Now. This one is the top of the tree, the ev6 GT, which has just landed in Australia this week at a price, a hair under 100 000. Before on road costs. This one painted moonscape mat is 103 Grand before cost so youre, looking at about 110 drive away. Thats one expensive Kia and in todays video my question is really: can they justify charging six figures for this ev6 GT? A bit of a spoiler alert is this: car is probably much better to drive than you might expect, but the GTs biggest problem is that the GT line is already so good and its 13 Grand cheaper. So can you justify the jump Kia? Australia is expecting plenty of people to do just that. Theyre thinking, hundreds of Aussies are going to line up to buy this car in the coming months. 2200 ev6 sales projected here for 2023.. Will they pull it off lets find out by making a start inside so hit subscribe down below Chasing Cars? Honest reviews of your next car brought to you by its expensive, but at least the ev6 GT comes fully optioned for Australia with summer Tires Matrix, LED headlights and a standard sunroof as well, really turning it into a GT car Grand Touring. This isnt really meant for carving up race tracks, its more meant for quickly making progress across broken up Australian country roads, which is why it has a bespoke suspension, tune and youll be comfortable, as you do that, partially because youre sitting in some really great seats.

The best seats you can get on any ev6, they are bucket seats, theyre a completely different seat to the standard car, and one of the consequences of that is that the ev6 GT is actually unrated by end cap, because when you change the seat, it actually changes. All that stuff about Whiplash protection and whatnot, but what I can tell you is that the seats are very, very supportive but theyre also quite contoured and narrow. So I would recommend trying out this car before buying it. If your frame is much bigger than mine, but Ive been very happy for a few hours driving this car in these seats today, theyve got Alcantara theyve or dynamika. I should say, and theyve got a neon green accents matching the brake, calipers and matching the GT button. Here on the steering wheel, which Kia says, is perfect for closed track tracks like this one in Victoria, whereas the sport drive mode is really what theyve tuned in for Country. Road use the steering wheel, broadly the same as in the regular ev6 weve got the neon green stitching as well, though, and then looking further afield. Youve got a very similar dashboard to the GT line. Same sort of detailing on it. Youve got two 12.3 inch screens. Theyre easy to use still no Wireless Apple, carplay or Android auto, but you get some unique GT, Graphics as well, some soft materials, but on the whole, the interior is not luxurious or even that premium its just serviceable comfortable and the ergonomics are all really good.

Youve. Pretty much got what you need in here: some notable emissions, no cooled seats, unlike the GT lime, theyre only heated steering wheels heated as well, but you do get a Meridian sound system with surround sound its pretty middlely. In my opinion, it sounds okay, but not as good as in some other vehicles at this price point, especially the model Y, which has a superb stereo. The back seat of the ev6 is really spacious in terms of leg room that seats in my driving position. Its pretty much limo like back here, thanks to the huge wheelbase on this car, tow room, its a bit of a problem. These manually adjusted front, buckets, get super low, and so it does impede your toe space a little bit, but Headroom is absolutely fine. Now, unfortunately, the egmp platform, which sits underneath this car doesnt, have a cut out in the batteries structure for your toes in the back. So your knees are a little bit high, but its certainly not as bad as the pole, star 2 performance that I had. As my long term, so if you just splay your legs, slightly youll be comfortable back here, there is a fifth seat in the middle youve got vehicle to load capability down there and also on the exterior of the car. So you can send 3.6 kilowatts of power to another device like a fridge. I personally have had a barista coffee made by the power of an ev6, so anythings possible and weve got two USBC ports here in the back, as well.

