to Planet, auto were invited to the Genesis open up in Edinburgh and Im sure I remember gb 60 fun Im seeing the trend here, but thats not surprising, because the likelihood is this is the powertrain out of the gv60. Now this offers 283 miles of range, as I mentioned, 480 break or thereabouts, and a price of around 65 000 pounds which doesnt sound a lot of money for an SUV of this size, especially with its refinement, luxury and Advanced Technologies and thats. The thing about Genesis talk about Cutting Edge. I mean Id drink to think what this pulls naught to 16. Its got to be around the four second Mark. Now, if youre not familiar with Genesis, theyre the luxury leg of Hyundai, so youve got Hyundai Kia and now youve got Genesis. These cars are built to a level that you saw say 30 years ago, where money wasnt an object built to a standard. You just dont see now now you remember. Last year we had a petrol version of this and, to be honest, theres not much difference when it comes to the looks I mean for a start. You can only get this in sport currently, which is youll, know play straight into my wheelhouse. The gv70 is a handsome looking mid sized SUV well with some character and when you put it in the sport trip well that even changes the body styling.

So you get a more aggressive front. Bumper and yes, weve no longer got the grill that you needed on the petrol because lets face it that would have killed the engine because weve got fully electric powertrain weve got this more its still diamond esque but its well. I suppose its its just the change that the vehicle needs, because the thing about gv70 is, if you made it, look radical it would cheapen it and thats. The last thing you want to do. Interestingly, this is where you charge it now, at a glance you dont even see that I walked around it twice and thought. Oh I like that Motif and then realized. Now that is sturdy. It rapid charges. You can also tank too, and there is the option of the emergency charger and it will do vehicle to load now. The thing about these new vehicles is theyve got 800 volt architecture, which means they charge. I think its 10 to 80 percent in about 18 minutes to get much faster, its not going to be that far of filling up your car and going into the shop spending your day in Marks and Spencers or Co op or whatever petrol station. It is so by the time youve gone in the person in front of you bought two loads of bread, 15 fishes and uh well, a bag of M Ms styling wise to be honest, its not changed, but it didnt need to its got lovely curvature and its Got what I call well like Coach Lines so its built to a standard that it doesnt need all that sculpture its just Beauty in its design.

I love it. So youve got automatic lights or LED theyve got Matrix technology and high beam assist, and this is literally all singing and dancing. And if you feel actually, I want a little bit more or you can option up left right and Center. But, interestingly, even with all the options, it wont exceed 80 grand when I actually take you a little deeper into the car youll see. Well, if I was going to get say, a German equivalent Id be paying a fair chunk more and thats. What Genesis are relying on theyve adopted a new style and its literally crawl walk, run, introduce or something a little different. Now Infinity tried it a fair few years ago and it didnt go to plan, whereas Genesis well its starting to work already and when it comes to buying a Genesis, will you get a five year care plan? If you want to see one theyll bring it to you or you could go to say that Westfield signature store, I suppose its a similar kind of model to pole star, so they collect the car service, it return it, etc, etc. So you dont go around looking for a dealership. They come to you based on that. What you want for a luxurious experience, especially something thats, going to be going up against German and Japanese car makers. I mean the safety on this alone: pedestrian bicycle detection, aeb Collision mitigation, blind spot detection. That appears in your mirrors and also in your heads up, display some reviews that appear in your cluster when youre indicating 360 camera and, interestingly on the G80 electric which youve just driven, you can even get solar roof.

That will add over 700 miles through the course of a year, just being parked up since Genesis launched Ive looked everything the brand stood for that whole ethos, their design, language, the fact theyve decluttered vehicles and the fact that theyve gone straight into EV. Theyve completely missed out hybrid, so youve got petrols diesels and then fully electric 19 inch wheels or you could up for 20s, regardless its very smart, now dependent on the vehicle, Chrome Works or it doesnt. On this, I think it does keyless entry and power folding mirrors. I do like this so youve got the body color here and a touch of Chrome climbing in absolutely no problem soft materials. Well, even the curvature here, it really does demonstrate it well simple and weve got a grab handle above every door inside. This is creative as it is on the outside its essentially what we saw in gb70, the petrol, but there are a few differences this, namely boost, and that does exactly what you think it would. It unleashes 480 PS4, I think its about 10 or 15 seconds something along those lines and your balls was tightened and thats in sport and then, if youre going to Sport, Plus they tighten again so a bit like the Kia Stinger funny that it has a Terrain Mode, its very easy to operate, youve got soft, touches, recessed buttons and rotaries to control pretty much everything. Oh, I really do like the smooth lighting and, as youd, expect, its all electrically adjusted lexicon audio system, a memory settings for your seat, comfortable, supported all singing and dancing massage lumbar.