Plus events in the B pillars, hard plastics on the doors feels quite cheap at over 100 Grand drive away, but they have concentrated on the Mechanicals rather than the premium fittings in the interior. These seats feature the same suede like finish as up front, and while we dont need it uh today, given that its summer in Australia, the back seats also have two stage: seat heating, just like those in the front. The rear end is, in my opinion, the ev6s best angle and its pretty difficult to tell the GT from behind youve got a GT badge very similar to the GT line badge except it doesnt say line, and there is a unique diffuser, but its subtle and Kia Tells us they were going for a sleeper aesthetic with this car, which I love, Ive got a power tailgate and that opens up really promptly to reveal the same size boot as other ev6s, its not the worlds best boot, because youve got so much vertical space cut Away because of the sort of Coupe aesthetic of This SUV but its fine, its got plenty of space. Youve got a sun blind here, nothing under the boot floor, no spare. So instead you have a tire Mobility kit. So keep that in mind, if you do lots of touring on really rough roads. Hopefully nothing goes wrong. Ive got a button up here to close that tailgate, and the last thing were going to talk about before we go for a drive is how much range this EV has and how much energy it consumes when it comes to charging the ev6s secret weapon is its 800 volt architecture that lets it charge at Peak speeds of about 240 kilowatts Kia talks a lot about 10 to 80 percent in 18 minutes in our experience, thats pretty much right, but youre gon na have to subscribe to watch my independent range and charging test, which Will come to the channel later now speaking of range thats, actually a bit of a weak spot for the ev6 GT, as it declines from 484 kilometers in the GT line or will drive to 424 kilometers here, which is a decent hit.

Although you are getting all that extra performance with a 74 kilowatt hour usable battery thats giving you consumption of about 17.5 kilowatt hours per 100 case, I got about 20 today, so thats a range of around 350 kilometers, not great, not terrible. You can. Let me know down below if you can live with that warranty. Seven years, unlimited for the car seven years, 150 000 kilometers for the high voltage components and you can get a service plan for the ev6 GT. Seven years will set you back around two thousand dollars. So this is the real test of the Kia ev6 GT, an Australian country road, because if you go and read all the European reviews, they love this car, but its been specifically tuned for the European market, with a very, very firm suspension and thats fine over there. Because the roads are actually really great, but here in Australia, our country, roads are typically not super, well maintained, and I dont mean to completely generalize about Europe because it is a bit mixed. But Germany is a massive market for this car and German roads are usually awesome, uh less so in rural Australia, but Kia, Australia and its engineering team has done so much work to customize the ev6 GT for our roads and our driving Styles and tastes and thats Involved tuning work in Germany in Korea and lots here in Australia as well and so were really getting our first taste of what those efforts have been able to achieve here in Regional Victoria and Ill start.

By saying this. Car really is quite something: the underlying ev6 is already a really impressive product Im. A big fan of the GT line, rear wheel, drive spec of the ev6 thats, a really nice balanced car, not too powerful and really good ride and handling and, of course, were right at the other end of the spectrum here in the GT. Not only is this dual motor all wheel drive, which you could already get in the ev6, but weve got a bespoke rear motor in this car 270 kilowatt rear motor total outputs of the car 430 kilowatts and 740 newton meters of torque its a double inverter at The rear the motor can turn it up to 21, 000 RPM and thats. What gives the GT a top speed of 260 kilometers per hour, not especially relevant here in Australia, though Id love to have a crack on the Autobahn in one of the these in future? At the front end, interestingly, weve actually got the rear motor from a Genesis – gv60 repositioned at the front of this car and thats how its got pretty high power from the front end as well. But it is a rear, biased system and thats. Certainly, the way it feels out on the road, because youve got more push than pull when youre coming out of a corner in the GT, though I would say in most situations, unless youre getting right into the depths of the throttle pedal travel, it doesnt feel outright That much quicker than a GT line all Drive in terms of roll on acceleration, its actually the punch off the line, which is most clear and the claim is 3.

5 seconds zero to 100. But I actually think thats not that important for this car or the ev6 GT is all about, is actually its ride and handling on the move. And this is one area where the existing ev6 was already doing pretty well, at least in terms of ride, quality and compliance. Its just superb, but the GT improves the handling in one major area and thats. The steering the steering feel is so much better in the GT. First of all, its got an Australian tuning of the electric power steering, but the hardware is also quite different. Weve got a variable steering ratio, which means it turns more tightly, as you add. As you add lock, and so that makes the steering feel quite quick, but weve also got mechanical differences in the steering system at the front end, which is granting us more feel and more response, and you can really tell that on the move. The normal ev6 because of the pandemic didnt get an Australian steering tune and steering is really not one of its high points that will be fixing an upcoming facelift. But for now the GT has notably better steering but the composure. The body control the demeanor of the car is just as sweet, if not a little more so than the other ev6 is weve, also tested quite a lot on the Chasing Cars channel, its a really impressive package, and that would be the case if it was an Ev or not, but what about a TV characteristics? Well, you can drive it in a one pedal drive mode.

You can reduce the regen braking entirely and even if the regen is turned off, the brake pedal is still blending regen and physical brakes. Much like a Porsche icon and its very convincing with the smoothness and the manner in which it does this and that actually reduces brake temperatures for track use. Meaning youve got more of the real brakes available to you. If you do need a really big stop, which is pretty cool and Kia claims, the stopping distance is about two meters. Less than that of a GT liner wheel drive well be testing that at the Chasing Cars test track in due course, as well as the zero to 100 time now, of course, range could be a little bit better consumptions, definitely higher than the regular ev6. So if thats, the goal go for the GT line, rear wheel, drive, which is a really good long range efficient variant. You take a big hit mainly because of that bespoke rear motor in this car. But its you know, the payoff is obviously much bigger performance claims which is going to matter to some people impressively its actually a really refined vehicle theres much less road noise than youd expect, even on course chip roads, its really Serene and the interior visibility is pretty Decent and the safety systems are really well tuned in this car, with excellent Lane keep assist in particular, while I think the GT does sacrifice an element of total compliance compared to the GT line.

The stability is worth it for drivers that genuinely want to push on. As opposed to people that just kind of want a GT badge for the sake of it, this car is hardware and tuning are so good that you really should tap in to those capabilities and then theres things like the elsd on Corner exit, which the other models Dont get the GT does and that just lets you put the power down more effectively, and you know that makes a difference. I think whats. Interesting, though, is the upcoming Hyundai ioniq 5n, which will use similar Hardware, but is a much more track focused vehicle than the ev6 GT, which is is more about quick use on country roads, which many would say, is more relevant for us here in Australia, but its When you get to a genuinely challenging bit of road, where its really bendy and youve got a lot of mid Corner bumps that the GT separates itself out from the GT line, but also from a whole bunch of other EVS that typically dont manage their usually gargantuan Weight very well the key it does its not a light car by any stretch. But of course, we do have a low center of gravity, blah blah blah all EVS have that its actually the suspension Tech and how the car manages the weight that matters, and this is where the GTs bespoke suspension its a adaptively damp setup in this car, plus. The Australian tune really comes to the fore because the body control is just superb and when you encounter those mid Corner bumps, the cars line is retained with integrity and thats, where this car starts to remind me of something like a Porsche ticon cross, Turismo or sport.

Turismo, which is a high complement because thats the best driving EV on the road. So those are my impressions of the new Kia ev6 GT. My favorite part about this car is much like the Porsche taikan. The ev6 GT stands alone as a great performance car electric or not. If this thing had a petrol engine in it, wed just be as enamored as it is, but, of course, with that high output rear motor the bigger front motor as well its capable of some pretty astonishing performance figures. But, like I said at the start of the video, the ev6 GTs biggest enemy is the existence of the GT line, which is really great and probably about 85 percent of this cars. Goodness for a lot less money. With the caveat that the GT has much better steering, though we hear the GT line is in for a steering tune upgrade in the coming years anyway. So if I were you Id consider buying the GT, if you actually are going to tap into that crazy straight line, speed and also the drift mode thats unique cake as well. Well, those are my opinions. Youre welcome to disagree Down Below in the comments leave me. Your feedback down there hit subscribe. You can catch my full written review on chasingcars.