You name it memory in your steering too. That was a decent clunk. Everything You Touch Is luxurious. I mean look at the motion in that door. Thing is its not all about Aesthetics functionality as well: practicality, things like cup holders, decent Storage Solutions and the fact that you can get two arms yours and your passengers on the center armrest. Everything its just pretty damn cool. This is how you operate your media system, its just so well executed, digital screens, rotary, dials, proper buttons, great feeling switch gear and the design language. It feels like something special, its not your run of the mill vehicle and thats a really good thing, especially in the UK luxury sector, because thats a hard one to tackle now, perhaps Galaxy wise, the six foot three Ive got absolutely no problems decent leg room, its A two pedal system, because its got an electric powertrain and theyve got a decent footrest on the left hand, side pretty wide too paddles on the back of the steering, wheels and yeah everything just feels well constructed. I shake the car when I move that and look weve even got descent control. Yes, you can adjust the seat belts right lets. Take a look in the rear. Now, when it comes to an SUV, you do need a decent ride height that stands rather tall. So I think thats going to make it rather easy to climb into the back and if Im not mistaken, weve got doors that cover the cells.

The door opens nice and wide once again, luxury materials right climbing. In now. To be perfectly honest, I could put my seat a little further forward, but even sat like this six foot, three Im perfectly fine, oh lexicon. Yes, very, very nice! Even Genesis kick plates and get my feet under the seats and Ive got decent leg room massive panoramic map reading lights coat hooks, you name it and try Zone its comfortable, supportive seats looks to me like I can recline my rear seat, Petes, well, refined and if Youve noticed the rather buckety thing about this vehicle is its versatile. I can even adjust the seat from here. Thats rather handy. Just to note you cant do it for the drivers seat. I think thats a good thing, as I mentioned the headrooms great, so six foot, three Ive got lots of room. I do love this mood. Lighting thats the other thing about Genesis, its the same experience in the rear, as it is in the front soft touches and premium materials pretty much everywhere. Lets take a look in the boot now one thing that stood out to me the first time I saw the gb70 was this design line and I didnt know: should it have gone there or should it have gone there, but I think it really works, especially with The man you get that as one of the standard colors of Genesis theres, not many manufacturers that offer this kind of color palette, so you can get metallics, you can get vibrant, but the fact that you can get matte color now the sport just looks well.

I think its the best in the range to be honest, the mix of finishes and the lovely curvature the whole vehicle just looks elegant, theres, no overdone sculpture its not over styled something that has, I suppose, classic beauty. Doesnt need much more got a parking center. Youve got a 360 camera too rear cross traffic alert and it wouldnt be a sport. Without this chunky, rear spoiler with a high level brake light, weve got power. Tailgate opens at a decent speed and yeah its, not the biggest boot in the world, its nice and easy to load and heres. Your charging, cable and the velcro on the bottom, too Applause youll see youve got your luggage cover some extras from Genesis, including inflation kit. Yes, lovely struts, so yeah theres not much to see under there. Weve got a frog time to go for a quick spin, so welcome to your first taster of the gv70 electric weve got shave just under 500 break in this, which means yes, you plant your foot. Steerings got a great feel to it, even now its not too light good feedback. You combine that with the suspension, which is well, it offers an agile and like nimble drive but at the same time, its comfortable for the driver and the passenger, but at all times because its got an electric powertrain. It feels very short footed, and the one thing I have noticed is even when you floor it doesnt tint, a wheel spin, it just digs its heels in and goes now, as you can see, were driving in a well its, not the best place to be driving To be honest, were not really going to be using the Boost.

The rest assured its a very similar experience to gv60, so youve got driving modes and youve got lots of safety too.